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Greenlime gives an overview on products offered.

Greenlime gives an overview on products offered.

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  • 1. Greenlime offers 360°
    hygiene solutions.
  • 2. Are you tired of messy bar soaps? Greenlime has a solution.
    Greenlime Liquid Handwash, available in variants from rose to germ fighter, with:
    • PH controlled formulation to protect and condition skin
    • 3. Pleasant fragrance
    • 4. Lather in hard water
  • And for optimal usage of Greenlime Liquid Handwashes
    Greenlime’s Range of Liquid Soap Dispensers:
    • Easy installation, low maintenance and easy to refill.
    • 5. Optimal, contamination free usage of soap
    • 6. Long lasting, tough ABS body
    • 7. Non-leaky, non-messy, rust proof system.
  • 2 drops of Greenlime Hand Sanitizer kill 99.9% of all germs!
    Greenlime range of odorless hand sanitizers is available in a range of convenient sizes. It does not need water and can be used wherever required. Its moisturizing quality allows it to disinfect without drying skin.
  • 8. Get sanitizers for your workplaces, restaurants & kitchens.
    Pudumjee offers a pump and pouch dispensing system for easy and convenient use of hand sanitizers in work and public places to prevent the spread of infection.
  • 9. Afraid of catching infections from public toilets?
    Greenlime Toilet Seat Covers are an effective and convenient hygiene solution to protect oneself from germs and infections in public toilets.
  • 10. Greenlime Toilet Seat Covers come in personal packs which can be carried in a bag or in a dispenser for public toilets, ideal for your workplace.
  • 11. Greenlime Toilet Roll disintegrates in water.
    Greenlime Toilet Rolls are made with hands free technology and are safe on skin. They are extremely soft and are designed to disintegrate in water to avoid choked drains.
  • 12.
  • 13. Greenlime Toilet Roll Dispensers come in different sizes.
  • 14. Greenlime Facial Tissues have super absorbent capacity.
    Greenlime Facial Tissues are made with ideal wet strength. They come in 100 pulls boxes, 200 pulls boxes as well as convenient pocket tissue handy packs that can fit in your pocket or bag.
  • 15. Greenlime Cleaning Solutions are made highly effective.
    Greenlime offers cleaning solutions for all surfaces.
    • GreenlimeProFresh Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a powerful cleansing agent for glasses, laptops etc.
    • 16. Greenlime Toilet Cleaner is specially formulated with lime powder and is tough on stains, dirt and germs.
    • 17. GreenlimeProClean Surface Cleaner is a specially formulated disinfecting solution that adds shine and polish to marble and granite floors while cleaning germs, stains and deodorizing surfaces.
  • Greenlime Virtual Janitor Dispenser: a simple solution.
    Greenlime Virtual Janitor Dispenser is a simple solution to improved washroom presentation.
    It is an automatic cleaning system that eliminates odors and keeps fixtures clean and pipes clear thereby reducing maintenance and effort.
  • 18. Greenlime Odor Neutralizer Dispenser
    Greenlime Odor Neutralizer Dispenser leaves behind a long lasting fresh fragrance.
    It is economical, easy to install and has an attractive and trendy design.
  • 19. Pudumjee offers a novel way of purifying air. Greenlime’s Ozone Generator mimics nature’s act of air purification.
    Greenlime’s automatic ozone generator is designed to:
    • Eliminate unpleasant smells.
    • 20. Kill up to 99.5% of air borne viruses and bacteria.
    • 21. Easy to service/maintain
    • 22. Suitable for either portable or fixed installation
    • 23. Offers excellent cost in use, consuming only 12 watts of electricity
  • Email: customercare@pudumjeehygiene.com
    Toll-free no: 1800-233-4540
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