5 questions clients ask app developer all the time


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In 2010, we met many clients and they mainly asked us 5 questions.

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5 questions clients ask app developer all the time

  1. 1. questions we got asked a lot in 2010 GreenTomato Sunny Kok @ GT November 2010, Hong Kong
  2. 2. in 2009 users >50M worldwide ~400K in HK applications >100K in App Store >2B accumulated downloads >5M/day greentomato only 3 apps
  3. 3. in 2010 users >120M worldwide, 140% growth ~1M in HK applications >100K in App Store >6.5B accumulated downloads, 225% growth >18m/day, 260% growth greentomato >60 apps in all platforms
  4. 4. Question ONE “How much and how long to build an app?”
  5. 5. Objectives • Creating Needs? • Fulfilling Needs? Goals • No. of downloads • No. of app view • No. of transaction Strategy • Social Media Outreach • Discount Services • Proactive Listening Tactics • Augmented Reality • Coupons Redemption • Push Notification ... • Budgeting Plan • Execution Plan • Marketing Plan Ans: “What’s your Mobile Strategy?”
  6. 6. a Quality App = Time x Investment x Idea x Timing x Team and...
  7. 7. QuestionTWO You looked around at what your competitors are doing and read about the current stats for mobile usage and you said: “We need one of those too”
  8. 8. Pizza Hut HK 1st in mobile ordering in Hong Kong Launch 11 Oct 2010 Ranking #6Top Free Apps in first 3 days #1 in Lifestyle category in first 3 days #34Top Free Apps and #2 in Lifestyle now Strategy 15% off for a-la-carte order via iPhone Ans: “Don’t be the Follower, be the First-Mover!”
  9. 9. 東Touch Launch 26 Oct 2010 Ranking #1Top Free Apps in first 2 days #1 in Book category in first 2 days #29Top Free Apps and #2 in Book now Strategy Instant mobile shopping for exclusive limited items 1st local magazine with m-commerce Ans: “Don’t be the Follower, be the First-Mover!”
  10. 10. our FARM products HongKong Movie (iTicketing) Hong Kong ICT Award Best Lifestyle Award 2009 The ONLY iPhone application in HK support real-time sitting plans of all cinemas with mobile ticketing features. Launched in May 2009 and still maintains Top 50 Free Apps in HK.Accumulated downloads over 400,000 with 20,000 unique visit per day in average!
  11. 11. QuestionTHREE “Want an app for an one-off campaign, any suggestion?”
  12. 12. Toys Story 3 Launch 11 Oct 2010 Latest recognition Demo on iPhone m.gtomato.com/toy3 Ans: “Not necessarily to be an app, How about a HTML5 campaign?”
  13. 13. Audi A1 Launch 11 Oct 2010 Demo on iPhone m.gtomato.com/audi Ans: “Not necessarily to be an app, How about a HTML5 campaign?”
  14. 14. Question FOUR “You need to GUARANTEE my app to TOP 25”
  15. 15. The “Predicted” App Store Ranking Algorithm Source: Baptiste Benezet @ FaberNovel.com R= + + +x 8 x 5 x 5 x 2 Today’s Ranking Today’s Sales Yesterday’s Sales Sales from 2 Days Ago Sales from 3 Days Ago Ans: “No Guarantee except by Steve, but may able to tell you what Steve won’t”
  16. 16. Our Findings in App Store Ranking “Top 25 Free Apps” No. of downloads/dayRanking #1 #5 #10 #25 .................. 30,000 - 50,000 10,000 - 15,000 3,000 - 5,000 500 - 1,000
  17. 17. Question FIVE “Any WOW idea?”
  18. 18. “WOW” can be in different aspects Golfscape GPS Rangefinder Smule all these apps under “Apps to Impress Your Friends” Touchgrind
  19. 19. and our GT “RADAR” Augmented Reality Engine RadARGT Augmented Reality Engine
  20. 20. started in 2003 offices in HK (HQ), Guangzhou, Singapore & Qatar around 100+ colleagues services / platforms launched in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, Qatar, Dubai, and of course Hong Kong launched 150 WAP services online at present serving more than 3M subscribers launched more than 70 iPhone & iPad Appsfor clients since 2009 launched more than 10 Cross Platforms solutionsincluding WEB, iPhone, WM, Android, J2ME, Symbian about GreenTomato
  21. 21. HOTMOB is a JointVenture company of GreenTomato focus in Mobile Advertising Marketplace in Asia Pacific Region.With serving more than 30m impressions per month, it’s the largest and mobile advertising network on iPhone in HK Our Investment
  22. 22. “YOU USE the Technology, not being used by it!” Thank You!” Please visit http://m.gtomato.com on your iPhone Sunny Kok @ GT November 2010, Hong Kong