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Turbo Tax Case Study Social Media
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Turbo Tax Case Study Social Media


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Turbo Tax: Social Media: Gravity Summit at Harvard

Turbo Tax: Social Media: Gravity Summit at Harvard

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 20M strong –they are already talking about you
  • Transcript

    • 1. “ Social”ism vs. Capitalism The Convergence of Social Media, Communities and Technology Gravity Summit – August 31, 2009 Scott Gulbransen– Sr. Manager, Communications/Social Media
    • 2. TurboTax: The Power of 20 Million People
    • 3. Freeloader Nation – Campaign Overview
      • Objective:
      • Leverage social media to engage new friends and followers of our brand and encourage them to create conversations around our brand in a way that drives awareness and acquisition for TurboTax
    • 4. Freeloader Nation – Campaign Ecosystem
      • One-Two Punch:
      • Make them aware of free
      • Get them talking about TurboTax
    • 5. MySpace Secret Shows
      • How it Works
      • Become of a friend of MySpace Secret Shows and TurboTax and get notified of Secret Shows 48 hours in advance
      • Friends of Freeloader Nation get a chance for VIP access at each show
      • TurboTax will sponsor 5 shows in major cities nationwide from Jan-Mar
      • Secret Shows Integration into Freeloader Nation
      • Leverage Secret Shows (427K friends) to friend TurboTax
      • TurboTax MySpace Community page acts as Freeloader Nation hub
      • Tay Zonday as campaign host will conduct interviews, be present at shows, and will promote thru his network
      • PR integration in each of the 5 cities
      • Past Secret Shows Include:
      • Tenacious D
      • Maron 5
      • Lily Allen
      • The Killers
      • Method Man
      • James Blunt
      • Ice Cube
      • Gnarls Barkley
      • Franz Ferdinand
      • NOFX
      • Offspring
      • The Cure
      • Ting Tings
      • All American Rejects
      • Neil Diamond
    • 6. Freeloader Nation - MySpace 6 “free” concerts in 5 Cities
    • 7. SuperStatus Social Experiment: buy vs earned Contest Big Y: Create a conversation that connects the TurboTax brand to FREE How: Leverage the traffic and friends from MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter to engage with TurboTax to win amazing prizes for FREE utilizing an innovative contest concept that’s never been done before
    • 8. SuperStatus Challenge: Grand Prize
    • 9. SuperStatus Challenge: Twitter, Facebook or MySpace, your favorite & why?
      • And the winner of $10,000 is…
      • LuckyCat7 via Twitter:
      • i like twitter because people can follow me ~ just don't follow me to the bank when i win the $25k from turbotax!
      • Other great entries…
        • Facebook is the favorite, the mother of social media & TurboTax is that crazy aunt that buys you great gifts and slips you extra desserts.
        • Michelle prefers Facebook because her love for TurboTax can't be restrained to 140 characters; it needs to overflow like her TurboTax refund
      • Campaign Exposure:
        • >6000 entries
        • Through syndication across tens of thousands of Friends & Followers, we reached over 1M Friends of Friends
      • Engagement:
        • Campaign had a Click Thru Rate 5 times higher than our average CTR for entire display campaign.
        • Average Entries per Respondent = 5
    • 10. Twitter & SS: Targeting the right audience
    • 11. “ TurboTron” utilized Social in Rich Media TurboTron Screen Engagement
    • 12. Super Status – A Social Experiment
      • Exposure:
        • Through syndication across tens of thousands of Friends & Followers, we reached over 1M Friends of Friends
      • Engagement:
        • Campaign had a Click Thru Rate 5 times higher than our average CTR for entire display campaign.
        • Average Entries per Respondent = 5
    • 13. SuperStatus created Purchase Intent
      • Friends: ( +10 ) pts lift
      • Increased brand equity and purchase intent among those who participated in the campaign
      • Friends: ( +5 ) pts lift
      What About FRIENDS OF FRIENDS??? Increased awareness of Friends of Friends but did not necessarily increase intent to purchase. Non-Exposed Friends Source: Marketing Evolution Custom Study Unaided Awareness Total Awareness Avg. Positive Attributes Purchase Intent Familiarity TurboTax Brand Image Attributes - Top Two Box Pt Diff. Is the easiest way to get the biggest refund +8 pts Is the easiest way to prepare my taxes +2 pts Does the work for me +1 pts Gets me the most deductions +6 pts Covers all my tax needs no matter what my situation +10 pts Is a good value for the money +13 pts Makes tax preparation easier than other brands of software - Is a brand I trust - Gives me confidence to do my own taxes +1 pts Is worth paying a higher price for given its superior features +10 pts Average Brand Image Attributes +5 pts
    • 14. Who Are The Game Players?
      • Facebook users are much more active: 1 in 4 visitors from Facebook.
        • Update their status more than once per week.
      • Strong Word of Mouth - Like to tell friends about brands they use (+11pts).
      • Seek recommendations on products and services before they conduct formal research.
      • Like to enter contests with the potential of winning prizes.
      • Want to play the game their friends are playing (don’t want to be left out).
      • 7 – 11pt difference compared to non-exposed group across all Behavioral Statements
    • 15. Contests and Entries It’s unclear as to what types of questions will optimize engagement (Contests) Contests Average No. Entries If you were the new president, what would you make tax deductable? 8 What is something you’ve had to prove yourself innocent of? 7 What's the funniest way you've kissed up to your boss? 6 If your life had a soap opera plot twist with taxes, what would it be? 6 If you won the Big Game, what would you do with your $25,000 SUPER REFUND GRAND PRIZE? 5 Where’s the weirdest place you’ve found money? How much? 3 What music do you listen to when you do your taxes? 3 If you were a tax Hero with superhuman abilities, what would your Hero identity or power be? 3 If you were a rock star, what about your rock-n-roll lifestyle would you make deductible? 2