Shapers Klatch 2013


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My yearly Life celebration where I connect the beautiful individuals I have met in my path!
Find the application form here:
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Shapers Klatch 2013

  1. 1. 2 2a gathering of those who! shape the future!
  2. 2. 2 This is an invitation to you because I value who you are, what you believe in, and because you’ve definitely been an inspiration* to me. Dey * this is an invitation to genuinely connect with otherbeautiful individuals and inspire each other to celebrate and live a purposeful life.
  3. 3. 2 Every year I celebrate my birthday with a klatch (a gathering characterized usually by informal conversation) with a group of beautiful friends!I call it the Shapers Klatch because I choose to believe my friends are "shapers," beautiful individuals that shape the future of this world to make it better every single day. In the past I used to hand personal invitations,however, my network has expanded so much that thisyear I decided to open it to all of those that I have had the fortune to get to know along my path. During the klatch we get to know each other. Iconnect the beautiful people I have met in my journey and we celebrate Life together. This year, if our paths have crossed before and wehave had awesome conversations, YOU ARE INVITED!
  4. 4. 2This is a gathering of those who shape the futurewith their actions and decisions in the present! If you want to have the space to retreat from the world and give yourself a chance to explore more… If you are needing some inspiration to dream on what is also possible… If you strongly believe that your role in this world goes far beyond what currently is… If you want to reignite the flame of the leader that shapes realities within you… If you believe in possibilities and feel the urge to turn them into realities… If you have the eagerness but don’t know how to take it forward… If you are looking forward to pursue a career as a freelancer with a clear purpose-driven agenda… If you are a social entrepreneur, or want to become one in the near future… If you are looking forward to start your own venture and are lacking the courage and final push… If you want to contribute to innovative visions of a better world… If you are looking forward to join some cool initiatives that will shape the future into a better one… If you have some awesome ideas and need a network of like-minded people to share them with… If you want to connect with other people with the same intentions… If you want to expand your network of inspiring friends… Then, this klatch is definitely for you… And that’s why You are invited !!
  5. 5. 2what’s a shapers’ klatch?! shaper! noun shape·r - the one who shapes shape shape·d shap·ing transitive verb ⚈  form, create; especially : to give a particular form or shape to ⚈  to adapt in shape so as to fit neatly and closely <a venture shaped to the local needs> ⚈  devise, plan <shape the future> ⚈  to embody in definite form <shaping a dream into a concrete and tangible reality> ⚈ to make fit for (as a particular use or purpose) : adapt <shape the actions to fit the desired outcomes> ⚈  to determine or direct the course or character of <ventures that shaped history> ⚈  to modify (behavior) by rewarding changes that tend toward a desired response intransitive verb ⚈ to come to pass : happen <its shaping up that I am known now for my achievements> ⚈ to take on or approach a mature or definite form —often used with up <these initiatives are shaping up to be remembered as the ones that defined history> klatch! ⚈  ⚈  a gathering characterized usually by informal conversation group <a number of individuals assembled together or having some unifying relationship>
  6. 6. 2what will be happening at the klatch?! We do not want to have a restrictive and limiting agenda to fulfill and be limited by, instead we’ll be co-hosting open spaces of dialogue. The idea is to co-create together what we want the klatch to be, based on what we see emerging out of our togetherness. We see three main components as the underlying structure of the klatch:   Our principle for the klatch: no push, no rush… Who’s here with me? What connections can I see? What different perspectives intrigue me? Recognizing each other in our common intentions   building the tribe ( our stories Who I declare myself to be today klatch! Where I am now in life What I want to do ) what could also be )Sharing what I care about and moves me   What have I found inspiring here?   What are the possibilities I see emerging? What’s next for me? for us? Finding the common ground to shape the future
  7. 7. 2 > what’s in it for me?! we see loads of possibilities; here we outline some: ⚈  an opportunity to get truly inspired ⚈  an opportunity to regain control of what you do ⚈  an opportunity to strengthen your network of meaningful friends the details! ⚈  ⚈  an opportunity to give yourself a break from overwhelming routine an opportunity to start something new, something yoursOnly 8 places available! ⚈  an opportunity to retake those forgotten dreamsWhen and Where? ⚈  an opportunity to let unfold an exciting path for your ⚈  From 9th to 12th of May 2013 life ⚈  Atalaia, Lisbon, Portugal ⚈  an opportunity to unveil what the future could alsoHow much? be for you ⚈ 125 Euros until 15th April 2013 ⚈  an opportunity to see and feel connections ⚈ 158 Euros after 15th April 2013 emerging ⚈  an opportunity to find the support you have beenWhat’s included? searching for ⚈ Accommodation for the nights of the 9th, ⚈  an opportunity to reignite your passion for life 10th, and 11th of May. ⚈  an opportunity to envision a legacy to leave behind ⚈ Personal Klatch Package ⚈  an opportunity to access more opportunities… ⚈ All meals <starting with dinner on May 9th May and at the end, an opportunity to reconnect with your finishing with lunch on May 12th > life purpose!Deadline for applications Shapers’ Klatch is an event by application only! ⚈ 20th of April 2013 I will carefully selected the attendees to ensure the space is fueled with the will and passion of beautiful purpose-driven individualsApplications form: like you. If you want to recommend someone to attend, please do not hesitate to share this invitation forward.  
  8. 8. 2Love tons Dey