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I am working on a course project, “Stand On Your Own”, in which I hope to encourage single parents to create Eco-friendly product that they could sell at stalls offered to them by non-profit organizations.

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Stand on your own (soyo)

  1. 1. Stand On Your Own (SOYO) a project to empower single parents
  2. 2. I am taking an online course, “Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations”, through Coursera. It is conducted by instructor David A. Owens of Vanderbilt University. I am required to submit my course project and I have used an image found on your website. The project I am working on is “Stand On Your Own”, in which I hope to encourage single parents to create eco-friendly product that they could sell at stalls offered to them by non-profit organizations. You can view how I have used your image in my course work at the following link: I will remove the image used if it is not acceptable to you. However, if the idea I have envisioned for “Stand On Your Own” resonates with you, I hope to hear from you soon on how you would like to adopt it in your own community. Thank you.
  3. 3. Sometimes… …this is not a reality.
  4. 4. No matter…
  5. 5. …who leaves…
  6. 6. …the ones most hurt are… HELP! I AM JUST A KID. …the offspring.
  7. 7. Most single parents I know do not have the skills to go back to work.
  8. 8. I heard about the support from: Non-profit Organizations Free stalls for single parents during events they hold.
  9. 9. An initiative: Stand On Your Own (SOYO) Moto: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
  10. 10. Encourage single parents to create to sell GREEN PRODUCT ECO-FRIENDLY
  11. 11. Funding: Where will this come from?
  12. 12. Discards and Waste Material? Save Cost to Create
  13. 13. Copper wire Extracted from leftover electric cables.
  14. 14. Out of date… …wallpaper sample book.
  15. 15. Fabric Swatches free samples
  16. 16. Punctured Tubes
  17. 17. Examples? Extract copper wires from leftover cables. Copper wires are easier to work with for new students of wire wrapped work.
  18. 18. Save Cost to Learn Use substitutes Consider fishing line.
  19. 19. Wire wrapped gravels can’t sell? Will these with crystals do?
  20. 20. Cardboard Transformed decorate with
  21. 21. Punctured Tube Transformation
  22. 22. These transformed to these… paint chips art
  23. 23. Plastic Bags Transformation
  24. 24. Plastic Bags? Don’t sell?
  25. 25. Start a Crafting Class
  26. 26. Create Useful Artifacts
  27. 27. Help reduce cost of living Make for school events. Give away as gifts
  28. 28. Toys for Children
  29. 29. For dressing up the dolls.
  30. 30. As Tools and Craft material… …for learning a new craft
  31. 31. Need cords for your work? This is where you can find them.
  32. 32. Discover free tutorial online:
  33. 33. Do an online search for inspirations. Isn’t that an airplane propeller? Search “upcycled bicycle parts” to Discover things you can make out of bicycle parts. philanthropist-how.html
  34. 34. Before you throw… Think. Will this sell…?
  35. 35. …after upcycling them.
  36. 36. Will this sell?
  37. 37. Refashioned! Once loved items. Will this sell?
  38. 38. Will these sell? Broken pots and old toys?
  39. 39. Art from menstrual blood? Wow! You decide.
  40. 40. How to motivate a start? Share success stories Carrie creates something to remember your loved ones by.
  41. 41. Create something unique? How? This mouse is dead but Jeanie is able to make it looks cute and alive again.
  42. 42. RagBag is a company that sells fashionable bags and organizers made by a group of people in India. These are crafted out of plastic bags and old cotton sari they collected.
  43. 43. Julie Thompson paints on feathers that her mother's peacocks shed.
  44. 44. Eli Reich, who rides to work, clear the used bicycle-tire inner tubes that were lying around his house by making messenger bag out of them. It is now a business.
  45. 45. Teabag Art Cards Kim Henkel create cards out of teabags. Do a search on Pinterest for “teabag art” and you will find many ways to create with them. bag%20art
  46. 46. A portrait of your family painted inside a bottle. Artists in China make a living doing that.
  47. 47. Often seen in souvenir stores Art from tree roots and coconut husks. t-2.html Or sold online
  48. 48. Crafting Material from Nature There are thousands of natural products that world cultures use for beads and decoration. Handmade Earrings with Tropical Seeds by NataliaKorolyuk
  49. 49. Underprivileged members of eHomemakers create baskets out of rolled newspaper. Would your company consider getting them to give away as corporate gifts?
  50. 50. Would you sell them in your shop?
  51. 51. Start a Community Project for single parents -donate things for them to sell or to upcycle -join their classes -support their business -be a mentor -adopt or share the idea How would you work on this?
  52. 52. Would you buy Eco-friendly product made by single parents? Write to let me know: Nancy Poh
  53. 53. Source of images: present.html electricalelectronics/ html
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