On the Move - presentation GALA kick-off

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presentation by On the Move about the activities foreseen within the GALA project

presentation by On the Move about the activities foreseen within the GALA project

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  • Members include TransArtists and Julie’s Bicycle. Members are mobility funders (e.g. Roberto Cimetta Fund), national cultural institutes (e.g. Czech Arts and Theatre Institute, Polish Theatre Institute, IGBK for visual arts, ITI Germany), other networks (e.g. Trans Europe Halles), research centres (e.g. Interarts Foundation – Spain)…
  • Examples of mobility opportunities: funding for mobility, call for artists (by a festival), residency opportunities, training opportunities… but ONLY with travel costs paid (at least partially) by the organisers!OTM does not provide tailor-made advice (e.g. tutoring artists looking for funding) as only part-time staff (and out of the mission). BUT we signpost users to organisations (usually our members) who provide such tailor-made info.
  • The Charter has been produced together with OTM members and collects examples and resources for those willing to engage in improving the way they deal with mobility. It’s accessible to anyone from OTM website and targets cultural organisations, funders of mobility, and policy-makers (at national and EU level).
  • OTM builds on its members’ skills and expertises to organise training and meeting opportunities to discuss, share experiences and learn from others about key topics related to cultural mobility. As for the meetings, a meeting of mobility funders takes place right NOW in Prague! It gathers some 40 organisations from Asia and Europe to discuss about challenges, key features and how to adapt mobility funding schemes to artists’ needs.
  • Following its experiences (and building in particular on the Prague meeting which is going on right now), OTM wishes to gather mobility funders to discuss about how they fund mobility and what works, and what could be improved, from the point of view of environmental sustainability – without hindering the support to artistic activities.OTM wishes to work with JB following the successful experience of the “Green mobility guide for the performing arts” which was commissioned by OTM to JB, and is now available in 5 languages. Berlin could be a good place to organise the meeting as OTM has 2 members there – IGBK and ITI Germany (visual and performing arts).
  • The results of the workshop (lessons learned, good models, criteria etc.) will be shared through OTM’s and its members’ communication channels. In particular visibility will be given through OTM’s Charter for a sustainable and responsible cultural mobility. Environmental aspects will be always linked to social criteria (a holistic approach to sustainability).Working with funders means that they will be more sensible to artistic projects and proposals dealing with sustainability issues = more recognition of artists engaged on the topic, more awareness of issues at stake, more responsible use of public (and private) money to support a sustainable and responsible cultural mobility… multiple effects!
  • The activities, as the expected outcomes, are just drafted here – we will discuss with the other project partners and coordinators to make sure the activities fit with the overall project goals. Activities will be fine-tuned also considering the confirmed participants, their experiences, fields of activity and expertise.
  • All the outcomes will be shared through OTM’s communication channels, in particular website (12,000+ visits/month), newsletter (20,000+ subscribers), Facebook (1,800+ likes to date) and through OTM members’ channels


  • 1. Green Arts Lab projectKick-off meetingAmsterdam,6th-8th June 2013Greening mobilityfunding in Europe
  • 2. About On the Move OTM is the cultural mobility informationnetwork active in Europe andworldwide 35+ members in 23 countries (in EU andthe world) – cultural organisationssupporting mobility in various ways Founded in 2002 as a website,developed into a network since 2010
  • 3. What we doinformation advocacycapacitybuildingBetterconditionsforculturalmobilityacrossEuropeandworldwide
  • 4. OTM informs Free information about mobilityopportunities for artists & culturaloperators (all disciplines) – onlyopportunities with travel costs paid Mobility funding guides about Europe,Asia and other regions (Funding section) NO tailor-made advice but a gateway toinformation
  • 5. OTM advocates Charter for a sustainable and responsiblecultural mobility: online tool to improvethe way mobility is funded and practiced– about administrative, social andenvironmental issues In focus in 2012-2013: artists’ mobility andSchengen visas
  • 6. OTM builds the capacity… of the cultural sector to deal withcultural mobility through training,meetings etc.: training for OTM members oncommunication, visa issues; Meetings of cultural mobilitystakeholders
  • 7. OTM and GALA A workshop for private and public fundersof cultural mobility active in Europe toexplore how to embed environmentalcriteria in their mobility funding schemes In collaboration with Julie’s Bicycle Possibly in Berlin Ideally early 2014
  • 8. Target groups + aims Private and public funders of culturalmobility from different European countries To understand why and how to embedenvironmental criteria into sustainablefunding policies To learn from successful experiences andshare them (through OTM’s Charter) To develop recommendations for funders
  • 9. Activities Exchange of experiences amongmobility funders Visits to cultural centres / organisationsin Berlin (host city) already working onsustainability issues
  • 10. Expected outcomes Awareness raising among mobilityfunders Recommendations to funders ofcultural mobility Public report of the meeting
  • 11. Apologies for not being able to join –but don’t hesitate to get in touch!mobility@on-the-move.orgElena & Marie