HISTORY OF GREEN BARLEY AS FOODBarley has served as a food staple throughout history and amazingly is one of theonly resou...
Superoxide DismutaseSuper scavenger enzyme that searches out and destroys the damaging freeradicals, chemical by products ...
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS   1. What is Green Barley – A total food?      Green Barley is not a medicine or a drug; instea...
GREEN BARLEY – A TOTAL FOODSuitable for people who suffer from:       Amenorrhea                                  Kidney s...
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Green barley frequently asked questions


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Green barley frequently asked questions

  1. 1. HISTORY OF GREEN BARLEY AS FOODBarley has served as a food staple throughout history and amazingly is one of theonly resources on earth that can provide the human body with the nutrients itneeds from birth through old age. Research done by Agronomists shows the useof barley dating back as early as 8000 B.C. and has been used by the ancientGreeks, Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians. Roman gladiators consumed barley as asource of energy and strength. It is frequently mentioned in the Bible.GREEN BARLEY NATURAL & ORGANICOur Barley is grown from selected organic seeds at over 5,000 ftelevation in themineral rich soil of an ancient volcanic lake bed. Our Barley is irrigated by puremineral water and harvested at the peak of nutrition. Our barley is processed “onsite” and is guaranteed to be 100% pure green barley powder (dehydrated at88ºF to lock in nutritional potency). Our barley powder contains no binders,fillers, sweeteners or additives of any kind.WHY DO WE NEED TO TAKE GREEN BARLEY?ACID. Well, first of all, our bodies tend to be acidic—probably a result ofconsuming too many processed foods. Green barley is alkaline which works tobalance our blood, allowing our natural healing processes to ward off infection.SALT. Most people eat too much salt. Green Barley is high in potassium, whichworks to balance the sodium in salt.MEAT. Meat is high in phosphorous, low in calcium. Green Barley is high incalcium and low in phosphorous. This balance aids in the utilization of allminerals, leading to stronger bones and muscles.POLLUTANTS. Many processed foods have unnatural preservatives, chemicals,and fillers, which are toxic to our bodies. Green Barley is high in chlorophyll thathelps to neutralize and remove toxins from our bodies.COOKED FOODS. Cooking and heat destroy enzymes. Green Barley is a naturalraw food with thousands of live enzymes that aid in digestion and metabolism.DRUGS. Some medicines and drugs fight disease by killing harmful bacteria.Green Barley fights disease by strengthening the body. Strong bodies resistdisease.BARLEY THAT WORKSEnzymes, Vitamins and MineralsGreen Barley contains: 11 times the calcium in cows milk, 5 times the iron inspinach, 7 times the vitamin C in oranges, 80mg of vitamin B12 per hundredgrams and significant amounts of chlorophyll.
  2. 2. Superoxide DismutaseSuper scavenger enzyme that searches out and destroys the damaging freeradicals, chemical by products of normal metabolism. It plays a key role in ourprotection from cancer and radiation therapy. Its chief function, compared toother enzymes is a cell protector. When Barley juice is added to damaged cells, itrepairs the DNA within the cells twice as a fast as normal. It also delays or slowsdown aging.PeroxidaseCan counteract the poisonous effect of BHT and carcinogens in the environmenteven though we may be exposed to these pollutants.P4DISuppresses pancreatitis, stomatitis, inflammation of the oral cavity anddermatitis as well as lacerations of the stomach and duodenum. Producesremarkable stimulation to the repair of DNA in the reproductive cells.ChromiumIt increases the ability of insulin to bind cells which leads to increase insulinsensitivity of the body tissue. This enables the body to better absorb and utilizeblood sugar.VanadiumAs early as 1899 it was found that a form of vanadium resulted in a decrease inblood sugar levels. Vanadium activates insulin receptors, making the cell morereceptive to insulin.ChlorophyllChlorophyll helps in increasing blood count thus improving anemic conditions.Barley is the best source of chlorophyll.2.0-GlycosyisovitexinA water soluble substance. More effective as an antioxidant than Beta Caroteneor Vitamin E. Very effective anti-oxidant against Lipid Peroxidation caused byUltra Violet Radiation.Organic SodiumDissolves calcium deposits in joints and replenishes organic sodium in the liningof the stomach which aids digestion by improving the production of hydrochloricacid in the stomach.Amino Acids and ProteinsAmino Acids are the basic building blocks of proteins. Proteins are the majorconstituent of every cell and body fluid (except urine and bile) necessary forcontinual cell building, regeneration, and energy production that we need for life.Green Barley leaf proteins are polytides, smaller proteins that can be directlyabsorbed by the blood, promoting cell metabolism and neutralizing substancesthat are detrimental.
  3. 3. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. What is Green Barley – A total food? Green Barley is not a medicine or a drug; instead, it is a live, natural, potent and organic food. Barley is not only an excellent source but one of the richest sources of the entire broad spectrum of nutrients required by man for growth, repair and well being. 2. What does Green Barley do for you? Green Barley gives you superb natural nutrition in a bottle. It provides you with abundance of enzymes, vitamins (A-Zinc), minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll, proteins, amino acids and other important phytonutrients in a natural medium. 3. What is the best way to take Green Barley? The best way to take Green Barley is on an empty stomach, either 20 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal so that the food does not interfere with the digestion and absorption of Green Barley nutrients. It is also best to mix Green Barley with cold or room temperature water, not with hot water because it will destroy the enzymes. 4. Is it possible to overdose on Green Barley? No. Green Barley is not a drug but a whole food extract made from freshly squeezed Green Barley, and fruit extract. It is unlikely that you would overdose on green salads. 5. How much sugar is in Green Barley? Green Barley contains very small amounts of naturally occurring plant sugar. It is safe for anyone who is concerned about blood sugar levels. Green Barley also uses a low calorie sweetener that is guaranteed safe for Diabetic use. 6. Can I use Green Barley as pre-natal supplementary? Yes Green Barley provides a rich balance of essential nutrients. One serving of Green Barley is Equivalent to 200-300 grams salad of dark vegetables as far as nutrition is concerned. It is a safe, natural and nutritious supplement for pre-natal care. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor for proper care. 7. Is Green Barley safe for children? Yes, However, we suggest that you give young children a reduced serving size in proportion to their body weight, and for children 10 years or older, a regular serving size is fine since even though they weigh less than adults, their metabolism is generally higher. 8. How long does Green Barley retain its nutrition? Green Barley has a shelf life of two years retaining it’s potency from date of manufacture if stored in its original packaging at the right temperature. “Barley can be used as a breakfast cereal… it offers greater levels of nutrients than green leafy vegetables… They also help cholesterol, blood preassure and immune response.” -Oprah Winfrey (oprah.com)
  4. 4. GREEN BARLEY – A TOTAL FOODSuitable for people who suffer from: Amenorrhea Kidney stone Anemia Leptospirosis Beriberi Liver Cirrhosis Bronchitis Low sperm count Bronchial Asthma Malnutrition Bowel Pockets Mental tiredness Burns Migraine Cancer & Tumor Muscle pain Cervical Ulcer Macular degeneration Cholelithiasis Muscular dystrophy Colitis Myoma Colon Prolapse Nerve pain Conjunctivitis Osteoarthritis Constipation Osteoporosis Cyst Paralysis Dengue Pre-menopausal Diabetes Syndrome Dysmenorrhea Psoriasis Endometriosis Rheumatic heart diseases Epilepsy Rheumatoid arthritis Gallstone Skin rash Goiter Stroke edema Gout Systemic lupus erythematous Halitosis Thrombosis Hepatitis Thyroid problem Hypercholesterolemia Tonsillitis Hyperlipidemia Toxic blood acidosis Hypertension Underweight Immunodefiency Urethritis Insomnia Vertigo Jaundice And other symptoms Kidney diseasesDENGUEGreen Barley is effective in combating Dengue cases by increasing the number ofplatelets in the patient’s blood system and more importantly, strengthening thepatient’s immune system.10 YEARS YOUNGER“Recommended that everyone drink a teaspoon of ‘BARLEY’ juice powder in 8ounces of water daily, as part of the suggested program for looking TEN (10)years younger.”-Dr. Howard Lutz – Director, Institute for Preventive Medicine, Washington D. C.
  5. 5. MICRO-NUTRIENTS FOUND IN GREEN BARLEYMINERALS VITAMINS ENZYMES AMINO ACIDSBoron Beta carotene Aspartate Alanine aminotransferaseCalcium Biotin Catalase ArginineChloride Choline Cytocrome Aspartic acid oxidaseChromium Folic Acid DNase CystineCobalt Niacin Fatty acid oxidase Glumatic acidCopper Pantothenic acid Hexokinase GlycineIodine Vitamin A Malic Histidine dehydrogenaseIron Vitamin B1 Nitrate reductase IsoleucineMagnesium Vitamin B2 Nitrogen Leucine oxyredudataseManganese Vitamin B6 Peroxidase LysineNickel Vitamin B12 Peroxidase Methionine CatalasePhosphorous Vitamin C Phosphatase PhenylalaninePotassium Vitamin E Phopholipase ProlineSelenium Vitamin F Polyphenoloxidase SerineSodium Vitamin K RNase ThreonineSulfur Vitamin P Superoxide Tryptohan DismutaseVanadium Transhydrogenase TyrosineZinc P4 D1 and 2.0-GIV ValineGreen Barley test at 25,500 ORAC units (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)per 100 grams, 255 gram or 1275 per 5g tablespoon. ORAC numbers shown arefor 5 grams, the higher the ORAC number, the greater the amount of antioxidantsin the food.Raisins – 142Prunes – 289Dark Chocolate – 656GREEN BARLEY – 1275GreenBarleyDaddy.comYou can order Green Barley at http://greenbarleydaddy.com/green-barley-online-store/