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GraphicMail Email Marketing Checklist
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GraphicMail Email Marketing Checklist


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We all know that once you click send there is no going back which is why we have created an Email Marketing Checklist which you can use to make sure you don’t make any mistakes. …

We all know that once you click send there is no going back which is why we have created an Email Marketing Checklist which you can use to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

Within the checklist you will go through all of the steps from the actual aim of your email all the way to the final stages of hitting that send button. By using this checklist you can make sure you don’t make any mistakes and that you get the best out of using GraphicMail.

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  • 1. Email Marketing ChecklistWe have created a checklist for you to use as a guide when creating your email. Within this checklist we provideguidance from the beginning stages of designing your email right through to the very end when you will be ready toclick send.Aim of Your Email Gather the opt-in list of subscribers you are going to send to Decide on the type of email you will be sending such as a newsletter, limited offer, invitations, aftersales email or just product updates & information Decide on the reason you are sending and make sure it is easily understood within the email content Source the images and a brief outline of the text you want to include in your email Provide clear Calls To Action so your subscribers know exactly what you would like them to doAnalyse Previous Campaigns What design, layout or content works best for your subscribers? Find out by reviewing the Reports &Statistics to see what emails have gained the best open and click through rates. Review previous sending statistics to make sure you are going to send at the ideal time Make your email goals achievable; use previous send statistics as a guide to make your target open andclick through rate possibleTargeting Your Audience Make sure you only send to those that have opted-in Use our free subscription form wizard to include a subscription form onto your website Include all new subscribers into the mailing list you will be sending to Import all subscriber data that can be used for our segmentation tool or to insert personalisation Our segmentation tool will let you create targeted groups from your mailing list so if you haveinformation from your subscribers then use it.Email Design Make sure the email design matches the content being displayed such as limited offers or an invitation Some email clients have images turned off as default so make sure your subscribers can still understandyour email even if the images don’t display Include Alt-Text on your main images as that text will display when your images don’t Make sure your email is consistent with your company brand such as colour scheme, font or images
  • 2. Make a Good First Impression Make sure your subject line matches the content in your email Design for your preview pane, place your company logo and the best content at the top left List a number of relevant and enticing subject lines At the start of your subject line place key words that are recognisable to your subscribers Test the spam score rating of your subject lines Test those subject lines via the A/B testing feature we offer to see which one works bestEmail Content Make sure the content is relevant to the subscribers you are sending to Ask a colleague to proof read your content as you may not find the mistakes Keep the text short and to the point, provide click-through links for “more information” as you can viewthe statistics from those at a later date Use a spell checker, we provide one within our editor Check that all information presented in the email is up-to-dateContinue Communication Use auto-responders to send follow-up emails when the email has been opened, a link has been clickedor when someone subscribes Ensure the landing pages used are easily recognisable and that they provide relevant informationEmail Testing Test all links in the newsletter including linked images to make sure they go to the correct landing page Use our Inbox Preview tool to make sure your email is compatible in over 14 different email clients Check your personalisation is working via the Send Preview option Check the spam score rating, it includes the from email address, your subject line and email content Optimise your email for mobiles and other devicesFinal Improvements Check your email footer; as you can include forward to a friend, social links or a subscribe link Create a text only version of your email as that will display for those that are unable to view HTMLversions Add a link to view your email in the browser or just enable the unsubscribe header as that provides one Allow users to share, comment and subscribe by enabling the social browser widgetIf you have completed all of the checks above then you will be ready to send, good luck!
  • 3. If you would like more advice for your email campaigns then simply like us on Facebook to gain access to the 4White Papers displayed below:Company Information:Company: GraphicMailTel: 0191 5004 114Website: Us: