The Illusionary Reality


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The Love Damper

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The Illusionary Reality

  1. Illusionary Reality The Love Damper
  2. Reality: I wish you can read my thoughts and know how I feel. Looking From The Other Side
  3. Illusionary: He doesn't enjoy my company. He’s inviting his friends over again. Reality: Isn’t she wonderful? I want all my friends to know she is mine. … how do you feel? When you know,…
  4. Illusionary: He has been coming home late. I don’t think he is working overtime. I don’t see any extra savings. Reality: I have promised to take them on a cruise. Boy, will they be surprised this Christmas. You doubted him! Will he be hurt? Would you put her through these emotions again? The Turmoil
  5. Reality: It is very important that I project the image of a successful business man. I can’t let my competitors know that I am down. Illusionary: His company is in trouble but he is acting like nothing is wrong. What’s going on? TALK TO ME!
  6. Illusionary: He is so quiet lately. Is he hiding something from me? Is there someone else in his life? Reality: I don’t want her to know about the problems I am facing at work. Would it be better if she knows the truth? Should you hide the facts?
  7. Reality: The company is not doing well. Executives will not be getting their full wages again this month. Illusionary: He has not deposited his pay cheque again. What has he been spending on? Is he in trouble? How long can you hide a fact? Remember the vows: For better, for worse…
  8. Reality: I have been feeling so depressed and tired lately. Maybe I should see a doctor. Illusionary: Why is he always angry at me? We don’t do the things we used to enjoy doing, anymore. He is no longer the man I married. Consult Your Doctor Don’t Wait impatient, irritability, fatigue, low libido, depression, complete lack of emotion or motivation, loss in interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism (An overactive thyroid)
  9. Illusionary: Who is she always dressing up for lately? Could she be seeing someone else? Reality: My friend said that I should perk up my marriage. She said that I should start paying attention to the way I look. … even when it’s not real! Trust Betrayed? It hurts…
  10. Illusionary: Why is she always criticising me? I don’t think she loves me. Illusionary: It hurts when she upsets me. Why does she hate me? The Colours In Your Life Go green! Reality: Is white your favourite choice of colour? It is the colour of critical thinking . Maybe you should introduce more colours in your home. Seeking love and harmony?
  11. Illusionary: How could my friend do this to me? Reality : Your friend told me what happened. I promised her that I won’t tell you. She was only trying to help you. Is there a right time to break a trust? Assuming The Worst Is it because that’s how you would have handled the same situation?
  12. Illusionary: Why is my Mom always calling me to complain about something. Reality: They have not been visiting us for a while. I have to find reasons to get them to come over. You won’t do this to your children. Can you promise?
  13. Illusionary: My son is going to be a great builder like I am. Reality: Dad, your high expectation is killing my interest. Help, Mom! I am stressed out. Whose dreams are you building on? All we need are mentors to boost up our confidence and enthusiasm. Ask me, “ What are you interested in?”
  14. Communication is important Build the foundation… … in resolving issues. written emotional verbal visual audio
  15. WHAT? I NEED HELP! Did you read/see/feel/hear me right? GET BACK TO ME, PLEASE! Are you talking?
  16. What would move you to act? Shared On Created in answer to a call to share imprints Created with help from: MS Programme Clipart artists discovered