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Latin GLP Strategic Planning Presentation NAIS 2014
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Latin GLP Strategic Planning Presentation NAIS 2014


Published on

Presentation from the NAIS Annual Conference 2014 on a collaborative strategic planning effort between The Latin School of Chicago and Greenwich Leadership Partners

Presentation from the NAIS Annual Conference 2014 on a collaborative strategic planning effort between The Latin School of Chicago and Greenwich Leadership Partners

Published in: Education

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  • 1. The  La'n  School  of  Chicago   Randall  Dunn   Charlie  Gofen   Kirk  Greer       Greenwich  Leadership  Partners   Stephanie  Rogen   Liz  Hardwick  
  • 2. AGENDA   1:00pm    Welcome  and  Introduc'ons     1:15pm    Context  and  Strategic  Warm  Up     1:30pm    InflecGon  Point  1/Process  and  Leadership     1:45pm    InflecGon  Point  2/Securing  Buy  In         2:00pm    Break  10  minutes     2:10pm    InflecGon  Point  3/  Values  Feedback     2:30pm    Case  Study-­‐Break  out  Groups  and  Discussion     3:00pm    InflecGon  Point  4/Engaging  Students     3:15pm    Break  5  minutes     3:25pm    InflecGon  Point  5/Decision  Making     3:  40pm    Where  LaGn  is  Now     3:50pm    ReflecGons  and  Wrap  Up     4:00pm    You’re  ready  for  planning!       2   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 3. Why  We’re  Here   To  demysGfy    strategic    planning       3   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 4. Why  We’re  Here   To  learn  from  each  other                   4   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 5. Introduc'ons:  Crea'ng  Context   Think  about  your  school:  What  are  you  proud  of?     5   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 6.               6   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 7. La'n’s  Context   Key  Ques'ons:   •  Why  did  you  decide  to  this  when  you  did?     •  How  did  you  decide  on  the  scope  of  planning?     Key  Factors:   •  New  Head  of  School   •  125th  Anniversary   •  Narrowly  Defined  Scope   •  Previous  Plan     •  Endowment  Campaign             7   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 8. 8  
  • 9. Framing  the  Process   What’s  Ahead?     Future  visioning   External  forces  and  trends   What  do  our  students  need?       9   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 10. Framing  the  Process     What  Do  We  Value?   What’s  Missing?  What  Needs  to  Change?     10   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 11. Framing  the  Process   Who  Do  We  Need  to  Talk  To?   Who  Makes  Decisions?     How  Do  We  Communicate?   11   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 12. Framing  the  Process   What  kind  of  change  are  you  looking  for?       TRANSFORMATIONAL?                  INCREMENTAL?     12   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 13. Let  the  Planning  Commence   That  was  the  easy  part.  Now  it’s  'me  to  work…     13  
  • 14. Inflec'on  Point  #1:  Process  and  Leadership   Call  to  Ac'on:     Decide  how  to  structure  your  strategic  planning   process  –  who  is  involved?  How?     Ques'ons  to  Consider:     •  How  do  you  create  an  opGmal  structure  for  strategic   planning?   •  Who  drives  the  process?   •  Who  should  and  should  not  be  involved?   14   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 15. LATIN  REVEAL:  Process  and  Leadership   Fusion  between  leadership  –   Head  of  School,  Board  and   faculty   Head  of   School   Board  of   Trustees   Faculty   Commi]ees  to  include   faculty,  parents  and  alumni  Commidees   Faculty   Parents   Alumni   15   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 16. KEY  TAKEAWAYS:  Process  and  Leadership   1)  The  Head  must  be  comfortable  with  the  leaders  of  the  strategic   planning  process.   2)  The  Strategic  Planning  Commidee  (SPC)  should  include   representaGon  from  key  consGtuencies  (including  faculty  from   each  division  of  the  school,  administraGve  staff,  parents,  alumni   and  trustees).   3)  SPC  members  should  all  be  engaged  in  the  work  and  should  be   individuals  who  can  serve  as  ambassadors.   4)  Engage  the  Board  early  on  -­‐  they  must  have  ample  opportunity  to   weigh  in  on  mission,  vision,  values,  strategy  and  policy.   5)  Use  an  experienced  consultant  to  facilitate  the  SPC  meeGngs  and   the  Board  retreat.   16   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 17. Inflec'on  Point  #2:  Securing  Buy-­‐In   Call  to  Ac'on:     Manage  the  hopes,  concerns  and  expecta;ons   of  key  people.     Ques'ons:     •  How  do  you  handle  pushback  in  your  school?     •  What  do  you  do  when  key  people  disagree?   17   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 18. LATIN  REVEAL:  Securing  Buy-­‐In   We  asked  up  front:  “Please  voice  your  concerns”.   Then  we  asked  people    to  trust  in  the  process  and   explained  why.         18   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 19. KEY  TAKEAWAYS:  Securing  Buy-­‐In   1)  Loop  back  through  the  process  to  ask  “How  are  We  Doing?”   2)  Invite  people  to  offer  soluGons  to  concerns  or  challenges   they  surface.   3)  Document  the  work;  document  progress.   4)  Recognize  how  concerns/worries  and  pushback  strengthen   the  process;  acknowledge  those  who  offer  it.     5)  Maximize  the  odds  of  buy-­‐in  for  our  plan  by  engaging  all   consGtuencies  in  our  process,  acGvely  listening  to  their   ideas,  and  adjusGng  the  strategic  plan  in  light  of  their  input.   19   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 20. BREAK   Reading:     Aligning  Ac;on  and  Values  by  Jim  Collins     Break  Time:   10  minutes       Or we’ll send this guy after you… 20   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 21. Reading  Reflec'ons   •  Do  you  know  when  you’re  on  Mars?   •  Where  do  the  values  really  manifest  in  your   daily  life  and  pracGce?     •  Where  do  you  feel  that  there  is  a  gap?     21   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 22. Inflec'on  Point  #3:  Values  Feedback   Call  to  Ac'on:     Ar;culate  or  confirm  your  values  and   define  their  role  in  strategic  planning.     Ques'ons:     •  As  you  think  about  strategic  planning,  how  will  values   drive  the  end  result?   •  How  can  you  take  a  discussion  of  values,  which  feels   very  lony  and  high  level,  and  connect  that  to   strategy?   22   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 23. LATIN  REVEAL:  Values  Feedback   Examined  alignment  with  mulGple  stakeholders   (trustees,  faculty)  –  “Stop,  Start,  ConGnue”  Exercise     Surveyed  students,  parents  and  alumni       Where  were  we  operaGng    in  alignment  with  values?     Where  was     there  work  to  do?   23   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 24. LATIN  REVEAL:  Values  Feedback       24  
  • 25. KEY  TAKEAWAYS:  Values  Feedback   1)  Values  drive  you  to  innovate.  Broad  goals  force  you  to   see  the  interconnecGon  of  programs  and  pracGces.   Examples:  EducaGonal  excellence  and  wellness.   EducaGonal  excellence  and  diversity.   2)  Values  enhance  stakeholder  engagement  and   commitment  in  plan  process  and  implementaGon.   3)  Values  ground  decision-­‐making,  enable  clear   communicaGon  of  raGonale,  and  enhance  school   confidence  in  face  of  “off-­‐message”  consGtuents.   4)  Value  discussions  inspire  parGcipants  to  reflect  on  the   needs  of  the  community,  not  parGcular  interests.   25   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 26. Breakout  Ac'vity  –  Athle'cs  Case  Study   Read  the  case  and  discuss  the  following  ques'ons:   1.  Given  the  compeGng  viewpoints,  what  process  and  criteria   should  the  Strategic  Planning  Commidee  use  to  make  decisions   on  how  to  handle  athleGcs  in  the  strategic  plan?     2.  What  role  should  the  Head  of  School  play  in  decision  making?   The  Board  of  Trustees?   3.  How  do  you  maximize  buy-­‐in  for  the  strategic  plan  when  you   are  invariably  forced  to  make  choices  during  the  process  that   disappoint  some  people?   26   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 27. Inflec'on  Point  #4:  Engaging  Students   Call  to  Ac'on:     Determine  what  role  students  will  play  in  your   strategic  planning  process.     Ques'ons:     •  Why  would  you  engage  students  in  strategic   planning?   •  When  would  you  engage  students  in  strategic   planning?  When  not?   •  How  do  you  engage  students  in  a  serious   reflecGon  on  their  experience  at  the  school?     •  What  type  of  strategies  would  you  use?   27   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 28. LATIN  REVEAL:  Engaging  Students   We  commided  to  engaging  students  because  we  believed   they  were  essenGal  voices  –  and  that  our  plan  would  not   hold  up  without  tesGng  our  values  and  prioriGes  with   them.  We  sought:     •  Advisory  feedback  from  the  Upper  and  Middle  School   •  Values  feedback  from  the  Lower  School  using  a   teacher  designed  survey       28   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 29. LATIN  REVEAL:  Engaging  Students   29   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 30. LATIN  REVEAL:  Engaging  Students   30   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 31. KEY  TAKEAWAYS:  Engaging  Students   1)  Do  not  rely  on  a  small  group  of    students  at  outset  to  shape  direcGon;   rely  on  the  quality  data  you  have.   2)  Student  voice  can  be  producGve  grades  4-­‐12;  engage  all  divisions.  Don’t   be  saGsfied  with  self-­‐selected  student  group.  Aim  for  universal   parGcipaGon.   3)  Appropriate  Gmeslots  built  into  your  schedule  already,  not  isolated   “morning  breakfasts.”   4)  Include  students  at  a  decisive  mid-­‐point  of  process.  Revising  “official”   drans  lends  credibility  and  enables  impact  of  student  voice.   5)  Use  faculty  to  design  student  feedback  sessions  carefully;  use  solid   pedagogy  to  engage  mulGple  learning  styles,  sustain  adenGon,  achieve   universal  parGcipaGon,  and  avoid  groupthink.   6)  Create  experience  of  simultaneity  so  students  don’t  think  in  isolaGon,   but  are  more  likely  to  think  of  the  enGre  community.   31   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 32. Inflec'on  Point  #5:  Decision  Making   Call  to  Ac'on:     Figure  out  how  to  incorporate  feedback,  make  choices   and  communicate  decisions.     Ques'ons:     •  How  do  you  synthesize  feedback  and  test  it  with   your  community?   •  What  can  you  do  to  build  consensus  around  the  final   decisions?   •  What  do  you  do  when  consensus  isn’t  possible?   32   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 33. LATIN  REVEAL:  Decision  Making   Process  of  learning  that  leaned  heavily  on  feedback  loops:   Solicit  Input   Test   Collect   Feedback   Assess  and   Learn   Hypothesize   DECIDE  THE     COMMUNITY   THE   COMMITTEES     33   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 34. KEY  TAKEAWAYS:  Decision  Making   1)  Use  a  consultant  to  provide  structure  and  expert  guidance,  to  give   you  external  perspecGve,  and  to  allow  you  to  parGcipate  in  the   conversaGon  without  having  to  facilitate.   2)  The  Head  must  trust  in  the  process  and  delegate  responsibility  to   the  strategic  planning  team  instead  of  micromanaging.   3)  At  the  same  Gme,  the  Head  must  determine  when  to  step  in,   perhaps  based  on  confidenGal  informaGon  he  or  she  has,  to  make   certain  decisions  along  the  way.   4)  The  strategic  planning  team  should  make  sure  that  anything   included  in  the  strategic  plan  has  the  support  of  the  Head  –  this  is   essenGal  for  successful  implementaGon.   5)  Seek  to  build  support  and  commitment  from  key  consGtuencies   during  the  strategic  planning  process  for  new  prioriGes  and   programs  (such  as  LaGn’s  wellness  iniGaGve).   34   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 35. Where  We  Are  Now   35   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 36. Thoughts  on  Implementa'on   36   1)  Head  communicates  that  all  faculty  will  have  opportunity  to  assist   with  implementaGon.   2)  Synthesize  implementaGon  with  accreditaGon  self  study  or  your   accreditaGon  stage.   3)  ConGnue  model  of  administraGve/faculty  co-­‐leadership.  Example:   Wellness  Commidee  chaired  by  MS  director  and  faculty  member.   4)  Expect  that    plan  language  is  used  in  internal  and  external   communicaGon  to  jusGfy  decisions.   5)  Ensure  the  Board  remains  engaged;  develop  a  mechanism  for   regular  updates  and  discussion.   6)  Don’t  forget  feedback  loops;  test,  learn,  incorporate  feedback,   and  adapt  process  and  pracGce.   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 37. Thoughts  on  Implementa'on   37   Move  in  two  tracks:     1.  Put  points  on  the  board.     •  Create  confidence  in  plan  by  moving  quickly  on  iniGaGves  in   the  school  primed  to  move  forward  –  success  begets   success!   2.  Tackle  the  BHAGs  in  the  plan.     •  IdenGfy  highly  moGvated  community  members  across   grades  and  divisions  for  long  term  commitment.     •  Begin  with  wide  brainstorming  process  and  don't  let   assumpGons  about  feasibility  interfere.     •  Clarify  decision  making  process  so  incremental,  concrete   steps  to  achieve  BHAGs  are  evaluated  and  then  backed  by   appropriate  authority.    ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 38. Reflec'ons   •  What  were  you  surprised  by?     •  What  might  you  try  at  your  school?     •  What  would  you  like  to  learn  more  about?   38   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 39. Resources   •  Jim  Collins,  Aligning  Ac;on  and  Values     •  Roger  MarGn,  The  Big  Lie  of  Strategic  Planning   •  PresentaGon  Key  Takeaways   •  LaGn’s  ImplementaGon  Takeaways   •  Case  Study  on  AthleGcs  in  the  Strategic  Plan   •  LaGn  10th  Grade  Values  Cloud   •  LaGn  Lower  School  Values  Feedback  Form   •  LaGn  Upper  School  Student  ReflecGons  on  Values   39   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014  
  • 40. Let  Us  Know  How  You’re  Doing   Greenwich  Leadership  Partners   •   •   •  Twider:  @StephanieRogen       The  La'n  School  of  Chicago   •'   •   •       40   ©greenwichleadershippartners  2014