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John slideshow

  1. 1. This is Laurent - an internationally acclaimed bamboo sculptor - buthis bamboo is a bit small.
  2. 2. When he saw our giant black petung, he dreamt of this.
  3. 3. We are in the process of making it happen for him. It will be fully formed in 3 monthsand mature in 3 years, when it will be cut and exhibited.He is having to come in and adjust the ropes daily for those first three months becauseof the speed at which the bamboo grows.
  4. 4. This is Rudiger - a mad swiss violin maker. We got him playing with bamboo and he made this…
  5. 5. and then we got him to think bigBamboo is helping him re-imagine music
  6. 6. Structures as tall and strong and dense as Teak.Joerg - a brilliant timber framer from Germany, lost in the bamboo forests of Colombia, clearlybitten by the bamboo bug. His talents are transforming structural engineering data into bamboopoetry.
  7. 7. He helped build our bridge at Green School
  8. 8. ...and in the last 3 weeks hes reimagined the electric vehicle. Hes turned a bamboo springinto a buggy.
  9. 9. It takes 500 clamps to make one
  10. 10. They come in 3 sizes, the one in the middle is a two seater, the one on the right is a 3 seater andof course a mini one on the left for two kids
  11. 11. My son Orin recently graduated with a liberal arts degree and asked me why Ihadn’t insisted he learn something that would lead to a job. I said, its not aboutgetting a job, it’s about making jobs.He came back to Bali, built his first green house (made out of bamboo and recycledwindshields) and founded a business called iBuku Food Gardens.
  12. 12. He has an amazing permaculturist mentor, Mark. And now he is creating foodgardens.
  13. 13. Hes just finished this bamboo house food garden and there is an amazing sense of harmony.Food for people, for animals and the land
  14. 14. They have recently been commissioned to take a six hectare property of abandonedland, restoring the Balinese garden that has been there for a thousand years.The idea is you have to heal the land before building a healing centre.Hes even turning the salaried landscape gardeners into a co-op of profit driven foodfarmers
  15. 15. His vision is broad. Car parks are intolerable. Hes building a parking farm.Imagine if everyone did this. All you have to do is cut strips in the asphalt, put in nitrogenfixing posts and plant the seeds. Wouldn’t it be amazing remembering you parked the car inthe pumpkin patch.This can be everywhere.
  16. 16. BioChar - We have miles of bamboo scrap and we’re making it into charcoal.The bed on right has bio char, the bed on the left doesnt
  17. 17. He’s even making these charcoal vases that will suck the toxins out of the box you live in, assuming youdont live in Bali.