Hkict jan13 briefing


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Hkict jan13 briefing

  1. 1. HKICT AWARDS BRIEFING January 13, 2012
  2. 2. Why us? - GreenTomato HKICT life style 2010 -TalkBox Asia Pacific ICT 2011 grand winner The panic- we are only one small application, no branding effect, the judge doesnt know us - the feature-trap - who should do the presentation? The key: the ability to show why it matters topeople who use it and how this can improve their life
  3. 3. INTROMy briefing will be divided into 3 parts: 1. Preparing the presentation 2. Preparing the live demo 3. Presentation manner and rehearsal
  4. 4. PART A THE PRESENTATION A presentation consists of 2 components: 1. Your storyboard - organizing your thoughts2. Present like a story - crafting your presentation
  5. 5. YOUR STORYBOARD• Dont go straight to the ppt or keynote• Nail down one single point: why you matter (for Hong Kong Movie case: we have Openrice, we have Amazon, why shouldn’t movie lovers have a movie platform too?)
  6. 6. YOUR STORYBOARD• The problem (the current situation), the villain (the existing hurdle to customers), the hero (introducing your product as the solution) i. The problem: there is not one common platform for movie goers ii. The villain: cinema lines that control all the online ticketing gateways iii. The hero: Hong Kong Movie!!
  7. 7. YOUR STORYBOARD• Whois the hero, why it’s so super > What is Hong Kong Movie• “The hero”, so the people say > establish the product popularity and credibility among people who already know and using the product > some common tools are users testimonials/ ranking and numbers/ awards/ press coverage• Thehero is here to stay, how and why > this is where you show you understand your product and its market > this is where you leave the audience with anticipation
  8. 8. PRESENT IT LIKE A STORY - CRAFTING YOUR PRESENTATION•A twitter like headline, attention grabber, help audience visualize (we’re all familiar with how Steve Jobs does his keynote)• Opening slide: paint a picture of the current situation > Hong Kong Movie: tell a story of a frustrated movie goer when walking on the street of CWB, desperately trying to impress his date > TalkBox: what’s so frustrating about text input on mobile
  9. 9. PRESENT IT LIKE A STORY - CRAFTING YOUR PRESENTATION• When introducing the hero - YOU. Try using an analogy so that the judges can immediately associate with your product. > Hong Kong Movie = Openrice for movies, but better still, it follows you in your pocket• Who is the hero, why it’s so super - What is Hong Kong Movie > its features, presented in icons = easy visualization (instead of doing a laundry list approach, we created some icons to make it easier to comprehend) > plan your dramatic live demo
  10. 10. PRESENT IT LIKE A STORY - CRAFTING YOUR PRESENTATION• The hero, so the people say (establish the product popularity) > users testimonials (easiest to find on app store reviews, Twitter and Facebook) > ranking > user numbers (make it make sense for the judges) => for HK Movie, we have 800,000 users, total iPhone users 3mil, i.e. 1 in 3 iPhone users in Hong Kong is using HK Movie > awards and special mentioning, e.g. Apple picks Hong Kong Movie as a top 10 app and featured on starter kit, with screencap, etc. > press coverage (print media makes good slides but bloggers write the memorable lines)/ instead of just saying you have gained100 media coverage, put it into perspective, => we have over 100 media coverage, every advertorial roughly costs $20,000, there you go = $2 mil worth free PR exposure
  11. 11. PRESENT IT LIKE A STORY - CRAFTING YOUR PRESENTATION• The hero is here to stay, how and why (this is where you show you understand your product and its market well) > SWOT > Product positioning + competitor analysis (best to present it using infographs) > potential market size > potential of the product: Hong Kong Movie = social platform, advertising model > How to make the product better, how to gain more exposure
  12. 12. PART B PREPARE THE LIVE DEMO You’re putting up a simple act - 1. A video as a overview: ideally show the essence of yourproduct: for HK Movie, it’s the stunning UI; for TalkBox, it’s the wonderful emotional hook from the user interaction 2. A live demo, for the judge to touch. (N.B. wifi isn’t always available, maybe a dummy would be a good idea)
  13. 13. PART C MANNER AND REHEARSAL Putting in great effort to make it look effortless: 1. Be passionate and savvy and know your product inside out (confidence will show naturally) 2. Don’t use any script, you want to establish some natural rapport with the judges 3. Rehearsal for the perfect timing, for the natural gesture 4. the questions, open for challenge by people outside your organization5. Have fun, you’re given the chance to present to influences so you’ve earned something extra already
  14. 14. TALKBOX: JACKIEC Jacqueline Chong TalkBox Voice Messenger