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Corporate Presentation - Orocan Resource Graphite
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Corporate Presentation - Orocan Resource Graphite


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  • 1. December 01, 2011
  • 2. Forward Looking StatementsThis presentation contains forward looking statements that are subjectto a number of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and otherfactors that may cause actual results to differ materially from thoseanticipated in our forward looking statements. Factors that could causesuch differences include: uncertainties inherent in geologicalinterpretation, changes in world graphite markets, equity markets, costand supply of materials relevant to regulations affecting the miningindustry.Although we believe the expectations reflected in our forward lookingstatements are reasonable, results may vary, and we cannot guaranteefuture results, levels of activity, or performance of achievements. 2
  • 3. Investment HighlightsA PURE PLAY GRAPHITE EXPLORATION COMPANYSecured Significant Portfolio of Graphite Exploration Properties ► Twelve projects within three highly prospective districts in Quebec & Ontario ► All projects are in districts amenable to large flake, high purity graphite deposits ► All projects have the geological characteristics amenable to a major graphite discoveryAggressive Exploration Strategy for 2012 ► Airborne Electromagnetic - 10,000 line km’s ► Ground EM Survey ► First Phase drill program on a minimum 8-10 prioritized targetsStrong Fundamental Outlook for Graphite Prices ► Global increased consumption of graphite from emerging economies & new technology applications ► EU and USA have named graphite a supply critical mineralExperienced Team ► Extensive in all areas of; exploration, development, production, and resource finance.Favorable Share Structure ► Excellent leverage to exploration success with only 15.5m shares Issued & Outstanding 3
  • 4. Board and ManagementChris Bogart  Extensive experience in the areas of resource finance, business development,President & CEO strategic planning and corporate restructuring. President, of Metals Mgmt Group.Director  Within the Strategic Metals Sector, Mr. Bogart was a Co-founder of Magnum Uranium a TSX.V company which was purchased by TSX Listed Energy Fuels (TSX:EFR).Antoine Fournier, M.Sc.  20 years experience focused on the exploration of precious and high-tech metals andChief Geologist minerals  Involved in several significant discoveries during his career, namely the Lac Knife graphite deposit , Quebec.Michael Philpot, MBA  28 years in the mining industry & currently VP / Co-founder of Coro Mining Corp.Director  Mr. Philpot held various executive positions with First Quantum Minerals Ltd., incl. VP of Administration.Alan Hitchborn, P Geo.  32 years of experience in exploration, development, and production including Vice-Director President of Resource Estimation group Placer Dome.  22 yrs experience in the resource industry with the TSX, TSX.V, NASDAQ andTerese J. Gieselman AMEX, as Chief Financial Officer, treasurer and corporate secretaryChief Financial Officer 4
  • 5. Capital Structure Symbol: OR:TSX.V Share I/O: 16.58 Million Warrants: 2.0 Million Options: 1.03 Million Fully-Diluted: 19.61 Million Market Capitalization: $3.9 Million Cash: $0.6 Million 5
  • 6. Graphite OverviewGraphite Highlights Natural graphite is known for its conductivity, lubrication, heat resistance, and bonding properties. The combination of conductivity and high-thermal stability allows graphite to be used in many applications; in batteries, fuel cells, and refractories.Graphite Pricing/Market► Prices negotiated directly between producers and end users► China supply concerns (73% of global production)► Tightening Supply, growing use in technological & green applications – Li ion Batteries, fuel cells, nuclear reactors► Lack of exploration and development of new projects Natural Graphite Consumption By End Use Brakes 14% 7% 4% Pencils 14% 40% Other 21% Steel Manufacturing & Refractories Carbon Brushes, Batteries, & Expanded Graphite Lubricants Lubricants 6 Merchant Research & Consulting (2011)
  • 7. Graphite Growth Dynamics► Lithium-ion battery market having a significant impact on the graphite market. 20-30 x more graphite ( by weight) to make Li-ion batteries► Growth in the flake market also coming from green energy initiatives including fuel cells and new generation nuclear power and from the evolving applications for graphene.► Green energy initiatives especially fuel cells and solar electricity applications. Fuel cell technology is seen as the future for sustainable, portable, self-contained energy solutions.► Pebble bed nuclear reactors (PBNR) offer a solution for safe nuclear power. In PNBRs the fuel is embedded in graphite balls .Current Li ion battery demand30,00 tpy and growing 20-30%annually 7
  • 8. Graphite Production► Current world production 1.1 MMt – 5% current growth rate, as high as 12% by 2015► China produces around 73% of the world’s graphite.► China has a 20% export duty plus a 17% VAT and has instituted an export licensing system to ensure supply to its domestic economy.► The dominance of China as a producer coupled with measures introduced by the Chinese government are creating supply concerns for the rest of the world.► Supply issues are exacerbated by the lack of exploration and new mine development over decades. “EU and USA have named graphite a supply critical mineral” 12% 3% 2%3% 7% China 73% Brazil Others Canada Korea IndiaUSGS 2009 8
  • 9. Graphite Prices Graphite prices rising on strong demand Graphite Product Carbon Content (%) Graphite Size (µm) Price (US$/t) Large Flake 94-97% >177µm $2,500 - $3,000 Medium Flakes 94-97% 149-177µm $2,200 - $2,500 Fine Flake 94-97% <149µm $2,200 - $2,400 Amorphous 80-85% = >37µm $850Source: Industrial Minerals Magazine 9
  • 10. Property Locations 10
  • 11. Ontario Property Locations 11
  • 12. Black Donald Claim Map 12
  • 13. Black Donald Property► Strategically surrounding the past producing Black Donald Mine this ~9000 ha. property covers a substantial area favorable of marble +/- gneiss geology.► 100% Interest, Good Infrastructure► The Black Donald Graphite Mine was one of the largest and richest graphite deposits in North America. It had reported historic ore grades of up to 80% Cg. During the last 10 years of mine life the average reported grade was 25-30% Cg. Some 94% of the total value of Ontario graphite production came from the Black Donald Mine.► Historic Drilling show very encouraging intercepts such as: Hole # Length Grade (Cg) 3 32 ft 2.25% Included 3.6 ft 5.0% 4 28.2 ft 2.36% 8 10.7 ft 5.80% Included 10.5 ft 3.06% 9 17.5 ft 3.33% Included 7.6 ft 2.77% 10 55.2 ft 3.77% 12 40 ft 2.67% Black Donald has definite potential to host another rusty gneiss-type deposit akin to those currently being developed by Northern Graphite and Ontario Graphite. The real intrigue here however is the potential to find another high grade Black Donald deposit in marbles with airborne EM under shallow overburden cover in this general area. 13
  • 14. Little Bryan Claim Map 14
  • 15. Little Bryan Property► 3250 ha. - 100% Interest► Excellent Infrastructure► Previously explored by Harrington Sound Resources – 1989► Hosted in pyritic gneisses, the known graphite mineralization extends over ~ 1.3 km in a general east-west direction. Historic grab samples ranged from a reported 0.63% Cg to 34.06%Cg- Average grade 10.94% Cg► Systematic channel sampling in trenches also yielded the historic reported results such as: Hole # Length Grade (Cg) 1 11m 3.79% Included 6m 5.15% 4 22 m 3.72% 5 11 m 4.74% 6 10 m 4.93% Disseminated large graphite flakes in gneiss (up to 2mm) 15
  • 16. Quebec Property Locations 16
  • 17. Quebec Properties► There are three major graphite districts in Quebec; Wakefield, North Shore and New Quebec with notable deposits such as Lac des Iles (Timcal) and Lac Knife (Focus Metals).► Our nine properties are all located within these districts and centered on the metasedimentary belts of the Grenville with known marble/gneiss lithologies considered essential to host graphite deposit and having been metamorphosed to sufficiently high grade to produce the larger graphite flakes.► These individual blocks all host graphite of various grades (up to 30%+).► They have not been explored by modern exploration methods. 17
  • 18. Quebec Property OverviewNew Quebec DistrictCarheil► High grade schist/marble lithologies favorable for large flakes.► Proximal to Lac Knife graphite deposit.► Excellent access.► Presence of massive (>30%) graphite boulders and graphite seams in the rocks.Sandy Lake► High grade schist/marble lithologies favorable for large flakes.► Similar geology to Lac knife► Large claim block, regional targets.► Up to 12.44% Cg in lenses.Sandy Lake NE► High grade schist/marble lithologies favorable for large flakes.► Similar geology to Lac Knife► Large claim block, regional targets.► Up to 30.46% Cg in lenses. 18
  • 19. Quebec Property Overview (con’t)North Shore DistrictRiver► High grade schist/marble lithologies favorable for large flakes.► Disseminated graphite similar to Bissett Creek type.► Large claim block, regional targets.► Poorly explored.► Large area assaying between 0.1 to 10% graphite.Wakefield DistrictPreston► High grade schist/marble lithologies favorable for large flakes.► Prospected targets with potential for high‐grade.► Well circumscribed target with high grade .► Underexplored.Notre Dame► High grade schist/marble lithologies favorable for large flakes.► Excellent access and infrastructures.► Largest claim block available in proximal location.► 10% Cg from historical sampling. 19
  • 20. 2011 Exploration Program Evaluate Evaluate drill exploration Airborne Mapping, First phase 5,000 m of results to Ground EM - data to EM Survey Sampling, metallurgical DDH Drilling determine to Detailed delineate & (10,000 Line Trenching tests on to test 8-10 prioritize ground prioritizekm’s @ 150m over EM graphitic priority targets for geophysics targets for spacing) Targets material targets rapid Phase 1 drill development program 20
  • 21. Contact Information Orocan Resource Corp #350-409 Granville St., Vancouver, BC Canada, V6C-1T2 Tel: 604.683.2509 Fax: 604.683.2506 21