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Just Like You (Version 2)
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Just Like You (Version 2)


You don't love enough when you don't do it right.

You don't love enough when you don't do it right.

Published in Lifestyle
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  • 1. I am just like…
  • 2. You
  • 3. Don’t you see it too?
  • 4. I need to be fed.
  • 5. Loved and cared for…
  • 6. You need to “go” too just like I do…
  • 7. Though you don’t do it the way I do.
  • 8. Look what you did! Do you know that stinks?!!! It’s unhygienic too.
  • 9. My owner let me out the backlane. Look! Your droppings are all dried up on the ledge. Not a good idea. That’s right under the neighbour’s kitchen window!
  • 10. We don’t mean to upset anyone. We can’t teach our owners to clean up after us. Can you help us?
  • 11. Someone got to tell my master that there are people out there who cannot control their anger.
  • 12. They used hot water to chase me away. I was caught stealing fish in the kitchen. My owner moved out and left me behind. Can you speak for us?
  • 13. When we are all grown up…
  • 14. We need love… … as much as you do.
  • 15. Can’t say we are as good at… … family planning.
  • 16. Please spay or neuter us.
  • 17. Don’t throw our youngs out… … to fend for themselves.
  • 18. to love and feed me today. I am not noisy. Am just hungry.
  • 19. I can get beaten up if I am caught spilling the garbage bin looking for food.
  • 20. You will not do this to your own… Would you?
  • 21. Please send me to someone who will. Don’t love me any more?
  • 22. Just like you. We hurt as much.
  • 23. … Like me, you may rather be put to sleep then be mistreated...
  • 24. What can you do about this? Answers and solutions can be found on: http:// www.spca.org.my / http://www.spca.com/ http://greenbeings.netfirms.com/poo.htm http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutering Created by: GreenBeingNancy MS Programme clipart artists discovered Contributors at http:// tinypic.com / Shared on: http:// www.slideshare.net/GreenBeingNancy http:// philosophyrecycled.blogspot.com / WHAT WOUD INSPIRE YOU TO ACT?