Apresentação da SelfEnergy


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Apresentação realizada por Miguel Matias, da SelfEnergy, na cerimónia de encerramento do Green Campus.

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Apresentação da SelfEnergy

  1. 1. Inovação nosServiços de EnergiaMiguel MatiasExecutive Vice President & FounderGrupo Self EnergySessão FinalGreen CampusJulho 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Agenda1. The sESCO Model – Self Energy Service Company – How it works ?2. The most convenient solution.3. Innovation in Action: a new Self Energy service will be released today!4. A surprise for all Green Campus teams
  3. 3. EPC(Energy Performance Contract)– How it works ? Client Savings Client Total Energy savings SavingsTotal Energyconsumption Before During partnership After with Self Energy Fixed term contract Savings shared during the contract Total customer benefit at the end of the contract
  4. 4. Feed in tariff, CHP and Renewables impact in EPC The Integrated Energy Contract (IEC) Total Energy Revenue Client SalesFrom feed-in tariff with CHP or Renewables Client Energy Sales Client Savings Client Energy Total Energy savings SavingsTotal Energyconsumption Before During partnership After with Self EnergyFixed term contractSavings shared and Revenues during the contractTotal customer benefit at the end of the contract Potential$/kWh or $/negaWh tariff to be simpler to bill
  5. 5. How it works: ESCO vs Customer Financing -ESCO can manage to find some funding from Banks, Grants or international development funds, that then contract with the ESCO all the project. - Customer Financing is the “standard solution” and ease the contract But Baseline has to be clear and shared savings supported by some ESCO performance gurantee
  6. 6. sESCO: the Most Convenient solution Energy Efficiency + Decentralized Generation Smartgrids Report EU 2007
  7. 7. Nova Oferta Integrada de Reabilitação Eficienteinclui um Estudo Preliminar e Apoio ao Financiamento
  8. 8. As 12 Universidades finalistas terão uma propostaintegrada de Reabilitação Eficiente, com as equipas
  9. 9. Self Energy UK – case studyInvestment Grade Audit with KCL at a number of central London campuses. Investigating CHP and on-site renewable energy generation potential Combination of Client + ESCO financing Financial Savings with CHP CO2 Savings with CHP Denmark Hill West Denmark Hill West 18.8% 20.1%“I would recommend Self Energy to any organisation seriousabout reducing carbon emissions and energy bills.”Energy and Environment Manager, King’s College London Mini district heating at KCL
  10. 10. Self Energy UK – case studyInvestment Grade Feasibility Study informed delivery of decentralised energysolution. Site surveys ascertained energy consumption patterns and facility infrastructure. Bespoke in-house modelling software was utilised to analyse and quantify potential savings for a range of energy efficiency Phase 1 - Self Energy designed and decentralised system technologies. and delivered a 37.8 kWp Photovoltaic array. Crucially, the interaction of technologies with one another and Self Energy led the Project with existing infrastructure was evaluated. Management of system delivery, testing and commissioning All public sector procurement regulations were fulfilled. The Self Energy team responded quickly and efficiently to Phase 2 is currently being external market pressures – FiT policy change – to deliver developed optimal savings.“We have been continually impressed with the ability and professionalism in SelfEnergy’s approach to understand the technical and financial challenges andopportunities that have become apparent in improving our energy performancecharacteristics”
  11. 11. GREEN CAMPUS 2012Rogerio Ponte(SE Renewables CEO)Rogerio.ponte@selfenergy.euPaul Lewis(SE UK CEO)Paul.Lewis@selfenergy.co.ukCarlos Matos(SE Mozambique Gen. ManagerCarlos.matos@selfenergy.euMiguel Matias (SE ESCO CEO) What if... +351918708839 miguel.matias@selfenergy.eu you change? www.selfenergy.eu www.selfenergy.co.uk www.selfenergy.es www.selfenergy.co.mz www.selfenergy.eu