2012 Projects Presentation


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2012 Projects Presentation

  1. 1. Infrastructure Automotive Logistics Defence Mining Projects Presentation High-value, high-tonnage, sensitive freight shipments Partnering with Integra Packaging
  2. 2. CAPABILITYIntegra Packaging manages high-value, high tonnage and sensitive freightpackaging. Timber, steel, anti-corrosive wrap and other materials are usedin the protection of valuable customer assets.Integra has over 300 active clients in the defence, mining, infrastructure,logistics sectors and 85% of our customers are involved in export.Integra Packaging handles freight shipment packaging both within Australiaand internationally, working with clients, shipping agents and regulatorybodies. Integra is ISPM15 approved by AQIS for export timber packaging.
  3. 3. What is Packaging Logistics? Integra Packagings Objectives : – Product protection – Ease of handling and storage – Shipping effectiveness – Manufacturing efficiency – Ease of identification – Full-fill customer needs – Meets legislative requirements – Environmental friendly and at lowest TOTAL COST
  4. 4. ONSITE PACKAGING SERVICES A 32,000kg Quad Bolter for Joy Mining to be exported to India The onsite packaging of an 80,000 kg “Continuous Miner” for Joy Mining bound for Kazakhstan.
  5. 5. Joy Mining - same-day serviceMichelle Adams, Import/Export Coordinator said ‘Integra turned this around for us onextremely short notice and a tight time frame. Having a partner that can make somethinghappen when we really need their assistance demonstrates the strength of ourrelationship and their exceptional capability’.
  6. 6. Heavy gear to Finland - quick response is key“It’s these moments when the time-line is near impossible, that you hope all the closeworkings with a company such as Integra pay off. This action alone cements us evencloser. Why would you go elsewhere? said Glen Mellor, Production Manager - FLSmidthKrebs Australia Pty Ltd
  7. 7. Multiple benefits in packaging technologyThey believe that partnering with Grant Eldridge and the Integra team, they are really making adifference. Rob said; “Spares are the focus of the logistics business and we saw a real cost benefit notonly to Sandvik but also the relationship with our customers. With this new standard offering we havenot only increased the shelf life of the product being delivered to the customer we have also reducedwarranty claims, LPS, and general degradation of the product within the Logistics / DI store.”“We believe that this will be a positive step moving forward in the future. It shows customers not onlyour commitment to them, but also the environment. Sandvik is embracingnew technology to ensure and maintain our leadership and position within the globalmarket” said Rob Hanly.
  8. 8. Ashtons Removals Brisbane - a modular solutionJohn Pfeiffer said; “Cost reduction was the key. Plus the fact that we can sell theconcept to customers. They love the fact that their belongings have travelled without therisks associated with multiple handling. It takes five minutes to load versus one hour withloosestack. Loss of goods is virtually eliminated; it minimizes damage and is a secure,tidy solution”.
  9. 9. Solutions for a large & complex taskThe Brief: Pack used factory plant and machinery into approx. 200 x 20 foot (equivalent) containers,anti-corrosion wrap of around 50 electrical panels and attach bearers to various break-bulk items.Alex Hawthorn, Conceptum Logistics (Aust) Pty Ltd said;“whilst we had a defined scope of work, the dismantling was being done by a third party engineeringcontractor, so I was a little unsure of the actual final requirements for this diverse job. Throughout thetask there were a number of challenges which Integra worked with us to overcome – thanks in largepart to the willingness of their onsite staff to successfully complete the project”.Alex Hawthorn said; “we’re involved in global projects but new to the Australian market.It was important to us that this project went well. Integra were professional and interestedin the task… it gave me a real comfort factor. Integra have a good reputation and I’m happyto recommend them” he said.
  10. 10. Bangladesh shipment uses Nefab solutionAlan Barnes, Business & Process Development Manager for Australian Paper said’ “we had notproduced such a large order in this type of packaging before. A large quantity of boxes were requiredand had to meet the tender specifications for moisture protection and structural integrity The tenderdelivery timelines were tight and Integra responded quickly. The boxes arrived on time, our shipmentsleft on time and the packaging looked the same on arrival in Bangladesh as it did leaving theShoalhaven. Integra workmanship and operation met our expectations and we would definitely useIntegra as our supplier for repeat orders.”
  11. 11. EMR Switchboards - moisture and vermin proof solutionChallenge - To protect a large number of components for shipping to central Asia including a 2000klmroad transport section on rough terrain.The largest component, a switch room would be transported as deck cargo, requiring protection againstsevere weather and sun conditions. Once on site, the items required long-term protection from theelements before installation, and needed to be vermin-proof.It was critical to protect the electronics against external elements and extreme humidity changesencountered when crossing the Equator.Dave Downey, EMR Project Manager said “the result turned out well; it was the right solution for the job”.
  12. 12. A returnable Nefab solutionMatt Brown, Warehouse Manager for CQMS Razer said“the Integra guys are thorough; they give comprehensive advice and they know what they’re talkingabout. We used to make boxes here and only ship once. The Nefab boxes provided by Integra can bereturned and re-used for less cost and they could design the odd sizes we needed. This has madeproduction and shipping much easier;it’s less work for us and very helpful!”
  13. 13. A quick response for helicopter wrapA Bell helicopter required fumigation at Sydney airport, due to a quarantineorder. Integra received details on the afternoon of the day prior and the projectrequired some very fast organisation due to the customer’s deadline.David Evans, Managing Director – Evolution World Cargo said: “IntegraPackaging provided speed and capability for the task. The helicopter arrivedintact and protected by the (Integra) packaging solution”.
  14. 14. Brisbane Bypass - Tunnel borers to GermanyCHALLENGE: Herrenknecht needs over 100 steel containers packed with very heavy,expensive and sensitive equipment with no movement in any of the containers. Theyalso have large main bearings and other sensitive equipment which cannot fit in steelcontainers, which require protection from corrosion during transport and storage.OUTCOME: The Herrenknecht site manager is happy with materials packed to-date with thecontainer being packed to schedule, meeting the shipping deadline and all six of the mainbearing components wrapped, boxed and in storage ready for shipping. Herrenknechtadvises we are approximately a quarter of the way through the packing task with a fewmonths yet to go.Ultan Moran, Commercial and Contracts Director said “Integra have provided a first classservice to Herrenknecht and a packing solution that enables the Company to feel confident thatits equipment has been handled with care”.
  15. 15. A corrosion, shipping and transport solutionJohn Payne, Project Coordinator – Agility Project Logistics said “Integra worked with usto provide a simple answer to a complex issue. The outcome and solution provided andthe knowledge and know-how demonstrated was excellent. The solution offered byIntegra was seamless, hassle free and a worthwhile investment”.Tim Seymour, Hire & Shipping - Lincom Group said “the boys did a great job. Theequipment arrived in great condition and the packaging did exactly what Integra said itwould”.
  16. 16. Marr Contracting - high-tonnage, high-value environmental protectionMarr Contracting Director, Simon Marr said “Integra-wrapped items received immediate clearance byQuarantine; Integra were easy to deal with and we’ll definitely do this (process) again”.Simon Marr said the task of transporting the world’s largest luffing crane, a 5,000 klm trip by road,faced significant challenges. “This involved a highly sensitive quarantine issue for an A-Class naturereserve project on Barrow Island WA. A key requirement of the project was a two-stage quarantineclearance – out of Sydney and into Karratha - prior to delivery to the Island. The machinery had toarrive in ‘as new’ condition with no traces of dust, seeds, contaminants from the journey. Four loadsrequired wrapping by Integra, with a total shipment of 30 loads” he said.
  17. 17. Superior solution - NEOZ Lighting uses NEFAB Expak S“With the solution Integra Packaging provided, we’ve been able to reduce weight, whilstmaintaining high strength to weight ratio. We’ve reduced storage space (50-75%) due tothe flat-pack configuration and we now have the ability to brand and print” said Peter EllisMD, NEOZ Lighting.
  18. 18. Caribou parts - transport, storage solutionTom Mills, Caribou Quality Manager with Australian Aerospace said; “we wereimpressed with the professional execution of the job by Integra and theexceptional service. The job was completed well within time-frame and finishedproducts have travelled well”.
  19. 19. Nefab solution for hospital product protectionDarryl Crawford - Queensland Manager of Atherton said: “we originally asked for a plybox with a timber frame. Integra suggested a Nefab single unit product solution withinserts, so contents are securely held for transport. It saves time, it’s easier, and we don’thave to cut & add material” he said.
  20. 20. Bucyrus Miner for Siberian voyageJere Burdock, Logistics Coordinator for Bucyrus says - ‘Integra Packaging were able tofully assess the task, understand the logistics needs of the entire re-location and providethe advice and service we needed’Jere Burdock of Bucyrus said ’the protective packaging service provided by Integraexceeded our expectations’.
  21. 21. MILITARY & COMMUNICATIONS Canberra Deep Space Communication complex is managed by Raytheon Australia in conjunction with CSIRO on behalf of NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Support Services Manager, Andrew Paddison“Overall, the plan went to schedule and a quality job was performed. Throughout this task, we found the staff at Integra Packaging were very helpful, thorough and met our expectations. We did not encounter any unexpected problems and the job was completed on time and within budget”.
  22. 22. Seasprites wrapped for Kaman AerospaceChris Nelms, General Manager – Kaman AerospaceInternational Support Centre says “the reason we wentwith Integra Packaging was because we had alreadyhad dealings with the company, and were pleased withtheir performance and product”. Kaman is also utilisingthe services of Integra Packaging to manufacturepackaging to ship aircraft parts back to the UnitedStates” says Chris Nelms.“the unique protection requirements for such high-valueaero equipment required the use ofCorrosion Intercept ® Shrink film to best suit theconditions the aircraft would face in sea transit. Accessto controls had to be maintained for loading purposes,so we provided ‘zippered’ hatchways to cockpits -constructed from the same material.”
  23. 23. STEP Electronics - high-tech protectionRoad case, Pelican Hardigg and Intercept solution for the protection of deployable Satelliteantennae“As an Integrator, STEP Electronics product development cycle of our satellite solutionscan take over a year to gestate. The cycle in most instances requires the development ofa well defined customer brief, followed by a comprehensive solutions design and impactdocument. During these key milestones it is important that our component suppliersengage with our team during the entire process so that when the system assemblyis defined, our packaging solution can be quickly augmented to fit the brief. We havenever been let down by Integra, and the key to this success is the customer relationshipand communication that is in place between our businesses”.
  24. 24. MACHINERYSiemens secure switchboard exportAnti-Corrosive and external protection forswitchgear and transformersPieter Taljaard,Electrical Project Engineer from Siemens, Brisbane said “The request was forequipment to be protected as per customer specification, not only on sea but alsoduring transport to site in Papua New Guinea and for long term storage.Corrosion in all these conditions is normally a concern. The shrink wrap anti-corrosion protection and weather-proofing - all in one - was a great solution. As anadditional advantage Integra could do the shrink wrap, packaging andcrating as a package deal onsite”.Biltube 60+ Containers to IndiaCompletion of the 2008 project Multiple solutions, on site boxing,heavy equipment shrink wrapped & container packagingChief Engineer, Pradip Medsing from Biltube says “I was amazed atIntegra’s technical and physical support - their timeliness andcommitment”.
  25. 25. MINING & UTILITYTerex JacquesProtection for equipment shipped to GhanaAccording to Corie Scott, Project Manager for Terex Jaques, this wasmoney well-spent as part of their risk mitigation. “The equipment wasgoing into humid, wet, hot and dusty conditions, with a possible 3mnthsstorage whilst awaiting installation” says Corie.Terex Jaques were happy with the outcome. “Integra Packaging werehighly professional in their timely response. They were able to walk usthrough the entire process, complete the job on-site and withindeadlines and withoutdisruption to our operations. The equipment is now installed andoperating” Corie Scott says.Tyco WaterLarge water pipeline components for shipment to theMiddle EastDaniel Rawnsley from Tyco says, “we were impressed with the IntegraPackaging problem-solving & response to packaging issues. When itwas necessary to respond with design modifications, Integra managedthe task and follow-up with ‘hands-on’capability” he said.
  26. 26. SENSITIVE FREIGHT SOLUTIONS Fleet Air Arm Museum -The safe return of 4 aircraft and components to various original owners throughout Australia Schenker Logistics Sensitive freight packaged for overseas journey Smart Box A custom mobile self storage solution
  27. 27. COMPLETE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS Integra Packaging will provide full national service and international alliances to bring a complete packaging solution to your special project. Integra Packaging offers: Global knowledge, Local service, True savings, A better outcome. Contact: Grant Eldridge Position: Business Development Manager Contact: 0417495044 Email: grant.eldridge@integrapackaging.com Website: www.integrapackaging.com