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Vietnam country reporting on forest resource  Current status and  difficulties in harmonization to FRA 2010
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Vietnam country reporting on forest resource Current status and difficulties in harmonization to FRA 2010


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Regional workshop on Strengthening of Harmonization of National Reporting to FRA 2010 and other International Processes on Forest in Asia, 13-16 October 2008, Malaysia ------------------------------------------ Vietnam country reporting on forest resource Current status and difficulties in harmonization to FRA 2010 Dr. HOANG XUAN TY GreenField Consulting
  • 2. Main figure of forest resources (data: Dec. 2003)   14,062 4. Agriculture & other - 21% country area. - 2 million ha of woody savanna 6,772 3. Open lands in mountains - 17% forested area 2,090 b Plantation - 83% forested area 10,005 a Natural forest - Forest cover: 36.73% - Protected forest: 62.4% 12,094 2. Forested lands   32,928 1. Country areas (main lands) Note Area in k ha Land categorization
  • 3. Forest land by owner (data: Dec. 2003)
  • 4. Difficulties in forest inventory and country reporting
    • Dominated by humid tropical forests.
    • Degraded by over logging for long time.
    • The remains situated in the mountains, remote areas.
    • Very diverse in forest type and high Biodiversity.
    • Forest ownership was not clear in history of feudal system for century.
    • Fast changing in forest ownership from state to people forestry. (over 22% forest lands were allocated to HH)
    • Forest lands to be fragmented by population increasing and forest allocation to households.
  • 5. Forest resource reporting process (at national level) : Who conduct inventory & assessing forest? Who promulgate data and International reporting to international processes International Agencies MARD Ministry of Agriculture MONRE Ministry of Natural resource & Environment . NSGD National Statistic General Department Gov. Agencies that Promulgate forest resource data FIPI/ MARD Forest Inventory & Planning Institute FPD/ MARD Forest Protection Department Province Statistic Department / PPC Gov. Agencies that conduct inventory & assessment of forest resources and develop original data
  • 6. 4 . Difficulties in international forest-related reporting.
    • A. Differences in classification and identifying some forest types.
    • About 3 mill. ha of shrubby savanna and savanna with scattered woody tree are considered as bare land in data of MARD. But they get all criteria of forest as in the guideline of UNFCCC or Kyoto Protocol.
    • Rubber plantation: Forests or industrial perennial crops ?
    • Special use forest (1.8 mill. ha) is not harmonizing with international reporting on forest.
    • B. Differences in forest data resulting from different forest classification and identifying .
    • Forested area in 2003 by MARD was 12.0 mill. ha, but following UNFCCC guideline, it would be 12.0 mill. ha plus 3 mill. ha of savanna with woody tree.
    • By MARD data, forest cover in 2003 was 36.7%, but FAO estimated as 39% in some years earlyer .
  • 7. 4. Difficulties in international …… (cont.)
    • C. Technical difficulties in inventory and assessing forest resource:
    • Categorizing and mapping of jungle forest by interpreting satellite image.
    • Assessing the volume/ stock of natural dense forests.
    • Calculating several factors relating to GHG emission report such as: Estimating total biomass of tropical forest, annual incensement of wood and biomass for natural forest, erosion rate for all forest lands.
    • Capacity building is needed for relating staffs.
  • 8. 5. Solutions for country level.
    • Harmonizing country forest classification system to international, focusing on:
    • Integrate “protection forest and special use forest” in one category protected forest.
    • Clarify identification of different forest categories
    • Savanna with scattered woody tree must be considered as one of forest type.
    • Develop an unique guideline on forest inventory and forest resource assessment for the country.
  • 9. Solutions for international level
    • Develop a prior international reporting frame on forest inventory and assessment, before new country reporting frame to be issued by Gov.
    • It’s need the detailed guidelines on forest inventory & forest assessment for different ecological zones.
    • Capacity building on forest resource assessing for stakeholders in development countries.