Green Hectares Rural Tech Factsheet – Social Networking


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The factsheet designed to accompany the Social Networking presentation. Green Hectares offers this content as part of an initiative to enable rural communities with technology.

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Green Hectares Rural Tech Factsheet – Social Networking

  1. 1. Social NetworkingTarget Audience:This course is intended for people looking to become more What you’ll need:involved in Social Networking websites.Requirements:Participants should have a computer with Windows® andInternet Explorer 8 installed. Particpants will also require anemail address.Description:Participants will learn how to setup LinkedIn and Twitteraccounts, add contacts, join Groups and edit their accounts. Computer Internet Explorer™8Prerequisites: You’ll also need an Internet connection.Basic computer knowledge and email experience are helpful.LinkedIn Profile - What You will Need • You can also help a topic gain popularity by Photo interacting with other users on the Discussion. Executive Summary and Skillset You can click on the ‘Like’ button or the Education Histroy ‘Comment’ button in order to make a topic Experience Histroy more interesting and relevant to the Group. Recommendations Email information for Hotmail, Gmail, Twitter Profile - What you will need Yahoo, or AOL Full NameLinkedin tips Username Ask questions Password Explore Opportunities - Search for employers/ Email Address employees Use other Social Networks to promote you Twitter Terminology page. • Tweet - A post that is created is called a Tweet. Join Groups This is a message that has a 140 character limit• Once you have been accepted into the Group, and therefore users sometimes need to be improve your exposure by creating discussions. creative when creating coherent messages.• Creating discussions include asking a question • Handle - A handle is your Twitter account or posting a link that could be of interest to name. It is used not only to login to your Group members. account, but for Followers or people of interest• Keep track of all your Discussions by clicking to mention you in their Tweets. on your own photo on the groups page. This • Follow - The act of Following on Twitter simply will create a list of Discussions you have started, means that you will receive messages from joined, and are following. users that you follow.
  2. 2. • Reply - Any Twitter user can mention your • Click on Settings > Design - Create a wallpaper Handle in their Tweet. You can reply to their or customize the colours of your Twitter layout. Tweet by using the Reply button. • Search for users - Click the Home button and• Retweet Retweeting is the simple act of sending along the sidebar you can choose to search a message that another user has created to your for specific users, or search for topics. Begin own Followers. Following users that you already know of and• DM - Direct Messages are messages that are then search by topic. not viewable by the public. Great way to have • Retweet - Increase your activity by Retweeting a conversation with another user rather than messages from those that you Follow. Staying bombarding Followers with messages that are active is what helps encourage others to Follow only meant for another person. your Tweets. At first it maybe discouraging to Tweet to one or two Followers, but as you• Hashtag - Hashtags are tags that help categorize develop a solid Followers base, Tweeting will your Tweet. Think of it as a subject line in an become easier and you will begin to see dialog E-mail. When a user is looking for a particular occur between you and other users. e-mail, they will search their inbox based on the subject line. A Hashtag serves the exact same Tweeting Tips purpose. Use as many or as few Hashtags in • Rather than answering the question of ‘What Tweets to help new users find your Tweets. are you doing?’ Try and answer ‘What has yourTwitter Tips attention.’ This will create more interesting• Complete your profile - There are plenty Tweets rather than generic tasks that you are of spam accounts on Twitter that will completing. automatically Follow users hoping to receive • Create multiple Twitter accounts per company. Follows in return. One indication of a spam • Having a different voice for the same company account is the use of the default theme and personalizes the company. People also go on default profile photo for your account. Find vacation, or leave companies. Create a diverse a photo that you can update as quickly as voice for your Twitter Followers. possible. Click the Settings menu in the top • Ask a Question - Promote dialog by asking a right hand corner. question or asking opinions.• You can set all of your information from the • Be modest - Do not rant and rave about yourself settings menu. Feel free to change the timezone too much, and if you do, rant and rave about as well as turn on the location of your Tweets others as well. and whether to protect your Tweets. Tweet • Thank your Followers. If your Followers locations could be dangerous for example if you Retweet your message, thank them. Gratitude have plenty of expensive equipment. will get you everywhere. Also thank them for• Click on Settings > Profile - This is where Following you as well with a simple mention. you can set up your photo. Fill out additional information that you wish to display to your Followers such as city that you are living in as well as a website.
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  5. 5. Vision of Green HectaresThe Green Hectares vision of “One Farm to the World” addresses the issues and the needs of the industry.The Green Hectares training and demonstration centre concept has three stages of development witheach having distinct operations and facilities. Each stage of development will be designed to maximizeopportunities by creating multiple use spaces. The flexibility of each space takes into account present dayneeds as well as the ability to shift into new program and service delivery as existing needs change and futureneeds emerge. The ultimate success of the centre will be realized when the three components of the GreenHectares vision are realized where there is sharing of fixed costs, economies of scale and the development ofcritical mass of participants. The three stages of development are; - An Agriculture Enterprise and Conference Centre - A Demonstration Farm - Livestock and Competition CentreGreen Hectares OnlineEach stage of development will include an online component. Even in these preliminary days withoutthe key elements of land and structures, Green Hectares has ignited the interest of young people in ourindustry. Green Hectares uses the social media tools of the day to engage youthful people wanting toadvance agriculture as a way of life and that want to make a lifelong living in this industry. Green Hectarescan become a unique centre that is instrumental in writing the next chapter in the agriculture revolution.Keeping true to the Green Hectares concept, the entire facility whether online or an experiential site willencompass the overarching themes of accessibility, community building and youth engagement.The Next Step to Bring One Farm to the WorldWith a strong business case completed, Green Hectares has begun rolling out programming in ruralcommunities across Alberta. Bringing “One Farm to the World” is a grand vision that no doubt will requirevaried resources. We hope to find partners that can see the same vision at the project’s multiple stages ofdevelopment. Green Hectares looks for partners that understand the need for education, dialogue andadoption of new ideas. It is essential that those that we work with have an understanding that communitycan include not only geography but interests and goals. Finding partners who understand that inclusivenessof all groups creates the best end results have been and will be the key for Green Hectares to unlock thepotential of this growth industry.