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Purple Cow PR Course
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Purple Cow PR Course


A presentation about the role of The Purple Cow in PR, inspired by Mr Seth Godin

A presentation about the role of The Purple Cow in PR, inspired by Mr Seth Godin

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  • 1. Purple Cow Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.. Seth Godin
  • 2.  
  • 3. The Purple Cow
    • While a Black and White cow might be interesting after seeing hundreds in field after field you stop to notice them
    • If you saw a Purple Cow that would be interesting and you would notice and probably talk about it ..................... because it is different and Remarkable
    • Something Remarkable is worth talking about ........... new, exceptional, interesting (more of the same is just invisible)
  • 4. The Changing Consumer
    • TV- Industrial Era Consumer
    • Consumer demand influenced by heavyweight big budget advertising
    • Average products – generate demand through advertising
    • Post-Consumption Consumer
    • Consumers don’t really ‘need’ a whole pile
    • Savvy consumers
    • Attention span of satisfied consumers is less
    • To be noticed products must be Remarkable products
  • 5. Product Cycle Innovators Early Adopters Laggards Challenge is to progress through the cycle Early & Late Majority
  • 6. Advertising?
    • It was easier to reach people before
    • The key was to drive products into the key volume stage of the product cycle
    • The ideal was to trigger the ’ idea virus ’
    • Less mediainterests than now
    • It is now easier to switch channel now
    • People need less low – needs are satisfied
    • Poor attention span
    • Not working now as it did before
  • 7. TV Industrial Age
    • Before
    • Ordinary Products
    • Advertise to anyone
    • Fear of failure
    • Long product cycles
    • Small Changes
    • After
    • Remarkable Products
    • Advertise to Adopters
    • Fear of fear
    • Shortmedium cycles
    • Big Changes
  • 8. It’s Safer to be Risky ....
    • By being remarkable you will stand out , being safe does not achieve this
    • Advertising needs to be remarkable to be noticed
    • You need to engage with your audience in a credible way by creating stories – PR is the perfect vehicle for this
  • 9.  
  • 10. Possibilities: new thinking
    • Instead of improving a product or service to satisfy standard behaviour can we look at a product for different behaviour
    • If your product or service is no longer remarkable reduce investment in it and concentrate on New Product Development
    • Stand out at every opportunity
  • 11. Product Cycle Innovators Early Adopters Laggards Challenge is to progress through the cycle Early & Late Majority People who love new products, even who don’t need them, adopters would have more needs but willing to spend a premium Need to trust products and will rely on others experimenting 1 st – hard to get to these through advertising
  • 12. Product Cycle Curve ?
    • Must be remarkable to attract innovators and early adopters
    • Flexible enough and understood so that innovatorsadopters can spread word to the majority
    • Ideas that Spread , Win (Idea Virus = an idea that spreads)
    • Sneezers are the innovatorsadopters who are willing to ‘spread’ the news
      • Would a slogan help them spread the news
    • Target the relevant ‘niche’ is better that targeting the masses
  • 13. Effect on Advertising Strategy
    • Adverts to the masses is rarely the way to go – no budget will be sufficient
    • ‘ Sniper’ specifically targeted adverts can be powerful – Google adwords are a key example
    • Advertise to sneezers with influence where possible
    • Differentiate your customers
      • Target the profitable sector
      • Those who are the sneezers
      • Design remarkable adverts that will appeal to them
  • 14. Niche Targeting
    • In a crowded marketplace that it is largely serviced it may be possible to identify a ‘niche’ that is largely un-serviced
    • Develop a productservice specifically for this niche
    • Market to the niche
  • 15. The Problem with the Cow
    • Fear – the purple cow is often rare because there is a fear of being different
    • Being remarkable means it is likely that many will not like it
    • Standing out can feel very risky
      • Play it safe
      • Obey the rules
      • Follow the norms
      • Stay within the lines
    • In tough times be risk averse
    • Avoid criticism
  • 16. Purple Cows
    • Movies: Blair Witch Project, My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    • TV: The Office
    • Media device: Sky Plus
    • Advertising: Hunky Dory’s
    • Politicians: Barack Obama
    • Weddings on Line:
    • Coffee: Starbucks
    • Candles: Jo Malone
    • Hotels: Cork International Airport
    • Other ?
  • 17. Benefits of the Purple Cow
    • Fear has most playing it safe
    • Fewer Purple Cows out there !
    • Fluid Marketplace
    • Rewards are greater
    • Milk the Cow – when established
    • Invent another cow immediately – risk again after ‘breakthrough’
  • 18. Role of PR
    • Advertising is no longer reaching the target audience effectively
    • Innovators and Early Adopters can be reached effectively through PR
    • Editorial is generally believed and read more than adverts – multiplier x 4
    • Remarkable products will generate talking points
  • 19. Purple Cow Process ?
    • No Rules
    • Go for the Edges
      • Investigate all of them
      • Go for the profitable ones
      • Be too expensivecheapigsmallspicyloud
      • offensivecomplicatedsimple ..... too something
    • Be Remarkableoutrageous
    • Leave the designers design (pick the right maverick) – don’t hinder or you will get the camel
    • Use sneezers for feedback
  • 20. Summary
    • Remarkable wins – The Purple Cow
    • Reduced role of advertising
    • Importance of innovators & early adopters
    • Importance of sneezers
    • Make it easy for sneezers - simplicity
    • Importance of PR
    • How to be remarkable?
  • 21. Purple Cow: Seth Godin
  • 22. Cork - (021) 4271234 Dublin – (01) 6336790