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Ecocompass presentation


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Presented by Eeva Heckwolf from Helsinki Region Climateinfo at Guthenborg Environment Center 15th August 2012

Presented by Eeva Heckwolf from Helsinki Region Climateinfo at Guthenborg Environment Center 15th August 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. EcoCompass Environmental management system of the Helsinki Metropolitan areaEeva Heckwolf, Coordinator, Climateinfo
  • 2. Background• The Ecocompass model was developed by ERDF funded project 6/2008 – 5/2011• Autumn 2011 the management of EcoCompass was transferred to Climateinfo• Development and spreading the model to new areas is on the Environmental Centre of Helsinki.• Intake of max 20 SME’s annually• Participation fees according to the size: 1200-2000€; annual fee: 350-750€
  • 3. Services of EcoCompass• EcoCompass Environmental Management System• Field specific industry cards for small enterprices  Car repair shops, Transportation, Construction, Kiosks and small food shops, Restaurants and cafeterias, Hair and beauty salons, Offices.• Environmental training and tools for regional business advisors  28 trained advisors in the Metropolitan area  Environmental training sessions for immigrant entrepreneurs
  • 4. EcoCompass – a less formal environmental management system• Based on ISO 14001 and Nordic Cooperation• Less formal = focusing on actions• Ready templates and tools• With personal guidance - 3-4 meetings with the company• Third party auditing every 3 years• Annual reporting to EcoCompass• Annual grand ceremony for handing out the certificates
  • 5. EcoCompass criteriaBased on the Nordic Cooperation10 General criteriaRecuirements for: – Compliance with environmental laws – Environmental organization and training – Monitoring and reporting – Reducing the significant environmental impacts in • Energy efficiency • Material efficienfy • Waste management • Environmentally sound purchasing • Environmentally sound sub-contracting • Efficient transport and logistics
  • 6. EcoCompass businesses 8/2012BALTIC SEA CRUISERS (6) GRAFICAL INDUSTRY (5)IHA-Lines Paintek PihlajamäkiRoyal Line Printing House KyriiriAstrid Charter Printing House Kopio NiiniFregatti ValopainoRandom Lines AdigiCharter Sun Lines OTHER SECTORS (8)TOURIST PROGRAMME SERVICES (4) Hakonen TransportGo Experience PlusconSöderskär Lighthouse FintronicHelsinki Expert EcoWash LaundryVilla Vuosanta Finnish National Opera Libraries of Vallila, Laajasalo and VuosaariHOTELS (6)Airport Hotel Bonus InnHotel Rivoli JardinHotel AnnaHotel HelkaPalace Kämp Group hotels:GLO Art and GLO Sello
  • 7. Building EcoCompass 8/2012HOTELS (3)Hotel Kämp, GLO Hotel Kluuvi ja GLO Hotel AirportRESTAURANTS (4)Restaurant PalaceEvent Arena BankFish MarketSassoOTHER SECTORS (4 COMPANIES / 15 sites)Sport Halls Ltd. (8 sport halls in Helsinki)Reuse Centre Ltd (administration and 4 shops)Helsinki Olympic StadiumTikkurilan Paino Printing HouseIn City of Hyvinkää (9) :T-Print, Muuttohaukat and Hyvinkään Liikenne5 grocery shops of M-chainVillatehdas Centre (Cultural centre and office facility of City Hyvinkää)
  • 8. Some actions implemented in EcoCompass pilot companies• Travel / tourism – Lightning system changed to Led –lights – Installed a petrol consumption meter into a charter vessel – Improved sorting and waste management – Bicycles for employees – Monitoring started on customer transportation > 15 -30 % savings on petrol consumption – CO2 footrpint calculations and reporting – Environmental requirements set for subcontractors• Printing companies – Nordic Swan/EU Eco labelled paper taken into use – Follow up of energy use and transports started – Set target: 20% energy savings with new machinery• Other sectors – Driver index for economical driving taken into use – Recycling and waste management improved – Climate events organised
  • 9. The first EcoCompass gala 04/2011
  • 10. Citates from Ecocompass companies
  • 11. Citates from Ecocompass companies
  • 12. Citates from Ecocompass companies
  • 13. More comments from the companies• Our clients have been pleased that we have understood our environmental responsibility and we are aiming to sustainable development.• From EcoCompass project we have got a lot of useful information and support to evaluate our environmental management system. Also we have got support to encourage and instruct our partners about environmental issues. Along this project we have got better image and media coverage to our work for environment.• Excellent service for SME’s. EcoCompass enables small companies to compete with the bigger companies, which have better resources to follow for example ISO 14001 standard. Because of EcoCompass also smaller companies can be more environmental responsible. We could not have reached as good results as now by our own.
  • 14. Results so far• Businesses – 29 (+20) Ecocompass Companies – Tools to help companies in the environmental work (templates, reporting system) – Environmental training for the pilot companies – Environmental training for the immigrant entrepreneuers (200 participants)• Wholesale Market Area – A new intelligent waste station – A common Environmental Report 2009 of the Area
  • 15. Some lessons learned• Co-operation with companies has been successful• Relatively easy to get businesses into EcoCompass, but the resources for tutoring is the bottleneck• Even a small company can introduce EcoCompass-> But there might be even lighter version for offices etc.• Business takes time to change routines
  • 16. Future developmentExpanding EcoCompass EMS outside the Metropolitan Area • HyvinkääDevelopment of EcoCompass services • Internet-based reporting system and database -> no funding by now… • Light energy-scanning for SME’s -> ongoing project, 6 pilot scans done
  • 17.