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Hormones for growth
Hormones for growth
Hormones for growth
Hormones for growth
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Hormones for growth


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Learn about Human Groth Hormones supplements and also where to buy HGH. …

Learn about Human Groth Hormones supplements and also where to buy HGH.
Buy Human Groth Hormones Supplements at:

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  • 1. ==== ====For HGH (Human Growth Hormones) go to: ====The human growth hormone, or "HGH" is a hormone naturally produced by the bodys pituitarygland. Decades of study have shown that HGH affects bones and growth, and cell production andregeneration.HGH declines with age. The decline in HGH associated with age contributes to increased fattissue, decreased lean body mass, decreased bone mass, reduced exercise capacity, andthinning of the skin. The absence of HGH also is associated with an increase in cardiovascular riskfactors.Replacing human growth hormone is believed to help counteract the normal processes of aging. Inaddition, manufacturers of products containing HGH claim that athletic performance can also beenhanced through a decreased body fat and increased muscle mass.HOW IT WORKSHGH for Weight LossHuman growth hormone works by increasing the amount of IGF-1 that a persons liver excretes.IGF-1 prevents insulin from transporting glucose to cells. Normally, after you eat, your pancreasreleases the amount of insulin necessary to transform carbohydrates into glucose. Your body thenstores this glucose in fat cells and uses it for energy. HGH induced IGF-1 prevents insulin fromstoring this glucose in cells, therefore forcing your body to burn fat for energy.Normally, a persons body uses all of their glucose for energy before seeking that energy fromtheir fat reserves. Human growth hormone forces your body to seek energy from the fat reservesfirst. This can facilitate weight loss, along with a regimen of proper diet and exercise.Manufacturers claim that HGH also helps increase the number of muscle cells a person has,which may help in the development of muscle density and definition. Another potential beneficialeffect of human growth hormone is heightened energy levels and metabolism. An increasedmetabolism means increased fat loss.HGH for Anti-AgingHuman growth hormone (HGH) has been called an anti-aging drug. The idea is that the higherlevels of HGH in a persons body, the more IGF-1 their body produces. IGF-1 is responsible forboth healing damaged cells and developing new ones.As a person ages, the amount of human growth hormone their body produces declines. This
  • 2. means that ones body is less able to repair their damaged cells. Cell damage is what causesaging. By taking human growth hormone, manufacturers claim that you can force your body torepair the damaged cells that cause it to age. HGH manufacturers claim that HGH helps tocounteract the following important components of aging: skin damage, bone deterioration, sleepproblems, memory loss, and general cognitive function.Precription vs. Over the Counter HGHHGH is available in both prescription and non-prescription form. Since 1985, the FDA hasapproved the prescription HGH for persons with the following conditions:• Human Growth Hormone Deficiency• Turners syndrome• Chronic renal insufficiency• Intrauterine growth retardation• Prader-Willi syndrome• Continued height deficit at puberty• CachexiaFDA has not approved other medical use of human growth hormone.Oral homeopathic HGH (HGH) products and HGH creams are available without prescription.Manufacturers of these products claim that homeopathic HGH stimulates the pituitary gland formore secretion of HGH without any side affects.Another type of over the counter HGH are called enhancer products (HGH Boosters). Theseproducts are often called HGH secretagogues and are available in pill or powder form. They areamino acids instead of GH. Manufacturers of these products claim that they cause the bodyproduction of more GH. Common amino acids used in them are glutamine, arginine, ornithine,phenylalanine and lysine. These amino acids are also common in many sports supplements.Enhancer products are very safe without any side effects according to manufacturers. The FDAalso reports that numerous studies have proven the efficiency and safety of these products. TheFTC, however, has filed complaints against manufacturers and sellers of these products formaking promises to consumers as to anti-aging and weight loss claims without sufficient scientificevidence.As with any supplements or other over the counter medicine, consumers need to be advised of thepotential benefits of any supplement, as well as the potential side effects. Even over the countermedicine should be utilized cautiously under the supervision of a physician. Moreover, it must beunderstood that there is no substitute for fitness and anti-aging goals than a health diet, exercise,and healthy living overall.
  • 3. One of the natural products available in the market is the gHP SPORT.HGH PRECAUTIONSWhat are some other possible side effects of this medicine?• Headache, swelling, bone pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypoglycemia, abdominal pain,nauseaPrescribed HGH products can also cause swelling of the hands and feet, and musculoskeletalpain which can be treated with analgesics. Thyroid function and in case of diabetics or non-diabetics, glucose level should be monitored as high dose HGH can induce insulin resistance.Over the counter HTH precautions:Side effects though rare, have been seen with the use of the OTC products as well, includingelongation of the forehead, hands and feet; overgrowth of the elbows or jaw; thickening of the skin;and insulin resistance.It is strongly urged that anyone beginning this type of therapy consult a physician prior tocommencing use. Moreover, supplements of any kind are clearly "supplements." For any long-term anti-aging or weight loss goals, it is essential that you incorporate into your lifestyle a healthydiet and nutrition, exercise, and healthy living in general.Elizabeth S. Pons, Esq.Ageless and FitFor more information about related topics, please visit[]Article Source: ====
  • 4. For HGH (Human Growth Hormones) go to: ====