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Yb pre k-5

  1. 1. PRE-K-PREP, PRE-K, KINDERGARTENGreen School (Above): Gusdes Age 6; Green School: Arthur James Jackman Age 6; Crabs: Jordan Pratama Age 6
  2. 2. pre-schoolPRE-K-PREP
  3. 3. pre-school PRE-K-PREP Art teacher Pak Susiawan andAR T FUN Lilith creating with natural clay EARTH DAY Face paint before Ogoh-ogoh parade on Nyepi Our collage using only materials found in Mother Earth Running on the new bridge CHOC OLATE FAC TORY V I SI T zales Age 3 Nacho Gon GREEN Movement song during circle time STUDIES Planting pumpkin seeds with Ibu Russlee (left); Digging holes with Pak Noan for cherry tomato seedlings Children practicing morning yoga Children enjoying water play in the mudpit Myrah Treadwell Age 4
  4. 4. pre-schoolPRE-K “ I am inspired by the children’s natural curiosity and creative play. One of the many examples this year came during the rainy season. Torrential rainfall created perfect opportunities for river building, dam making, and display ” of personal water dances. “ I like to see the kids all excited when we go outside and ” dig for worms. “I like to see everyone involved in Indonesian songs and games.” “ I like to see the children’s happy faces when I put on a puppet show for them.”
  5. 5. pre-school The students were comparing their sizes, so PRE-K-PRE they traced their bodies and measured them. Here the children are decorating their layouts. Spoon puppets Spontaneous sand and water play outside our classroom. Finding tadpoles in Magnolia Ripple Age 4 the mudOur Green Studies specialist, Pak Noan, Otis von Bismarck, Age 5is showing us how to create a waterfall. After reading the book “Stone Soup,” Josephine decided to make her own broth. Ethan is drawing his superhero on the floor. “The thing I enjoy most in school is...to play in the mudpit.” Roman with Pak Ira in art class. He is making recycled paper. Sacha proudly presents the canang he made Krisna’s picture of his Ethan is for the Full Moon house and garden working on his Ceremony. self portrait during art class. Sacha Tamblyn Age 5 Roman Dupps Age 5 “I like to find grasshoppers and make towns for them.” Noémie stirring the chocolate Kaleed building with blocks Valentin is playing with numbers, cards and shells. Jaiah Schwartz Age 5
  6. 6. Ruairi Furlong Want Age 7pre-schoolKINDERGARTEN - A/B
  7. 7. pre-schoolKINDERGARTEN - A/B Nanami is looking at a spider up close with a magnifying glass. We learned I Ketut Darma Dipta about where Age 5 spiders live. Kindy class discovering Triangle pose Zephyr is curled Chenoa is wearing a beak up in his cubby. and wings that she made. The class was learning about birds. Alula drew a bird with chalk. We discovered words starting with ‘Bb.’ “Everyone in kindy is losing their teeth!” Age 5 derson Zephyr An Age 6 ales Felipe Gonz Ibu Mel with a recycled bow Jordan, Arthur, Dipta,and Gusde enjoying water play! Eamon in Wheel pose Jack McMullan Age 6 Jordan and Dipta Children enjoying their mud bath making puppets Jonathan, Dipta, Arthur, and Felipe making a map of Bali in Alula the sand pit making a rainbow. Seth carrying rubbish from our “Bali Green Kindy Clean-Up Team” Students looking for mealworms during a village clean-up Kindy beach clean-up in Sanur Clockwise from top: Ja lle making numbers out of clay; Maia and Lyana are measuring Bali Bird their bodies out of blocks; Alula Seth painting a peace Park with is drawing a scene from a book sign (left), and Seda Eamon, Melia, we read, James and the Giant body painting Pepa, and Maia Peach; Jordan is beading.
  8. 8. “ When one isbuilding a ship, one doesnot begin with gatheringtimber and cuttingplanks, but rather byarousing in people theyearning for the great ”wide sea. Jordan Pratama Age 6
  9. 9. GRADE 1 ~ 5Green School (Above): Aileen Treadwell Age 6; Bamboo poles: Stanley Porteus Age 8; Day and Night: Talia Vaughan Facey Age 7
  10. 10. primary schoolGRADE 1
  11. 11. primary school GRADE 1 Learning about fruit in Bahasa Indonesia Grade 1 trip to Bali Zoo Getting ready to perform a Sumatran dance Age 7 nl LaineAliya Rei Children prepare to erect a scarecrow in a rice field at Green School. A snake specialist lets the chidlren hold a snake Putu Manika Tirta Age 7 Ken de Kort Age 6 Holly Brown Age 7 Lila Ripple Age 7 e7 emann Ag Britt Bogg Learning in the ‘Reading Cave’ 6 ie Age abrisk Kyan Z Emanuel Zagata-Jacobson Age 7 Children learn the life cycle of rice from planting Cooking Sumatran food gogodo Studies of the Solar System to harvesting. Yasmine Re inl Laine with Ibu Peni (above) and Day & Night (right) Age 7
  12. 12. primary schoolGRADE 2A
  13. 13. primary school GRADE 2A Ibu Mairead and Ibu Susie read us stories. We learnt to make natural paints and then made our sarongs with the color; (top right) Maya and Sofia learning to work in the warung with Ibu Kadek; (below) Cooking spring rolls with Ibu Yulie. We learnt to make Ondel Ondel masks with a professional; (far right) getting ready for an Ondel Ondel performance; (below) celebrating Diwali - Rangoli and Diyas. We made our class Papua community with houses called ‘Honai’ for our Indonesian lessons.Age 8 Learning about coconuts Baxter O’Shea Age 8 as part of a thematic unit on Our weekly Indonesian nature talesHarry Alexander Jenour yoga classes with Ibu Yana Harry making coconut oil (Sergey’s with Pak Ajay mum) – Thanks Ibu for your time and commitment. Harry Alexander Jenour Age 8 Sergey Valerevich Rice planting during Kalinkin Age 8 Adi and Anel playing with the Green School rabbits Children weaving coconut leaves Green Studies time Tiarnan Furlong Want Age 8
  14. 14. primary schoolGRADE 2B “ Grade 2B has been through many changes this year and I am so proud of them for sailing through it all with a smile! This is a group of bright, creative, and truly inspiring children, and I feel blessed to have been able to share ” with them.
  15. 15. primary school A visit to the local silkworm GRADE 2B farm where we picked mulberries, learned how silk is made, and painted batik. Using our bodies to create symmetry Planting the 2B rice field Age 8 Ramsey Celebrating Papuan Hari David culture, we painted sheilds and performed a dance. Exploring patterns found in Colourful bamboo nature and using them to sculpture created with the create beautiful collages. artist-in-residence, Ibu Tooza. Our scarecrow made out of recycled materials to keep the rice-eating birds away! Ipad ‘Photobooth’ magic–2B or not 2B? Symmetrical me! Life-size cardboard cut- outs celebrating the five elements! Letter to gnomes: learning how to regroup in mathematics by completing gem orders for fairytale characters. Nicolas Gonzales Age 7 Age 8 The gnome house which mananda e8 eventually became an entire Kaila Slavin Ag village in celebration of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. Rama Para d-Meye r Age 8 Owen HusbanIn our Symmetry exploration wecreated large floor mandalas using Nicolas Gonzales Age 7Balinese ceremonial flowers. Nicolas Do pazo Gonz Age 7 ales
  16. 16. primary schoolGRADE 3
  17. 17. primary school GRADE 3 Bark Along With Art, an exhibition of paintings and drawings focusing on street dogs in Bali was presented at Three Monkeys Restaurant, Ubud. This cross- curricula project combined art, information technology, English, maths, and Community Life Skills (COALS) and presented compassionate and optimistic imagery in a series of artworks which aimed to raise awareness of the need to provide a positive future for Bali’s dogs. An auction was conducted by students at the opening event and Rp12 million was raised to support BAWA and BARC. Donation presentation to BARC e9 Erlyn Putri Ag Here we were learning some real maths. How to measure amounts and use multiplication to get enough for everyone. A trip to Bali Safari Park! WhatWe did some a great reward after all our hardwonderful things with work in the first half of the year.IDEP learning howplants can be grownin Bali and how youcan help your localcommunity. Children were learning printmaking from artist-in- residence, Ibu Alexandra. “The best thing we did was go to the Safari Marine Park and it was my birthday!” Erlyn, Uci and Niluh A thrilling experience with live snakes brought in It was muddy! It by snake expert Pak was fun! And we Ron Lilley learned about the life cycle of the rice crop. Grade 3 looking after the rabbits Making use of our floor space to learn Welcoming dance on Earth day tables and graphs Children dressed up to celebrate Nyepi Day ceremony Dog paintings: (left to right) Melvin Burger, Annabel De Alessi, Austin Wall, Nikita Pettigrew, Natasha Pegios, Myles Wall, Finn McMullan, Isabella Brown, Declan Henry, Ismael Kusumaatmadja, Ni Luh Putri, Suny Gimm, Erlyn Putri; (top to bottom) Uci Witsen, Oliver Dean, Avishi Dalmia, Annie De Alessi, Lilli Prinscilla Mezzofanti
  18. 18. primary schoolGRADE 4
  19. 19. primary school GRADE 4 We visited a local temple for clean-up day during the full moon festival. Visiting with the children from SDN 2 Sibang Kaja for cultural, language, and games exchange. Nyepi is the first day of the Balinese Lunar New Year. Grade 4 built Nyepi effigies called ogoh-ogoh’s from bamboo and papier-mâché to symbolize evil spirits. “This year I learned that if everybody cares about helping the environment, we can make a big difference together.” Eloise O’Grady Age 10 nsisco Jaemin Age 9 Grade 4 participate in Balinese shadow puppetry and marck Age 10; Fra practice their Viking Folk Dance with Pak Shaun as well as making natural scarecrows with Pak Matt. The children are creating viking shields as part of their thematic lessons on Viking Mythology.Léon Tchiki von Bis BAHASA INDONESIA le Age 10 Coco Onishi Ga Co-operative learning at its finest We played Australian Rules Football during P.E. lessons. Thanks to Gold Coast Suns Australian Football Club for donating the balls. 10 To enhance the Viking Vega Bareau Age theme the children learned the Viking Alphabet ‘The Futhark.’ The students carved their names in Runic onto a piece of bamboo. This task was harder than you would think! We all did an excellent impression of The children are making a Viking carvers and have traditional Balinese meal our display up in the as part of local studies. classroom.
  20. 20. primary schoolGRADE 5
  21. 21. primary school GRADE 5 Greek gods and goddesses performing at assembly as part of a global awareness unit on Ancient Greece CAMP We had a lot of fun on our grade 5 camp, building and strengthening friendships.In science we constructed circuits,creating light and sound James Jenour Ira Majors Age 11Painting Chinese horoscope signs for theChinese New Year assembly Amelia Herfindal Age 12 Mara Hajek Ira Majors Antonin Van Der Gulik Callais Harrison Olivia Dawson Age 11 Joshua Erik One of our daily responsibilities Åhman Ag e 11 in Grade 5 was taking care of the chickens, feeding them, cleaning their home, and best of all– In Green collecting eggs! Studies this year, we Volcano explosions! With the planted and help of Ibu Benny, our volcanoes harvested that we made in art class became rice, as well active! This work was linked to as making studies on mountains in class. scarecrows to protect the fields from Ananda Holte Nilsen Age 11 hungry birds!