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Directv: Gravity Summit Stanford


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Using Social Media to Drive Loyalty And Transform Your Business

Using Social Media to Drive Loyalty And Transform Your Business

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • Many talk about the benefits of Social Media, joining in the conversation, building relationships with customers, the potential is much greater than most have realized yet. Many see Social media as: Listening Taking Action and Joining the conversation You see running a viable long term business is about: Learning what’s important to your customers Adapting to marketplace changes The real ROI in Social Media is in how you change your business from what you learn Discovering the unexpected, Improving communications in real time Recognizing mistakes and addressing them for the customer and others Correcting rumors by going directly to the source Sharing good news and getting feedback It’s a law of numbers - there are more of them (customers) than there are of you (employees) Your customers have more stamina and will take your message farther than you. Learning from your customers how to transform your business, can be painful, but remember, if they didn’t care on some level, they would ignore you completely – and be firmly with your competition More and more customers expect you to come to where they congregate, rather than coming to you. Business – its time to go meet your customers and change your business. First, a quick run through of data underscoring its importance then on to 3 case studies before Q/A
  • Transcript

    • 1. Using Social Media to Drive Loyalty And Transform Your Business Charles E. Miller Director, Social Media Strategy
    • 2. Feeding the Beast
      • U.S. users of consumer-generated content
      (millions) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 NOTE: includes video, audio, photo sharing, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and online bulletin boards 128.0 147.5 169.7 195.7 225.8 253.6
    • 3. Blogs vs. Mainstream Media Blogs are getting taken more seriously as sources of information. More people will get their news and entertainment from blogs than from traditional media in the next 5 years. Blogs are just as valid media sources as traditional media. I get more of my news and information from blogs than other media sources. Blogs are often better written than traditional media articles. Newspapers will not be able to survive in the next 10 years. Source: Technorati State of the Blogosphere / 2008
    • 4. Word of Mouth Rules
    • 5. “ I’m throwing DIRECTV out of my house!” -Guy Kawasaki, 2007 Repeated a few weeks ago in his SES NY 2009 Keynote
    • 6. Social Media is Serious Business
      • Engadget knocked $4 billion off market cap of a Bay area firm in six minutes on bogus product rumor
    • 7.
      • We want metrics that matter
      • Scale  Scope  Sentiment  ROI
    • 8. Correlating Experience to Loyalty
    • 9. Correlating Experience to Loyalty
    • 10. Correlating Experience to Loyalty
    • 11. Tracking Scale, Scope, Sentiment
    • 12.
      • Think
      • LA LA
    • 13.
      • Listen  Act  Learn  Adapt
      • [ to immediate needs ] [ to change best practices ]
      • Listen Again
      • [ for impact ]
    • 14. Case Study #1 Addressing Product Rumors
    • 15. Addressing Product Rumors An influential blog suggested that our HDPC-20 was “alive” – using a Windows7 driver and test environment pics as evidence. This Windows driver screenshot and a “smuggled” photo of test equipment at Microsoft Labs quickly fueled speculation of the product release was real and may be announced at CES.
    • 16. Addressing Product Rumors
      • CES 2009 just weeks away, we:
      • identified the key bloggers,
      • leveraged shared relationships
      • provided project status
      • How did LA LA work in this case?
      • Listened closely which first alerted us as it developed
      • Act quickly and directly
      • Learned what was most important
      • Adapted our PR practices to go direct online vs a press release or taking no action at all
    • 17. Case Study #2 You Do Not Control The Message Our Loyal Customer
    • 18. You Do Not Control the Message On launch, negative reaction is swift with mixed sentiment posts nearly as high Commentary shifts to when service anniversary date will be and what gifts those are eligible for 1/2 of all positive sentiment in the day occurs after official statement clarifying eligibility is passed on to top moderators Customer service agent leaks information about an upcoming loyal customer program False start dates of 8/6 and 8/15 fuel posts and speculation, going negative when it is not realized Mixed reaction spike due to delayed delivery of gifts posted to customer accounts, addressed next day Listen  Act  Learn  Adapt 1300 1200 1100 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0
    • 19. Case Study #3 Launching Directly in Social Media
    • 20. Launching Directly to Social Media Results: Traditional press pick-up at 100K download press release, not the first 200K Downloads in its first a week Nearly ½ Million Downloads in a month Largely due to word of mouth online
    • 21.
      • Listen  Act  Learn  Adapt
      • Listen closely.
      • Act on what you hear.
      • Learn what is important.
      • Adapt Business Practices.
      • =
      • Loyal Customers
      • +
      • Relevant Products & Services
    • 22.
      • And can be done anywhere.
      • (Ran and monitored iPhone launch via Blackberry while finishing my neighbor’s Victorian)
    • 23. Thank you