Global International Recycling Networks


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Global International Recycling Networks

  1. 1. Global InternationalRecycling Networks Pia Tanskanen Greener and Smarter ICT, Kingdom of Bahrain May 2012Company Confidential. ©2010 Nokia
  2. 2. 11 groups:Paper/cardboard PlasticbottlesCans Recycling behaviorGlassMetalsClothes/shoesBatteriesMobile phonesTelevisionsRefrigeratorsComputers
  3. 3. Reported recycling of last phone
  4. 4. Why electronics recycling is challengingPeople do not know that you can recycleelectronics- Collection amounts are lowTechnically products are challenging- they containalmost every element from the periodic table –recyclers need to know what they are doingProduct range is wide- some products containvalue, some are expensive to processCompany Confidential. ©2010 Nokia 4
  5. 5. Mobile Phone Recycling•Only 9 % recycle their phones today•Lack of awareness on where andhow to recycle is the main obstaclefor not recycling•76% of consumers agree that theywould like to buy a phone from acompany that makes it easy torecycle the old phone•Nokia phones can be fully utilized inenvironmentally safe and efficientrecycling process – nothing goes tolandfill•Nokia offers takeback for obsoletephones in almost 100 countriesCompany Confidential. ©2010 Nokia 5
  6. 6. Consumer facing Nokia contracted E-waste Downstream companies Collection /Take back recycling company 1. Nokia own Sorting/ Pretreatment Material recycling collection 1. Manual 1. Aluminum smelter 2. Partnerhips 2. Ferrous smelter 2. Mechanical (operator, NGO etc) 3. Integrated Cu smelter Recycling companies separate materials and sell 4. Plastic compounding them as secondary raw 5. Cobalt chemistries material to downstream Batteries are separated in We require name of these this step and have own companies in our recycling preprocessing b4 next step vendor contacts to ensure best practisesCompany Confidential. ©2010 Nokia 6
  7. 7. E-waste recycling companiesNokia operates according to internal sourcing process to manage e-waste recycling companies – This ensures that Nokia selects, assesses and makes contracts with recycling companies that fulfil Nokia´s requirements, comply with relevant legislation and operate according to requirements in international standards (ex. ISO14001)Main steps in sourcing process – Scope definition (geographical area and local needs, logistics, covered materials) – Analysis and planning (benchmark, technology, current/new sustainability requirements, stakeholder requirements, market dynamics) – Negotiation & contract (evaluations, cost breakdown, contracts) – Operational management (working meetings, reviews, self-assessments, site visits, reporting)Company Confidential. ©2010 Nokia 77
  8. 8. Mananging recyclers: Reporting and OperationalManagement Site visits – Nokia templates – Meeting reports – Development needs Running Reports for each pick-up – Mass balance – Invoice – Certificate of destruction Quarterly reporting to central reporting system – Consolidate data – Allows internal analysis of global dataCompany Confidential. ©2010 Nokia 88
  9. 9. Nokia’s Take back Permanent services for consumers – Nokia Service Points – Electronics waste producer associations in EU27 countries + Australia + Canada – Customer cooperation China , LTA, SEAP – Free postage in USA, Finland, Norway and Singapore – Take back bins at Nokia branded retail For Nokia Employees – Take back bins at large Nokia office lobbies Take back campaigns – Country campaigns: USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Latvia, South Africa, UAE, India etc. – Take back at Nokia events (Nokia World, AGM- annual meeting, MWC) – Cooperation with schools& universities, NGO’s, suppliers, customers and retail – Social media (Twitter I # recycling, You Tube…)Company Confidential. ©2010 Nokia 99
  10. 10. Case1: Finland •Service incentive •17.000 items recycled •Online & Post office (Company Confidential. ©2010 Nokia 1010
  11. 11. Case 2. IndiaCompany Confidential. ©2010 Nokia 11
  12. 12. Case 3. Eco-School in South – AfricaCompany Confidential. ©2010 Nokia 12
  13. 13. Case 4. Local Recycling Activation in Malaysia-RecyclimpicsCompany Confidential. ©2010 Nokia 13
  14. 14. Case 5: Twitter I#recycling Internally ainability Phone personalities Intranet Film, blog article, Daily posts, limited hero banner, life span recycling home Local markets Support the project Nokia YouTube Nokia facebook via own social Nokia blogs & WOM Animation Film & competition media channels marketing Nokia twitter Blog article, film RT, following, recycling infoCompany Confidential. ©2010 Nokia 14
  15. 15. Thank You !Company Confidential. ©2010 Nokia