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Ict seminar english

  1. 1. ‫لجنة السياسة الخضراء‬A slide presentation prepared for Greener & Smarter ICT May 2012 Prepared by Mariam Kadhimi 1
  2. 2. Go Green Policy Committee ‫لجنة السياسة الخضراء‬Expression of interest in the Ministry of Finance about environmental protection issues, and underthe guidance of His Excellency the Minister of Finance Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, theAssistant Undersecretary of resources and information Mr. Ismail A. Nabi Al Marhoon prepared apaper in the December 30, 2009 on the application of the concept of the ministrys green policy.the paper was about the possibility of implementation the green policy in the Ministry, and theproposals of a practical program for the application of this policy.Establishing Go Green Policy CommitteeIn February 2010 by His Excellency the Undersecretary Mr. Aref Saleh Khamis issued the ResolutionNo. 1 to form a committee to apply the concept of the ministrys green policy, and work toimplement the plans and programs in the Ministry.The committee is headed by Mr. Hassan Abdulla, Acting Financial information Director andmembership of the representatives from the Ministry’s directorates. 2
  3. 3. Go Green Policy Committee ‫لجنة السياسة الخضراء‬ .‫رؤيتنا : الريادة في توفير بيئة عمل مكتبية خضراء‬ VISION: LEAD IN ACHIEVING GREEN OFFICE WORKING ENVIRONMENT. .‫مهمتنا : تكريس وتطبيق مفاهيم السياسة الخضراء بوزارة المالية‬MISSION: EMPHASIZE AND IMPLEMENT THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE GREEN POLICY IN MOF 3
  4. 4. Our Priorities1. Saving in Electricity & Water consumption2. Saving in the use of paper.3. Minimize the consumption and Waste.4. Re-use what we have.5. Recycling as much as we can.6. Apply Environment standards on Purchasing7. Involve the employees in creating green working environment. Specific Objectives1. Reduce Paper Consumption by 10% in December 20112. Recycling 70% of waste by December 20113. Reduce Electricity Bill by 10% in 20134. Reduce waste produced by 15% in December 20115. Obtain ISO 14001:2004 4
  5. 5. Green Policy AchievementsTarget Main processes that have been done Result1. • Replace the traditional fax system, by E-fax. Saving about 100,348 • . ofReduce Paper printing paper in 6 months,Consumption • Use Service Workflow system.by 10% in this amount represents of • Use electronic Attendance system (paperless).December reduction in paper2011 • Use S/W which prints how much papers are printed at consumption of around departmental and employee level to assist in reducing 33%, which resulting in an paper consumption. avoidance of carbon dioxide • Distribute Scanners for all departments for data storage emission of about 450 kg as instead of printing . a resulting from the manufacture of this amount • Directing departments to use Ministry web page of paper. (Intranet) for sharing data instead of printing. • Encourage all staff to use e-mail . • Encourage all staff to use of electronic media (CDs) for data storage & for easy access of the information when is needed. 5
  6. 6. Initiatives that have been completed to reduce paper consumption .• Method type Quantity of papers saved CO2 emissions In 6 months In Kg CD instead of printing 65,000 290 E-fax 25,000 110 Workflow System 6,000 27 Attendance System 4,000 18 Description Consumed Saved In 6 months In 6 months Quantity of Papers 300,000 papers 100,000 Quantity of CO2 1,350 kg 450 kg emissionsAs a result of all these efforts, paper waste reduced by 33.5%, and all wasted papers are recycled. 6
  7. 7. ‫•.‬ ‫من أولوياتنا :‬ ‫•ترشيد استهالك الكهرباء والماء.‬ ‫•ترشيد استهالك الورق.‬ ‫• تقليل االستهالك والنفايات.‬ ‫•إعادة استخدام ما لدينا.‬ ‫• إعادة تدويـر كل ما بوسعنا‬ ‫• تطبيق المعايير البيئية على المشتريات‬‫•إشراك الموظفين في خلق بيئة العمل الخضراء .‬ ‫7‬
  8. 8. Cont.. Green Policy AchievementsTarget Main processes involved Result2. Average waste .•Recycling 70% • Waste paper bin is provided for each employee andof waste by percentage that beenDecember papers are being collected on a daily basis and deposited used for recycling =2011 in the container designated for that purpose. 3.5% (93.8 Kg), this % is still low compared to • Paper Recycle by Sustainable Development Commission- what is targeted. Mother& Child welfare society. • Provide waste baskets in kitchens for glass, plastic and other materials that can be recycled • Allocate Containers for printer cartridges • Donate old PCs for Ministry’s staff and to recycling institutes. 8
  9. 9. Cont.. Green Policy AchievementsTarget Main processes involved Result .•3. Receive final report aboutReduce • Energy Audit is done of the usage of power electricityElectricity Bill energy usage and theby 10% in for the ministry building with the coordination of an recommendation of2013 Audit firm. reducing consumption by • Change light bulbs to LED lights (a high efficiency in 35% (BD 25,000/year). energy use) Reduce electricity • Install Window Films to reduce heat transfer. consumption of Lighting • Use Water sensors (i.e. in Pray Area) by more than Half and in Co2 emission. • Use Light Sensors (i.e. Meeting rooms) • Replacement of existing chillers with highly efficient Chillers . 9
  10. 10. Cont.. Green Policy AchievementsTarget Main processes involved Result .• 21% monthly4. Keep a record on the amount of waste produced and the amountReduce waste reduction in of wastewaste 6 months. recycled in the ministry.producedby 15% in Documentation ofDecember Prepare policies to be committed and procedures to be followed to procedures of2011 reduce the amount of waste - in process reducing the amount of waste. Documentation of procedures to maintain the materials 10
  11. 11. Cont.. Green Policy AchievementsTarget Main processes involved Result5. • Prepare a draft manual for Go Green Policies & Procedures .• A draft manual forObtain ISO the Policies &14001:2004 • Preparation of a draft policy document to be signed by His Procedures. Excellency the Minister, the document includes detailed procedures to be followed and a commitment to its A draft of Green implementation by all staff in the ministry to achieve each of the Policy manual objectives set. Documentation of • Work with BUREAU VERITAS to issue accredited certificates for the potential ISO - work in progress effects of Ministry’s work on • Documenting the potential effects of the work in the ministry on the the environment, and document the types and methods of Environment. waste disposal – in process 11
  12. 12. Cont.. Green Policy AchievementsTarget Main processes involved Result6. • Circulate the draft policies and procedures manual of the Go Green to There is aAwareness & .•Participation all staff . good • Issuance of several circulars to staff regarding the use of waste paper response baskets and rationalizing the consumption of paper, and the with respect prevention of smoking in the building, and switch off all devices and to turning off light immediately after work. lights and • install screen saver on environment behavior for all staff’s computers. saving paper. • Showing instructions about the Go Green on the screen at the entrance of the building • Workshops done at the departmental level on policies and procedures of the Go Green Policy. • The Maintenance team on daily basis are checking the lights after working hours and passing information to the directorates who violates the rules in order to encourage the staff to turn off lights after working hours. 12
  13. 13. Government Initiative Project »‫«المبادرة الحكومية الخاصة باالستخدام األمثل للثروات الطبيعية والموارد المتاحة لمملكة البحرين‬”The Optimum usage of natural wealth & available resources” «Approval to launch a government initiative to optimize the use of natural wealth and the available resources as referred to in the memorandum of the Minister of Finance No. 2010/012/031, and appointing the Ministry of Finance to head a working group composed of representatives from Ministries and relevant bodies for the implementation of this initiative, to submit to the Cabinet through quarterly reports on what is achieved in the implementation of this initiative” The Ministry of Finance with the relevant government agencies are working together to concentrate on the efforts towards achieving the optimal use of resources and energy through a working program which includes initiatives, policies and procedures that will be taken to improve the efficiency and effective use of resources and energy. Tanweer Project refers to the Government Initiative Project for the simplicity references The purpose of Tanweer is to identify, analyze and recommend how Bahrain can optimize its natural wealth and available resources in compliance decree 33-2004. 13
  14. 14. Tanweer Committee Organisation chart Committee Chairman Ismail Marhoon AUS MoFStandards & Financial Guide & Environment issues Work systems & Quality Control Media & PR HeadEnergy Head Systems Head Head Head Sami Humaid Taha Faqihi, Issa Al Aradi, Lamees Al Hassar,Director, MoF Director, MoF Director, MoF Ebrahim Abul, Director, MoF Director, MoF Each sub committee has representatives from other ministries NOGA EGA MOIC Tender Board NOGA EGOV CSB Works Works MOIC MOIC Bahrain EWA EWA PMEW CSB Broadcasting Housing MUN MUN EWA BSIEC 14
  15. 15. Tanweer Project initiatives for the implementation of government initiative1. CFL project for the housing sector and public sectorHas been approved by the Prime Minister Council and appointed Ministry of Energy forimplementation in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and now is preparing for theimplementation of the project with the World Bank.2. Raising the efficiency of lighting in the roads and main streetsThis project is under study and experiment for some streets where the lights been replaced by LED3. Raising the efficiency of lighting in traffic lights by using LED4. Green Schools ProjectSelected 5 Government primary schools to study the cost of using the efficient equipment foroptimal use of natural and available resources.5. Media Awareness campaign. 15
  16. 16. Why LED Lights ? .•1. LED “Light Emitted Diode” life is more than 50,000 working hours , the maintenance will be lessand the light fitting equipment will not be effected compared with other types.2. All components in the LED lights are recyclable.3. No hazardous components in the LED lights4. Generate very low heat during operation which helps in cooling system.5. More bright compared to other types of lights.6. Consumes less energy by 50%, hence less by 50% in electricity bills7. Hence, Power station produces less by 50% for the same amount of lighting compared withconventional lighting.8. LED Consumes fix Watt compared to the normal fluorescent which the watt increases byincrease number of operating hours from the moment of switching on the light 16
  17. 17. Proposals1. Develop an action plan and implementation mechanism.2. Energy Audit3. Thermal insulation for Roof & Walls4. Double Glazing for windows where it reduces the heat transfer by 50%.5. Purchase efficient Air Condition which comply with international standards.6. Use of electric/electronic devices with the most efficient use of electricity7. Use solar for light poles and parking entrances bars8. Use Flash Tank in W/C and have option to use the full amount or less amount of water as needed.9. Use water sensors10. Adopt Grey water technique to increase the landscaping11. Adopt Hydroponic gardening on the roof to reduce heat transfer. Communications1. Use SMS for events announcements between staff.2. If applicable get LOGO for your committee3. Staff awareness.4. Put posters in the corridors and offices5. Honoring the best Idea & best department. 17
  18. 18. Remember:• Use electronic mail for exchange of memos and correspondences instead of manual whenever possible.• Re-use material which can be used as it is.• Avoid putting recyclable waste in the rubbish bin.• Switch off lights in working place when leaving office or at the end working day. Do not forget :• To Switch off lights in working places not normally used such as meeting rooms, kitchens and wash rooms.• To Switch off electrical equipment especially the shared ones like printers at the end of working hours. Stay in contact : Through the suggestion blog on the intranet or via the following email address: gogreen@mof.gov.bh 18
  19. 19. Thank you foryour listening 19