Going green through ict dr zakareya al khaja- e ga-v0 1


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Going green through ict dr zakareya al khaja- e ga-v0 1

  1. 1. National e-Government Green IT Strategy Dr. Zakareya Ahmed Al Khaja Greener & Smarter ICT 2012 Kingdom of Bahrain 16th May 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• New eGovernment National Strategy 2016 o Vision o Strategic Objectives o Achievements o Green IT Strategy• Case Studies o Integrated Workflow Management System o Comprehensive Return of Investment o Re-engineered Services
  3. 3. New eGovernment National Strategy 2016 Vision – ADVANCE“To Achieve next generation Government excellence; Deliver high quality services effectively; Value efficiency; Advocate proactive customer engagement; Nurture entrepreneurship; Collaborate with all stakeholders; and Encourage innovation” A chieve next generation Government excellence D eliver high quality services effectively V alue efficiency A dvocate proactive customer engagement N urture entrepreneurship C ollaborate with all stakeholders E ncourage innovation
  4. 4. New eGovernment National Strategy 2016Strategic Objectives1 2 Increase society participation Obtain greater innovation and entrepreneurship and engagement 3 Maintain a higher performing, collaborative, integrated, and efficient government4 5 Sustain a heightened protection of Uphold comprehensive and effectively- information and user rights managed quality service offering 6 Increase partnerships and private sector ICT readiness7 8 Improve national eLiteracy and government Enhance eGovernment channels and user- IT skills experience with increased service-uptake
  5. 5. New eGovernment National Strategy 2016Green IT Strategy Overview Key Element 1: Greening Key Element 2: Going IT Green through IT Reducing the environmental  Applying green IT solutions to footprint of IT equipment Green IT make other activities more Includes data center Strategy environmentally friendly consolidation, advanced cooling, Includes implementing tele- and server virtualization Key commuting technologies to Elements reduce unnecessary travel, deploying green transportation planning systems and moving operations online Key Element 3: Green IT Governance  Policies, Standards, Guidelines and Procedures  Green Compliant Technology Architecture  Green Reporting (using IT)  Green Awareness and Training
  6. 6. New eGovernment National Strategy 2016 Key Element 1: Greening IT“Greening IT” aims to lower, via three key levers, the considerable emissions indirectly caused by IT energy needs CO2 Emissions caused by IT Key Levers for Greening IT (Benchmarking 2008) 1 Energy Efficient Data  2% of Global CO2 emissions are caused by IT - this is close to the Center Facilities, Servers, Storage global emissions of the entire 2 Greening airline industry Energy Efficient IT Equipment IT  IT drives CO2 emissions merely Desktops, Printers indirectly by its energy consumption 3  According to expert estimates, Greening IT Lifecycle Mgmt 80% of environmental pollution Plan, Build, Run, Recycle ... caused by IT is due to energy consumption
  7. 7. New eGovernment National Strategy 2016 Key Element 2: Going Green through IT Software solutions for energy, buildings, travel & documentation can be used to assist the Kingdom in “Going Green through IT” Energy Buildings Increasing demand for renewable  IT can be used to effectively manage energies building utilities, Investigate solutions such as Smart-Grids  Develop and implement standards for Handle through the IT and business building control systems as part of the strategies for EWA shared services strategy Going Green Through IT Transportation Documentation Improve fuel efficiency and sustainability Move away from a paper based of travel environment towards a digital Investigate need to implement fleet environment through management systems to manage  Ongoing business process re- Government vehicles engineering IT strategy for Ministry of Transportation  Shared digital archiving and document should investigate solutions for Route management technologies management technology and Public  eFax software and Video conferencing traffic management solutions
  8. 8. New eGovernment National Strategy 2016Key Element 3: Green IT Governance An effective Green IT Governance Framework is required to ensure success of the Green IT Strategy
  9. 9. Case Studies
  10. 10. Case study 1: Integrated Workflow Management System Entity X Archive Attachments 680 + 20 pages Issued document 700 pages Issued document 50 page 700 pagesZajel handles the 100 pages Entity Y Archiveinteraction between theparliament and thegovernment using theprinciple Government-to- 100 pages 750 pagesGovernment (G2G). Issued document Issued document 150 pages 100 pages 900 pages Entity W Archive Attachments Attachments 680 + 20 + 50 +150 pages 680 + 20 + 50 pages Entity Z Archive
  11. 11. Case study 1: Integrated Workflow Management System 700 pages (pdf document) Zajel Archive 100 pages Process Documents 50 pages(pdf document) (pdf document) 150 pages (pdf document)
  12. 12. Case Study 2: Comprehensive Return of InvestmentThe eGovernment Authority has developed a comprehensive Returnof Investment (ROI) model that will analyze business, financial,sociological and environmental benefits of each eService beingdeveloped. The environmental aspects include:Greenhouse Gas Emission Fuel Saved Papers and Trees
  13. 13. Case Study 3: Re-engineered ServicesElectricity & Water eBilling service Before Read meter and upload Generate bill Print bill Mail bill data Pay bill online or Receive bill Deliver Bill offline by post After Read meter Print and upload Generate bill Mail bill bill dataNote: Users can view Pay billtheir bill history at any Receive bill online or Deliver Billpoint electronically offline
  14. 14. Case Study 3: Re-engineered Services Service enables customers to view and pay Electricity and Water bills online with the ability to register to receive the bill by email on monthly basis Future SavingsCriteria Factor Current State 25% eBill Generation 50% eBill Generation Human Resources BHD 73,855.380 p.a. BHD 11,087.520 p.a. BHD 22,175.050 p.a. Paper BHD 887,910.550 p.a. BHD 221,977.640 p.a. BHD 443,955.270 p.a.Cost Rent BHD 21,611.460 p.a. Nil Nil Post BHD 355,117.320 p.a. BHD 92,493.070 p.a. BHD 180,039.510 p.a. Total BHD 1,338,494.720 p.a. BHD 325,558.240 p.a. BHD 646,169.840 p.a.Environment Trees used for 8000 reams cost 480 2000 reams cost 120 4000 reams cost 240 4,000,000 bills in 2008 trees trees trees Trees used for 7000 reams cost 420 1750 ream cost 105 3500 reams cost 210 3,500,000 envelopes in trees trees trees 2008 Faster and convenient Payment of bills onlineCustomer delivery of bills Increase customer Electronic bill history satisfaction Avoid lost bills in post records
  15. 15. Thank you