Open Legislation Spring 2011 Talk 1


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Open Legislation Spring 2011 Talk 1

  1. 1. Open Legislation Spring 2011
  2. 2. Open Data(Government)
  3. 3. Secondary Sources are nice● OpenCongress● GovTrack.US● OpenStates●● Many more
  4. 4. Primary Sources are better●●● California● Oregon● Washington● Many more
  5. 5. Sometimes though...Open Data is not Enough. We need Platforms.
  6. 6. A Different Breed of Open● Making data accessible: ● Built-in search ● Permanent URIs ● Standardized Feeds ● Real-time Alerts● REST Architecture with Feed Publishing ● RSS/Atom => Pubsubhubbub => Alerts
  7. 7. So back toOpen Legislation
  8. 8. Browse, Search, and Share
  9. 9. Its not a Service;Its an Open Platform
  10. 10. 1 Year Re-cap● Open Sourced It (for real)● Improved the API (xml/json)● Decreased Load Times● Restructured the Back-end● Basic Documentation● Wrapped into a build system
  11. 11. The next year● In general.. ● Data Quality and Documentation ● Usage Tracking and Statistics ● User Interface Improvements ● Further separation of the Platform and Service● Right now ● Data Quality, Data Quality, Data Quality ● And a little bit of documentation
  12. 12. The Senate has Legislative Data Quality issues?
  13. 13. Well, not exactly● Legislative Research Service has the data ● Big, ancient mainframe to boot● They FTP us updates every 5 minutes ● In SOBI formats (what?) ● With some XML mixed in● We parse it back into XML/JSON/SQL structure
  14. 14. Reasons for Difficulty● Poorly Documented SOBI behavior● Formatted as a change log (sometimes) ● Finding sources of error can be hard● LRS is not co-operative
  15. 15. Solutions● Version Control ● Write objects to JSON/XML files ● With Git, commit each new version – Commit message points to the source SOBI ● Use git to trace data errors back to SOBI files● Unit Test known corner cases● Periodically do a scrape check?
  16. 16. Progress✔ Parsing has been overhauled✔ Objects are written to file✔ Bugs have been found and fixed✔ Periodic Scrapes are approved
  17. 17. A short task list✗ Integrate git into the parsing system.✗ Document expected behavoir✗ Write a small test suite✗ Try to avoid having to scrape.
  18. 18. HFOSS Symposium 2011● Bryan Sivak – Civic Commons● Mark Prutalis – Sahana Foundation● Many universities, Mozilla, Google● David, Moorthy, Brian, and Myself! ● 1 Hour and a few 3 x 4 posters.
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