Gambling Compliance Corporate Presentation


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Gambling Compliance Ltd\'s corporate ppt presentation

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Gambling Compliance Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. The leading provider of legal, regulatory, political andbusiness intelligence and data for the global gambling industry
  2. 2. Company Profile• GamblingCompliance was founded in 2006.• It was created from a simple but powerful insight: regulation lies at the heart of the Gambling Industry – and there was no source which compiled, collated and analysed that regulation nationally or globally.• GamblingCompliance now has a presence in London (HQ); Washington, D.C.; Sydney; Taipei; and Buenos Aires.
  3. 3. Our OfferingWe provide high-level analysis via:• GamblingCompliance Insight – a subscription-based online platform of news, analysis and in-depth country and sector reports.• Information Solutions – bespoke intelligence.• GamblingData – business data with statistical analysis and forecasting services.
  4. 4. Our Offering • Access to core legislation Legislation • Regulatory updates Regulation • Practical commentary on laws and regulation Interpretation • Interviews and commentary from leading industry figuresExpert Commentary • Up-to-date market developments News & Analysis • Reports on specific jurisdictions or sectors Special Reports • Bespoke research by our in-house teamBespoke Intelligence • Country, sector and company analytics Data • Country or sector specific reports with analysis and commentary Data Analysis
  5. 5. International Clients
  6. 6. US Clients
  7. 7. GamblingCompliance Insight
  8. 8. Daily Bulletins• Most recent headlines, analysis, reports, top read content, video coverage, etc.• Delivered daily to your inbox.• Direct access to full content on• Access to archive of all news and analysis published in the past five years.
  9. 9. Original Content• Intelligent and impartial news, analysis, data and reports.• Provided by our in-house team of editors and lawyers and team of commissioned experts.• To help you be more informed and more effective within your business.
  10. 10. Intelligent Taxonomy • Taxonomy based on region, sector and subject. • Every piece of content is tagged. • Move quickly around related content and see the related context.
  11. 11. Powerful Search Mechanism Drill down to see only the content in which you are interested.
  12. 12. "GamblingCompliance has quickly developed into one of the most comprehensive and well structured sources of industry news and information. It serves as a valuable reference for regulatory analysis around the globe." Legal Counsel,
  13. 13. News & AnalysisUp to 10 new pieces of news and analysiseach day.We do the hard work for you: – Cutting out all the background noise. – Filtering out the irrelevant material. – Focusing only on the issues about which you need to know.
  14. 14. Regulatory Reports • Comprehensive, individual country, region or state reports. • Detailing every aspect of gaming and gambling legislation and regulation across all sectors. • Regularly updated and peer- reviewed. • 80+ reports updated since June 2011!
  15. 15. Special ReportsGiving you an exclusive insight into a key jurisdiction orindustry topic in a concise, digestible format.
  16. 16. Video Interviews
  17. 17. Geographical Coverage• Americas Package: USA, Canada and Caribbean.• International Package: Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East.
  18. 18. Flexible Pricing Fully flexible pricing depending on your interests, region and number of users.Our service aims to provide excellent value for money.
  19. 19. "GamblingCompliance is an excellentsource of clearly set out and accessibleinformation on regulatorydevelopments worldwide." Head of Compliance, William Hill PLC
  20. 20. What you get is the very bestintelligent information for you to use in your job and to help you make informed business decisions.
  21. 21. Provider of country, sector andcompany analytics and intelligence to the global gaming industry.
  22. 22. GamblingData The global gaming industry is complex and our clients have diverse requirements.We will deliver the data you need in the format in which you need it.
  23. 23. Giving You the Full PictureLooking at all the available data fromgovernments, regulators and companies activein the market, we have been able to piecetogether snapshots of the trends and factorsaffecting some of the world’s biggest gamblingmarkets.
  24. 24. Data ReportsGamblingData brings you the fullest picture of the currentstate of the gambling markets – both offline and online incountries such as Italy, Spain, Greece, France and Canada.
  25. 25. Data SpreadsheetsAccess to 2,000+ spreadsheets
  26. 26. Chart of the DayAccess to 100+ groundbreaking charts
  27. 27. Analyst ViewIn-depth analysis and views on current issues.
  28. 28. Powerful Search MechanismDrill down to the exact data in which you are interested.
  29. 29. The GamblingData SubscriptionGives you access to:• Data on 145 jurisdictions.• Data on 135 companies.• 2,000+ spreadsheets.• 100+ groundbreaking charts and graphs.• Daily updates delivered to your inbox.• Analyst views.
  30. 30. Information SolutionsTo capitalize on the changingnature of the market, critical information is required.
  31. 31. A Unique OfferingWe can provide you with immediateaccess to an independent, cost effectiveand skilled team to deliver a bespokesolution to your information challengesand needs.
  32. 32. “In such a dynamic industryGamblingCompliance is a must forsourcing the most up-to-date legal andregulatory information.” Head of Corporate Affairs, Microgaming
  33. 33. A Dedicated TeamWe have a dedicated team of highlyexperienced and legally qualifiedresearchers, gaming journalists, data andmarket specialists.
  34. 34. Research Purposes• Due diligence• Risk analysis• Policy development• Market assessment• Determining market potential• Submissions for legislative processes• Reports to senior management• Internal proposals• In-house training• Regulatory tracking• Regulatory exhibits as part of licensing conditions
  35. 35. Research Topics Covered• Geolocation requirements• Instant win games• Lobbying analysis• Anti-money laundering regulations• Virtual currency and virtual worlds gambling• Skill games• New market partnership opportunities• A snapshot of African gambling
  36. 36. The Benefits• Our ability to provide cross-jurisdictional analysis cost effectively and quickly.• Tracking regulatory change across the global gaming industry is our core business.• We have access to an up-to-date and unsurpassed database for every research assignment.
  37. 37. "GamblingCompliance has given me agreat overview of the Europeanregulatory landscape.“ Legal Advisor, Danish Gaming Board
  38. 38. Contact info@gamblingcompliance.comUnited Kingdom The United States of AmericaGambling Compliance Ltd. Gambling Compliance Ltd.91 Waterloo Road 1250 Connecticut Ave. NW., Suite 200SE1 8RT London Washington, D.C. 20036United Kingdom The United States of AmericaTel: +44(0)207 921 9980 Tel: +1 202 261 3567Fax: +44(0)207 960 2885 Fax: +1 202 261 3508