Green Hectares Rural Tech Factsheet – Visual Identity


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The factsheet designed to accompany the visual identity presentation. Green Hectares offers this content as part of an initiative to enable rural communities with technology.

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Green Hectares Rural Tech Factsheet – Visual Identity

  1. 1. Visual IdentityTarget Audience:This course is intended for people looking to creat a new visual What you’ll need:identity.Requirements:Participants should have a computer with Windows® andInternet Explorer ™ 8 installed.Description:Participants will learn the importance of branding, go throughthe process of creating a logo and color scheme and ensuringletterhead, business cards, print media and websites all follow Computer Internet Explorer™8visual identity guidelines.Prerequisites: You’ll also need an Internet connection.Basic computer knowledge is helpful.Why is it importantClearly separates company from competitionAllows customers to remember your company when thinking of either the product or service your companyprovides.Brand RecognitionAllows company to quickly grab attention by using brand recognition without blatantly using the company’slogo. The more recognizable the brand, the easier and faster a customer will be influenced by variousmarketing mediums.Common mistakesUsing multiple graphic designersSmall businesses usually create various marketing materials as needed. The issues arise when using multipledesigners since consistent materials are rarely created. A lot of the time designers will add their own style tocreate materials. The less consistent your marketing materials are, the harder it is for clients to rememberyour company.Consistently rebranding your companyCompanies that are consistently exposed to their brand may feel the need to freshen the look of theircompany’s image. Try to avoid rebranding since it will take several times for a client to be exposed to yourbranding before they begin to remember your company.
  2. 2. Exercise: Creating a Design briefCompany Name:Describe your company:Who is your target?Main competitors?How do your clients find you now?How do you want your clients perceive you?Choosing a TypefaceSans-serifSans-serif fonts are ones without the little pieces on each character. Sans-serif fonts are typically better forscreen use as at smaller sizes. The serifs on serif fonts make individual letters hard to read.SerifSerif fonts are typically used for long bodies of text on printed medium. The way we read words is not basedon the individual letters but more importantly the shape of a word. The serifs create a natural flow of letterswhich makes the shape of words easier to recognize.Multiple VersionsIt is important to have multiple versions of your logo for various mediums. Whether placing the logo on a
  3. 3. poster, a flyer, a website, or an invoice, a company’s logo needs to be versatile. A company should have a blackand white version, a coloured version, and a text-only version.Coincide with Company Image• Company colours are very important. Research colors and their effects - then choose colors that compliment your company.• Try and invoke an emotion when choosing colours. Apply colours to your marketing materials.• Try variations of color schemes on a marketing material piece to see the different effects colors can make on the message.• Colour schemes do not necessarily work on every marketing campaign. For this reason, it is important that you create sample pieces or mockups of all possible marketing materials.• This will ensure that when new marketing materials are created, the colours chosen will not negatively impact the project or the company’s image.• This includes: signage, business cards, letterhead, etc.• Do not use too many colours. Using too many colours overcomplicates a design. Start off black and white and add colours afterwards.Consistency• Providing consistency through all marketing materials allows clients the opportunity to start recognizing a brand.• Once a brand has been established, it is important to vary and diversify marketing materials as to not bore your clients.• Using a consistent logo, typeface choice, and colour schemes are a great way to maintain your visual identity while being flexible with images and marketing styles.• For example: Telus uses different animals. The items that are consistent are a white background and the same blue font throughout their campaign.• Another example: Apple had the Mac and PC actors that were so successful, then Microsoft launched their ‘I’m a PC’ campaign.Create a Visual Identity Guide• A visual identity guide will ensure that the steps that you have taken to create your visual identity is adhered to by graphic designers that create current and future marketing materials.• It is important to pick both RGB colours and CMYK colours for your guide.• RGB colours (Red, Green, and Blue) are colours used on screen. Websites will be created using RGB values• CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) are colours used in print.• It is also important to outline fonts used. This becomes increasingly important when using decorative fonts or rare fonts. By using exact font specification, all marketing materials can be created to compliment your logo and other materials.
  4. 4. Sample of Visual Identity GuidelineZephyr Software Training Ltd.Protection Statement:Zephyr is a leading edge, dynamic company focused on supplying professional training resources. Ourvisual identity plays an important role in our strategy for branding ourselves locally, nationally and worldwide. When properly and consistently implemented, our corporate signature becomes a valuable asset to ourorganization.Legal Statement:Artwork, symbols and logos are the copyright, trademark and/or design rights of Zephyr Software TrainingLtd. and any unauthorized use is prohibited by law.Authorized Use Statement:Zephyr hereby grants to _________, the limited, non-exclusive, non-transferrable right to use the tradenames, trademarks, logo, marks and other business identifiers of Zephyr for the sole purpose of marketing,Any unauthorized use of Zephyr symbols shall constitute an infringement of Zephyr’s rights and a breach ofour agreement and Zephyr shall be entitled to immediately terminate any agreement, in addition to any otherrights and remedies that may be available to Zephyr. __________ agrees that all such usage shall be withinthe format, style and treatment furnished and approved in writing by Zephyr. ________ acknowledgesand agrees that Zephyr retains ownership of all Zephyr symbols and that use of such symbols shall be in aform approved by Zephyr. _______ shall not at any time do or cause to be done any act contesting or inany way impairing any part of Zephyr’s right, title and interest in and to the Zephyr symbols. ________acknowledges that its use of the same pursuant to the Agreement shall not create in its favour any right, titleor interest in or to the Zephyr symbols. Upon termination of Agreement, ________ shall cease and desistfrom all such use of the Zephyr symbols.Company FontsSans-serif font for screen use: ArialSerif font for print use: Times New RomanUse of LogoUse samples of logos in approved colour options, reverse colour, black, white and text only.Always reproduce logos at a recognizable size. The minimum recommended sizes are 45 pixels for websitesand 0.5 inches for print.
  5. 5. ColoursYou may want to include a colour swatch for example and visual aide beside each colour indicator.For Screen:RGB Colours – 103-140-67Hex – 333399; 3366CFor Print:CMYK Colours – Colours – Formats Available:Vector: EPS PDF AIRaster: TIFF PDF EPS PSDPaster Lossy: GIF JPEG PNG
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  8. 8. Vision of Green HectaresThe Green Hectares vision of “One Farm to the World” addresses the issues and the needs of the industry.The Green Hectares training and demonstration centre concept has three stages of development witheach having distinct operations and facilities. Each stage of development will be designed to maximizeopportunities by creating multiple use spaces. The flexibility of each space takes into account present dayneeds as well as the ability to shift into new program and service delivery as existing needs change and futureneeds emerge. The ultimate success of the centre will be realized when the three components of the GreenHectares vision are realized where there is sharing of fixed costs, economies of scale and the development ofcritical mass of participants. The three stages of development are; - An Agriculture Enterprise and Conference Centre - A Demonstration Farm - Livestock and Competition CentreGreen Hectares OnlineEach stage of development will include an online component. Even in these preliminary days withoutthe key elements of land and structures, Green Hectares has ignited the interest of young people in ourindustry. Green Hectares uses the social media tools of the day to engage youthful people wanting toadvance agriculture as a way of life and that want to make a lifelong living in this industry. Green Hectarescan become a unique centre that is instrumental in writing the next chapter in the agriculture revolution.Keeping true to the Green Hectares concept, the entire facility whether online or an experiential site willencompass the overarching themes of accessibility, community building and youth engagement.The Next Step to Bring One Farm to the WorldWith a strong business case completed, Green Hectares has begun rolling out programming in ruralcommunities across Alberta. Bringing “One Farm to the World” is a grand vision that no doubt will requirevaried resources. We hope to find partners that can see the same vision at the project’s multiple stages ofdevelopment. Green Hectares looks for partners that understand the need for education, dialogue andadoption of new ideas. It is essential that those that we work with have an understanding that communitycan include not only geography but interests and goals. Finding partners who understand that inclusivenessof all groups creates the best end results have been and will be the key for Green Hectares to unlock thepotential of this growth industry.