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Green-IT Goverance 101
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Green-IT Goverance 101


An introduction to the concept of Governance applied to the specific area of Green-IT.

An introduction to the concept of Governance applied to the specific area of Green-IT.

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  • 1. Your Partner in Green-IT and sustainable business strategy Green-IT Awareness Session Dd/mm/20yyGreen-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 11/23/2013
  • 2. « Green-IT » : What can it bring ? • Reduce org’s environmental impact; • Reduce operational costs – DC, – End-user computing; • Anticipate (upcoming) regulations; • Create New image – IT inside corporate, – Corporate in the public; • Make people feel part of Humanity. … (clever) Green-IT is part of the Solution !Green-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 21/23/2013
  • 3. « Green-IT » : A dual concept • OF IT: Actions taken by an organization to lower its IT environmental footprint 3% • Increase datacenter and IT infrastructure efficiency, • Reduce paper consumption and electronic waste, • Manage end of lifecycle of equipment, • Introduce green criteria in IT procurement, • Prepare for green project lifecycle or green software development. • BY IT: ICT projects and products allowing a reduction of the global environmental footprint • Home work and smart work center policy, 97% • Scanning and electronic document management, • E-government (tax on web, ID signature, …), • Truck fleet satellite management.Green-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 31/23/2013
  • 4. From efficiency to effectiveness Time to Green • VPN is pointless if not backed by HR initiative for Green Leadership remote working; Quick Economic • SmartPrinting is pointless w/o ROI accurate controls growing • Energy efficiency is pointless (Green-wise) … if not backed w/Regulatory sustainable procurement (andCompliance 1y-ROI disposal); Green-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 4 1/23/2013
  • 5. A holistic concern supported by a Governance-based approachGreen-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 51/23/2013
  • 6. Conclusions • Green thinking is pervasive; • Green-IT involves many people in the organization. … • Unifying frameworks do exist; • Low-Hanging fruits can easily be identified … together with mid- and long- term visionary roadmap.Green-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 61/23/2013
  • 7. Your Partner in Green-IT and sustainable business strategy Thierry Holoffe Tanguy Swinnen tho@green-ict.com tsw@green- @ThierryHoloffe ict.com @TanguySwinnen www.green-ict.com @Green_ICT_Com green@green-ict.com Green-IT ObservatoryGreen-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 71/23/2013
  • 8. Appendix A – Summary of a QuickScan Mission • Structured approach • Typical Project Charter mission statement • Typical Agenda • Typical set of people involved • Typical Deliverables – Dashboard for High Mgt – Detailed assessment for Middle MgtGreen-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 81/23/2013
  • 9. Methodology ASSESS PLAN IMPLEMENTQuick scan Project Plan StrategicDetailed audits Green objectives TacticalMaturity check KPI definition OperationalRecommandations Green-IT Strategy Green BSCQuick Wins Roadmap Green PPM Periodic reassessment Communication Risk mitigation From greening OF IT -> Sustainable ITGreen-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 91/23/2013
  • 10. Green-IT Quick Scan : Typical Mission summary • Purpose : provide Customer with a high level overview of its Green-IT (sustainable ICT) maturity and derive a Green Roadmap. • Foundations : a strategy, governance and maturity framework dealing with the greening OF IT and the greening BY IT.Green-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 101/23/2013
  • 11. Typical Quickcan Assessment W+9 W+10 preliminary Report Final Report & Presentation Cst gathers documents,W0: Identifies stakeholders (based on set of roles)Kick-off and sets up necessary meetingsGreen-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 111/23/2013
  • 12. Interviews/documents • On average: 1 (or max. 2) interviews of approximately 1 to 2 hours with the different stakeholders, followed by extra clarification questions (by email) if needed. • CSR: Sustainability Manager, ISO14001, EMAS responsible (if any) • Ops: One core business line Manager (key activity of the company) • Fac: Energy/building Manager, ISO 50001 responsible (if any) • Proc: IT procurement specialist • HR: HR Manager or assistant • Green ambassador/sponsor (if any), or communication department • IT: CIO / IT Manager • IT: Infrastructure and Operation Manager (network, office automation) • IT: Datacenter Manager • IT: Application/ Development Manager • IT: Quality Manager (optional, can be replaced by another IT person)Green-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 121/23/2013
  • 13. Deliverables (maturity)Green-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 131/23/2013
  • 14. Deliverables (Green Items)Green-ICT.com Green-IT Awareness session 141/23/2013