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This guide is part of my bachelor’s thesis ”How to brand a person?”.

This guide is part of my bachelor’s thesis ”How to brand a person?”.

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  • 1. The LittleBrandMe Guide
  • 2. WHAT WHY HOWWhat is a personal brand?Why should I brand myself?How can I brand myself?
  • 3. The basic idea of this little guidebook is that apersonal brand is an important asset inestablishing trust, creating value anddirecting your life towards your dreams. This guide will go through the three most important questions in personal branding: what, why and how.What a personal brand is, why it is importantand how a personal brand can be built.
  • 4. What is apersonalbrand?
  • 5. PROMISEA promiseof what you have to offer.A promiseof what extra you have to give.Apromiseof what makes you the best in what you do.A promise of what you are.
  • 6. SOULYour brand is your identity – what youare. It is your values, yourpersonality, your expertise, and thequalities that make you unique amongyour competitors. It is the beauty of yoursoul with the ambition of your heart.
  • 7. FACEYour brand is your identitycommunicated outwards. Your brand isyour reputation – the image beingcreated in your constituencies minds’when they hear your name.
  • 8. Your brand should show the bestof you... and only you. Your uniquebrand should be sincere, becauseit is a promise you have to keep.
  • 9. Why should I brand myself?
  • 10. In the modern society life hastraditionally followed a pattern clearlydivided into sequential parts: childhoodand play, youth andstudying, adulthood and working, andpension, but working life is no longerwhat it used to be. It is not necessarily abase for long-term employments andsecured monthly income, but it isevolving into a postmodern globalnetworking system.
  • 11. Career is not a ladder anymore, it is acheckerboard or even a maze. A career isa portfolio of projects that bring you newskills, expertise, develop yourcapabilities, grow your colleague set, andforce you to constantly reinvent yourself asa brand. Your career is a life-long path ofprofessional learning and development ofyour professional identity. Personalbranding is not about changing yourselftotally, it is about making more of what youalready are.
  • 12. In this centuryany one of us could donearly anything. “What you do might notbe unique. What is unique about you iswho you are.” Developing a strongpersonal brand can be the key to risingabove the competition. Throughthorough branding it is possible to builda public persona that stands forsomething powerful, clear andcompelling in the minds of one’sconstituencies.
  • 13. People are judgedon the perceptionsothers have about them. Personalbranding is all about perception – howothers perceive you – and personalbranding is about taking control overthe things that affect how you areperceived.
  • 14. People want to do businesswith peoplethey feel comfortable with. Even thoughemployers might rationalize theirdecisions by the merits on theapplicants’ CV’s, in the end thedecisions are made on emotionalfactors. Employers want to employpeople who they can connect with andwho feel right. A strong and consistentpersonal brand can enable connectingand create the right kind of feeling.
  • 15. We all have a personal brandalready, but it has been createdunintentionally by accident. The key is totake conscious control over how yourpublic perception is being crafted byevery single action you do.
  • 16. How can I brand myself?
  • 17. To build a personal brand you have tofigure out:What you are.Why you keep on going.How you can achieve your dreams.
  • 18. Whatyouare.What you are is your soul, your identity, thecore of your brand.It is the untouchable core of you, the baseyou can rely on. It is the rock you can buildyour success on.You have it, there it already is. But what youneed to do is to get to know it better. Getto know yourself better.
  • 19. Ask yourself:What am I?What am I like?What are my values?What is the best about me?How am I different from everyone else?
  • 20. Whyyoukeep on going.Why do you keep on going? Why areyou? Why do you get up in the morning?It is your dreams. Your ambition. It is whatyou fight for. It is what makes you thrive.It is your mission, it is your goal.
  • 21. Ask yourself:What is my mission?What do I fight for?What do I want to achieve?Where do I want to be?What do I want to be?
  • 22. How you can achieve your dreams.Now that you have made yourself clear whatyou want – choose your weapons. Choosewisely the ways you will tell your story.Powerful brands tend to have capturing mythsbehind them. Through stories, symbols andrituals they hold a place in people’s minds. Toestablish a brand you must tell a story.Give your soul a handsome face. Tell; why youare different, what makes you special. You haveto tell what you promise. What makes you thebest. Be honest. Be faithful to your style.
  • 23. Ask yourself:What is my story?How does it go? Is it entertaining? Is it serious?How should I tell it to keep my listeners intrigued?Where should I tell it? In my blog? My CV? In a video? Should I scream it from a mountain top? Should I whisper it in someone’s ear? Should I play it? Write a song about it? Write it on a thousand post-its? Draw it in the sand? Color it with watercolors?
  • 24. What ever you choose... Howyou will tell your story... How itwill help you get closer to yourdreams, and how it will makeyour life a bit more interesting...Love it. Have fun with it. Findhappiness in it.
  • 25. Write down your personal brand now.
  • 26. Know it. Tell it. Live it.
  • 27. This guide is part of my bachelor’s thesis ”How to brand a person?”.