Do you know what matters most to your customers?


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Do you know what matters most to your customers?

  2. 2. Consumers spend huge amountson online brands, especiallyduring the festive season, whichsees billions of dollars total spendon purchasing goods online,worldwide. Its not hard to seewhich mode of purchase peopleprefer anymore, online shoppingor buying from brick and mortarstores. Even as e-commerce gainsin popularity, the expectations ofonline shoppers are going up.What exactly do customers wantwhile shopping online?Customers want to shop at online stores that offerthem a rich online shopping experience. Theyprefer to shop with companies that have highstandards with regard to customer service andproduct experience. Customers are savvier now,the recent financial crisis having trained them tolook for better pricing elsewhere and pursue pricefor value purchases. A recent research study bythe Forrester group indicates that close to 88% ofonline consumers abandon their shopping cartbefore checking out. This suggests that even ifonline retailers pull out the stops to enticeconsumers to their online selling points, they stillneed to put in more effort to close the sale. Whichbrings us to question, what exactly are the dealbreakers for online shopping? lets innovate GreenHONCHOS
  3. 3. POOR PRODUCTEXPERIENCEIts true that quite a few people do their research throughonline stores while making their actual purchases in brick andmortar stores, for want of a hands-on experience with theproduct. Taking a cue from this, e-retailers must provide a richshopping experience in order to turn their e-shops intoeffective selling points. For example, e-tailers could provideproduct images of high quality, enabling shoppers to viewproduct details at different angles.Some e-tailers are also experimenting with video shots of theirproducts. For example, takes videos of modelswalking down an aisle wearing the designs they sell. This liveexample, feel and flow of the fabrics make an indelibleimpression on the buyers minds. When e-tailers augmentreality by using videos to provide shopping descriptions, theycan create a more personal experience for the buyer. With theevolving technology, consumers will increasingly expect to beable to simulate real life product testing. E-tailers that usegaming environments and interactive videos to engage withshoppers while delivering product information seem to have hitthe target.LACK OF SOCIAL MEDIAINTEGRATIONWhat single factor has turned the online shopping experiencefrom brand centric to customer centric? Yes, the answer is“Social Media”. Traditional media is fast losing momentum andsocial feeds are becoming the IT thing. More and more, onlineshoppers turn to their favorite bloggers and online friends todiscover trends and to read product reviews. Most e-retailersare aware of the power and the growing influence of socialmedia in online purchasing behavior. In a recent survey, halfthe retailers who responded had either already implementedsocial sign-on or had planned to include it in the immediatefuture.However, e-tailers have to manage this endeavor withoutmaking their customers feel as though they are being stalked.Privacy is still sacrosanct, even if the majority of consumersare given to sharing their personal information with brands.Overuse of targeted Ads could therefore result in unforeseenreactions. To be on the safe side, e-tailers must make an effortto integrate social media and allow customers to choosewhether to share personal information. lets innovate GreenHONCHOS
  4. 4. ISSUES WITH PRODUCTDELIVERYProduct delivery is a huge issue when it comes toonline shopping. 44% of consumers abandon theirshopping carts owing to cost of delivery. Byproviding detailed information on product deliverytimes and shipping costs, e-tailers could encouragetransaction completion. The View Cart page shouldcontain shipping cost calculation and free shippingoffers if any (check Doing this,especially with large orders and for loyal customerswill help encourage a sale. Consumers also want tobe able to track their orders. E-tailers should eitherprovide tracking information on their site or helpcustomers track purchases through the couriercompanys site. E-tailers can also partner with atracking services company to enable easy accessto tracking information.GEOGRAPHICALRESTRICTIONSAnother major deal breaker for many e-tailers istheir geographical restriction. For example,, the worlds largest retailer in gold,gemstones and fashion, does not ship outside ofthe United States. This greatly limits its globalsales. By expanding their e-commerce initiativesglobally, e-tailers can reach customers in emergingmarkets such as India, Brazil and China. Thatapart, existing customer whose lifestyle dictatesglobal movement will be able to retain their brandloyalty if international shipping options are enabled. lets innovate GreenHONCHOS
  5. 5. LACK OF INCENTIVE TO BUYThe recent economic downturn has made consumers more cautious when it comes spending their dollar. Pricecomparison across the web has become part of the purchasing process. Exclusive sales sites such as Gilt and massdiscount sites such as Groupon share the spotlight as the default destinations of the value-wary customer.Personalized discounts and time-limited sales leveraging social media integration provide more incentive forconsumers to shop directly via brand sites.PATHETIC CUSTOMER SERVICEE-tailers should enable their customers to contact customer service through multi-channel touchpoints, such as onlineaccess, telephone, SMS, social media and so on. E-tailers must provide customers a timeline by which theyll revertwith a solution. Customers expect e-tailers to maintain a smooth flow of communication via different channels, and notkeep them hanging. Customers also expect confirmation emails whenever required, which minimize the need forassistance during the purchase. lets innovate GreenHONCHOS
  6. 6. Acquire Integrate Customers - Logistics & through Payments Traditional or Gateway Digital Marketing Proactively & socially Take my store manage my How Do I Online online brand Drive more business from repeat buyers Ensure superior multi-channel customer contact experience Get Incisive Consumer & Web Analytics Derive higher profits from my online store GreenHONCHOS could be your solutions partner to deal with such challenges! lets innovateGreenHONCHOSEmail: info@greenhonchos.comWebsite: