Danish innovation in clean tech
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Danish innovation in clean tech






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Danish innovation in clean tech Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Denmark: Road to Green 丹麦:绿色之路Yangyang Pan 潘杨杨Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai 丹麦科技创业中心 Presented at:14 March 2013
  • 2. Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai (ICDK)上海丹麦科技创业中心• Who are we? • 我们是: • Politial initiative 2007: Denmark, Most • 2007丹麦政府长期计划:将丹麦建设成为世界上 competitive nation 最有竞争力的国家 • 丹麦王国外交部,贸易委员会 • Trade Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, • 丹麦王国科技创新高等教育部 Denmark •我们做: • Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher • 公司 Education • 研究机构• What we do? • 外国投资人 • Companies • 产业: • Research institutes 清洁技术, 电子通讯技术, 生物医药 • Foreign Investors•Industry focus: Cleantech, ICT, Life Science For more information: www.icdk.um.dk
  • 3. It all began from the 70th…70年代开始… A little about Denmark:1973: 93% energy supply on imported oil • 43,000 Km2 North Europe • 5.5 million population • GDP per capita: 42,000 Euro • Universal welfare • Small and open economy, 50% total economy dependent on export • 3% GDP reinvested in research and Innovation (1% public + 2% private) Car free Sundays!
  • 4. Commitment to the Green: Fossil Free 2050!绿色的承诺:2050年摆脱化石燃料!Danish climate agreement: 2020 target: • More than 35% renewable energy in final energy consumption • 50% electricity from wind • 7.6% reduction in gross energy consumption as of 2010 • 34% reduction in green house gas Political target Tax emissions as of 20102050: 100% renewable energy(electricity, heating, industry, transport) Finance Action plans
  • 5. Commitment to the Green: decouplingeconomic growth and the use of resources 资源利用与经济增长的去耦化
  • 6. Commitment to the Green: decouplingeconomic growth and the pollutants emission污染物排放与经济增长的去耦化
  • 7. Bio-Energy 生物质能 What is Bio-Energy?  Biomass: combustion, gasification, torrefaction  Waste to energy: combustion, biogas/ syngas  Biofuel: bioethanol, biodiesel, heavy fuels Danish stronghold  Combustion of biomass and waste  Green gasses: biogas and R&D in syngas  Biofuels: R&D in 2nd generation: waste to fuel Bio-gas in Denmark  20 joint biogas plant – more then 60 farm plants, 25 landfield plants and 60 municipal-plants in operation  Large Agricultural production combined with gas pipe infrastructure and high population density makes Denmark ideal for Bio-gas
  • 8. Waste management, waste to energy 废物利用,垃圾发电Waste management Denmark:Policy: All combustible waste is banned from landfill since 199760-65% recycled, 20-30% CHP, 10% dumpedStronghold: waste incineration, collecting services, recycling of buildingmaterials, consultancy to foreign countries Amagerforbrænding: Waste-to- energy facility Engineering company: Rambøll Group Architects: BIG Completion: 2016  One of the largest W-t-E facility in Northern Europe  Increased energy efficiency by 20%  Architecture with added value and functionality
  • 9. Smart Grid 智能电网Danish Competences:Grid system knowledge and experienceStabilization of the gridManagement and control system operationSmart Meters, Heat pumpsIntelligent appliances, Home AutomationSmart box EVsStorage
  • 10. Island of Bornholm: prototype of the energysystem of the future 博恩霍姆岛:未来的能源系统展示 EcoGrid EU - Testing the intelligent power system EDISON - Electric vehicles in a Distributed and Integrated market using Sustainable energy and Open Network
  • 11. Energy Efficient Building: Energy Flex HouseProject试验节能系统房屋 Energy Flex House Project owner: Danish Technological Institute (DTI) Project focus: “living lab”for intelligent building industry where energy efficient technologies can be developed, tested and demonstrated Value: framework for private and public innovation and development Technologies:  Green Building Design  Energy data and documentation, monitoring  Energy control system  House use energy efficient technologies
  • 12. 40 years from the 70th..40年之后…  Renewables cover more than 40% of electricity consumption  More than sufficient of energy production  720 clean-tech companies, 43 billion Euro turnover, 17 billion Euro Export
  • 13. THANK YOU 谢谢Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai www.icdk.um.dk