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When I love Daddy more...
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When I love Daddy more...


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Message of maternal love for my children.

Message of maternal love for my children.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. While I love your Daddy more…
  • 2. It’s the kind of love with lots of conditions. Stay within this boundary! LOTS!
  • 3. I just had some drinks with the boys! You are late! Where and who have you been out with? It wasn’t easy to maintain this kind of love when we were younger.
  • 4. Either you leave her or I’ll leave you. The kind that won’t allow me to share him with another… There will always be some ultimatums to meet.
  • 5. Did I try to stop your Daddy smoking? He is an adult. All I could said was, “If you love me and want to live longer with me, you would stop smoking”. And waited…
  • 6. I would order food he shouldn’t eat... So he could just have a “nibble” of his favourite food…
  • 7. Yes, I tend to pander to his whims and wishes... Thank goodness he did not end up looking this way…
  • 8. It’s the kind of love… … I’ll never lavish on you.
  • 9. While I love your Daddy more,… … my love for you is unconditional.
  • 10. No matter how hurtful you have been … … I will always forgive you.
  • 11. I will always be there for you… Always let Mummy know when you need me. … no matter what you have done.
  • 12. While I hide some secrets from Daddy, initially… I only want Daddy to see me at my best; all “pushed up”, “made up” and “dressed up” She is worth waiting for.
  • 13. From day 1,… … you have seen me at my worst. Time to feed my baby.
  • 14. I’ll share with you all my secrets… Know the truth. Don’t make my mistakes.
  • 15. I don’t care how old you are now. You have better stop doing that! It’s dangerous! Expect to hear the worst from me too…
  • 16. I’ll not hold you back from finding your happiness with another. “ When will you be settling down?”
  • 17. While I love your Daddy more… … I love you deeper and deeper by the day.
  • 18. My love for you will always be … … as fresh as the first day I have you.
  • 19. A Message of Love For My Children Created and shared on: / thanks to MS program Clipart artists Discovered What would inspire you to share?