Gras Savoye Signature Innovation and HR Survey Report December 2013


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Final Report of the HR&Innovation Survey done by Gras Savoye Signature Turkey in August 2013

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Gras Savoye Signature Innovation and HR Survey Report December 2013

  1. 1. _HR: > Innovation HR&Innovation Survey Final Report December 2013
  2. 2. Business gurus talk about innovation Think digital, act analog. Thinking digital means that companies should use all the digital tools at its disposal--computers, web sites, instruments, whatever--to create great products. But companies should act analog-that is, they must remember that the purpose of innovation is not cool products and cool technologies but happy people. Happy people is a decidedly analog goal. Guy Kawasaki
  3. 3. Business guru talk about innovation Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. It's not even about money. It's about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it. Steve Jobs
  4. 4. Business guru talk about innovation Very often, innovative ideas are not received well by their own generation, and must wait for the next generation to be fully accepted. In fact, it may take years for society to accept an idea. The important message is to never stop dreaming and creating. Richard Branson
  5. 5. «HR & Innovation» Survey
  6. 6. HR & Innovation Survey Conducted by Gras Savoye Signature Turkey in August 2013, the survey had the following purposes: Understanding the innovation culture in companies and analyzing how innovation reinforces corporate strategic growth Studying the role of HR departments in innovation Studying which functions of HR are connected with innovation
  7. 7. Participants’ Profile
  8. 8. Participants’ Profile Number of Employees in Turkey: 34% of the participants have between 251-500 employees. 28% of the participants have over 500 employees. Partnership: 57% of the participant companies are foreign companies, 32% are locals and 11% are JVs. Turnover: 27% 1 Billion TL and more 30% Between 500 Million TL – 1 Billion TL 43% Under 500 Million TL
  9. 9. Participants’ Profile N: 65
  10. 10. Participants’ Profile HR executives of Capital 500 companies. 48% between 36-42 years old, 70% older than 36. 81% women and 70% work for 0-5 years in their current company. N: 65
  11. 11. Results
  12. 12. Why Innovate?
  13. 13. As for the purpose of corporate innovation, companies state financial returns and competitive advantage in the first place. N: 65 What are the factors that impact innovation in the companies?
  14. 14. The Innovation Concept
  15. 15. Innovation as a concept represents creating a difference through the brand and obtaining competitive advantage. N: 65 What does the concept of innovation mean for your company?
  16. 16. What is the purpose of innovation projects?
  17. 17. Primary purpose of innovation projects is the Efficiency N: 65 What is primary purpose of starting an innovation project in your company?
  18. 18. 67% of companies invested on a new technology which supported innovation or novelties during 2012. N:57
  19. 19. Planned Approach to Innovation
  20. 20. 67% of companies indicate that they accomplished an innovation project in their industry in the last 3 years. Has your company ever accomplished an innovation project in its industry? N: 65
  21. 21. However, companies’ innovation approach is not planned or show no sustainability. Planned Unplanned No idea Does your company have a planned approach to innovation? N: 65
  22. 22. Approach to Risk
  23. 23. Majority of the companies take well-calculated risks. N: 65 How do you define the risk approach of your company?
  24. 24. Open Mindedness
  25. 25. 1/3 of the different ideas do NOT turn into actions. N: 65 In general, what is your company’s approach to different ideas?
  26. 26. Attitude towards Innovation
  27. 27. There is a positive attitude towards innovation. Our top management shows its support to innovation: 83% Our employees can easily share their ideas with top management : 94% Innovation is not understood only as new products or profit growth: 71% We accept mistakes during an innovation process as a learning opportunity: 75% Our employees accept innovative thinking as a way of behavior: 46% Innovative approaches positively affect our employees’ performance: 89% Despite this positive attitude, only 52% of the companies have a Proposal System which supports innovative ideas, whereas 48% of them have not. N: 65 Total percentage of «I strongly agree» and «I agree» answers.
  28. 28. Proposal Systems
  29. 29. Even though there are several proposals coming to the proposal systems, few are materialized. In companies which have a proposal system in place, the number of proposals in 2012 is over 30. Proposals Made Between -5 Between 6-10 Between 11-20 Between 21-30 Over 30+ N: 65 Proposals Materialized 12,31% 10,77% 3,08% 3,08% 23,08% Between1-3 Between 4-6 Between7-12 Between13-20 Over 20+ 18,46% 9,23% 4,62% 1,654% 10,77%
  30. 30. HR’s Innovation Involvement
  31. 31. In 65% of the participant companies, an innovation project was done during the course of last year. N:57
  32. 32. What was the degree of involvement of HR to these innovation projects? N: 57
  33. 33. HR is involved into an innovation process mostly when the project is related to process development. N: 57 What was the main purpose of the innovation project you were involved?
  34. 34. HR’s Innovation Objective
  35. 35. Why does HR target innovation? >Efficiency, Engagement, Performance N: 57 HR takes innovation into its agenda for many other factors, rather than solely financial ones.
  36. 36. Innovation Culture and HR
  37. 37. To build an innovation culture: Appreciate, Listen, Take Action and Create a Proposal System Developing an reward and recognition system 58% Listening to the ideas of employees and takin g actions 53% Developing a proposal system 46% Building a culture based on information sharing 37% Giving responsibilities to employees beyond their own role Reinforcing collaboration between departments 33% 30% Providing personal development training programs 14% Increasing internal communication Increasing rotation within the company Using different motivational methods 14% 9% 7% What are the primary requirements for supporting an innovation culture in companies? N: 57
  38. 38. In order to be successful in innovation, HR should be good at hiring and creating an innovative work culture. Hiring with increasing qualified work force in mind 65% Adding innovation and creativeness dimensions to performance system 58% Building compensation and reward systems that will reinforce innovation and creativeness 56% Pioneering to create a working environment which same values are shared. 54% Ensuring that business and personal goals are aligned 47% Practicing motivational methods to increase performance 35% Building effective career planning models 21% Creating a good job analysis methodology Only 25% of participants use innovation as a parameter in their current performance system. 11% 42% of them use it for only certain groups of employees. 33% of them do not use at all. What should HR do in order to create a company succesful in innovation? N: 57
  39. 39. The Role of HR
  40. 40. HR professionals believe that they have a strong say in the innovation decisions in the company. 70%: Always or generally N:57
  41. 41. Where does HR see itself in innovation? We play an encouraging role in the organizational changes and innovation in the company 100% We encourage different ideas to develop the work of employees: 98% We adapt easily to change and contribute to the change process by creating new ideas: 97% We are visionary and innovative as team: 84% We provide training programs about innovation and creativity: 42% Total percentage of «I strongly agree» and «I agree» answers.
  42. 42. How does HR see the innovation? Innovation is a driving force to gain competitive advantage: 100% HR is the leader in building an innovation culture in a company: 82% We help employees understand their roles in innovation and change processes: 74% Total percentage of «I strongly agree» and «I agree» answers.
  43. 43. HR pioneers the usage of new technologies. N: 57 «As HR, we pioneer the usage of new technologies in the company.»
  44. 44. HR has an effective role in building the innovation culture in the company N: 57 How effective is the role of HR in your company in adopting or keeping alive an innovation culture?
  45. 45. Innovative Employees
  46. 46. Detection systems to identify innovative skills are not often used by HR Departments. Do you use any defined methodology in your recruitment process to detect the candidates with strong innovative and creative skills? N: 57
  47. 47. Innovation takes place as a success parameter or criteria in performance systems, but only for a group of employees. Does your performance system contain parameters or criteria that reinforce / measure innovation and creativeness of your employees? N: 57
  48. 48. Gras Savoye Signature - Consultants for the Research Pınar Akkaya – Managing Consultant Dilara Özgün – Senior Consultant Burcu Bora – Consulting Services Manager Sibel Çalışkan – Consulting Services Specialist
  49. 49. For more information For more information about Gras Savoye Signature’s services, please contact: Burcu BORA Consulting Services Manager Tel +90 212 329 29 47 E-mail: Pınar AKKAYA Managing Consultant Tel +90 212 329 29 31 E-mail: Dilara ÖZGÜN Senior Consultant Tel +90 212 329 29 17 E-mail: Gras Savoye Willis is the leading global risk management and brokerage company, serving with 100 offices and 21.000 employees around the world. Gras Savoye Signature is Gras Savoye ‘s brand specialized in Human Resources and Management consulting services.
  50. 50. All rights reserved and belong to Gras Savoye Signature. This report cannot be partially or fully printed, nor copied without the written permission of Gras Savoye Signature and its content cannot be used without referencing to Gras Savoye Signature. December 2013