Harnessing the Power of Corporate/NPO Relationships to Raise Revenue and Awareness


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Rachel Armbruster, Founder & President, Armbruster Consulting

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  • Brand awarenessEmployee engagementRaise moneyInfrastructure improvementsOpen doorsRecruit event participantsLaunch social venturesBuild alliances with other NPOsRaise the barMentorServe on the boardVolunteersSpokespeopleAward honoriesDemonstrate integrityProvide more information about the organization
  • No matter what category you fall into, I hope to provide some strategic input as well as tactical steps you can implement back at the office. You will notice that everyone on the list is starting with the understanding that corporate partnerships are valuable for your organization and that dedicated resources need to be allocated to make this revenue stream and awareness opportunity a reality.So let’s get started…
  • Host your own focus groupAsk friends and colleagues for feedbackCall old colleagues for feedback – try to balance the good with the bad
  • This makes you more interesting to partners and partner prospects and raises the impression of your organization…
  • Need to be sure they are the “right” people and relationships…Put ALL relationships through the filter – not just new prospects
  • Stating the goal: start by defining the current situation or the problem you hope to fix with this group
  • Audiences:Current partnersProspectsLapsed partnersWant to know how you are helping but also need to have an intimate understanding of who your organization represents – donors, volunteers, people you serve, etc. EVERYONE
  • Caine’s arcade on vimeo
  • Not all partners are created equallyConsider criteria to help select and prioritizeMarketing – case studies!
  • Harnessing the Power of Corporate/NPO Relationships to Raise Revenue and Awareness

    1. 1. Harnessing the Power of Corporate/NPO Relationships to Raise Revenue and Awareness Texas Nonprofit Summit Conference 2012
    2. 2. What can the RIGHT corporate partnership do for your organization?
    3. 3. Where are you in theprocess of corporaterelationships? Couldn’t Ask for More: Have an established program, great group of partners, and just looking for ways to activate and engage more Ready and Waiting: Have a program but can’t seem to get any takers Lucky: Need to develop a program to respond to inquiries Hopeful: Starting from Ground Zero with no program, no partners, and in need of next steps
    4. 4. The Basics Have strong written and verbal communications Understand your Emotional Intelligence Be self-aware and constantly seeking improvement Learn how to take feedback READ:
    5. 5. Build YOUR Brand Be an expert about something! Twitter Website LinkedIn
    6. 6. “…live as if our only task was precisely to have relationships with other people." Albert Camus
    7. 7. Finding the RightPartnerships Determine your selection criteria “Make new friends but don’t forget the old…” Ask for help Diversify Help your potential partner determine if you are a fit Evolution of partnerships
    8. 8. Keys to a CorporatePartnership Program Corporate Task Force Key messaging Engagement menu Tools Engagement process Corporate guidelines
    9. 9. Corporate Task Force Thisis not ONE person’s responsibility Team should involve people from all departments Not a permanent assignment but reconvene as necessary Consider internal and external groups Clearly state the Task Force’s goal(s) before you begin and for recruiting
    10. 10. Key Messaging Define potential audiences Tell your story – people repeat stories! Demonstrate knowledge of your constituents and the organization Focus on what THIS audience wants/needs to know Distinguish message by speaker also
    11. 11. "The most important ingredient weput into any relationship is not whatwe say or what we do, but what we are." Stephen R. Covey
    12. 12. Engagement Menu If only… Embrace the box! Complete list of opportunities such as:  Volunteer program?  Joint messaging and awareness campaigns  Specific program goals  Events  Cause marketing  Infrastructure
    13. 13. "Relationships flourish,when individuality, freedom and growth are respected." Master Kwon
    14. 14. Tools Partner filter Website Policies Standard agreements Engagement menu Marketing  Case studies that demonstrate long-term value, relationship focus, engagement, etc.
    15. 15. "Dysfunction - The only consistent feature of all of your dissatisfying relationships is you." Larry Kersten
    16. 16. Corporate Guidelines Refer to established standards and best practices (ex: National Health Council Standards of Excellence) Discuss potential business concerns now BEFORE a partner is waiting on a response Know what is negotiable and what is not Consider national vs. chapter issues
    17. 17. Engagement Process Audience definition  Proactive  Incoming  Existing What should they receive and when? Establish when you involve others internally SLOW DOWN
    18. 18. My wish for each of you… Lifelong relationships started within your corporate partnership program Impactful campaigns Increased brand awareness Internal support and efficiency A renewed sense of purpose for your corporate partnership program
    19. 19. 72 Hour Challenge What will you do in the next 72 hours with the information you have learned today? Keep/Lose/Change
    20. 20. Contact Me! Rachel Armbruster rachel@armbrusterconsulting.com 512-944-3417 www.linkedin.com/in/rachelkarmbruster @rarmbruster