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Grants design portfolio 2014
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Grants design portfolio 2014


Published on

A sampling of my recent design work

A sampling of my recent design work

Published in: Design

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  • 1. Portfolio
  • 2. “GOLD: A Nova Scotia Treasure” traveling exhibit Services provided: exhibit design and production management
  • 3. DANGER Sudden high waves Drowning hazard Keep off black rocks DANGER Sudden high waves Drowning hazard Keep off black rocks DANGER DANGER Sudden high waves Drowning hazard Keep off black rocks Sudden high waves Drowning hazard Keep off black rocks DANGER DANGER Sudden high waves Drowning hazard Keep off black rocks Sudden high waves Drowning hazard Keep off black rocks Icon concept design exploration Approved icon Peggy’s Cove wave warning signs Services provided: icon development and on-site signage placement research
  • 4. Simply En Your Beau hancing ty ta e Cabri Carolin er o-found C 9-8891 902 44 @g flirthair thairpro Double-sided business cards Double side 4”x 9” rackcard Hair extension packaging Trade show banner stand graphic Flirt Hair Products brand development Services provided: visual identity and marketing material design
  • 5. Before After Prospector Education Program powerpoint presentation Services provided: template design
  • 6. e… nvited to se You are i folded cover Gold: A Nova Sc otia Treasure A traveling exh ibit at the Museu m of Natural His tory Free Admiss for two people Valid until Januar 00-13 Gold_inv ion y 12, 2014 ite_pass_artw ork.indd 1 13-11-13 7:10 PM unfolded inside “GOLD: A Nova Scotia Treasure” traveling exhibit invitation Services provided: marketing concept and detail design
  • 7. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic SeaMonsters march break exhibit Services provided: logo design, exhibit design, signage design and production management
  • 8. Halifax Gamecocks oldtimers hockey team jerseys Services provided: logo design and jersey design consultation
  • 9. Land E x pe r t & Site D evelopm ent Joe Ro ss 902 rossbuil .441.2550 t h om e s @gmail .com ro s s bu i lthom Join us Adjacent to the RNSYS, a home as grand as its Saturday, April 28 382 Purcells Cove Rd Showing 4pm–8pm historic setting is now complete. Bryant Realty cordially invites you to view a true, first of its kind, Refreshments and appetizers will be served. luxury offering in our region. This armfront estate of stone and timbers was commissioned for construction to Ross Built Homes by Mr. Kenneth C. Rowe. es.c a Parking is available next door at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron (Saraguay Club parking). Shuttle service will be available for your convenience. business card (double-sided) Invitation inside (unfolded) Realtor® antic Sandr a Bryant – Realtor® Bryant Realty Atlantic 902.830.4545 Invitation outside (folded) Sandr a Bryant – Realtor® Bryant Realty Atlantic 902.830.4545 Invitation outside (unfolded) Ross Built Homes Purcells Cove open house print items Services provided: graphic design and printing management
  • 10. • Wash, rinse and sanitize all dishware and utensils. • Use different cutting boards for raw meat and ready-to-eat foods. • Wash and sanitize all cooking equipment. • Wash hands before preparing food. Cook Cook food to a minimum internal temperature of: • Whole chicken/turkey 85C (185F) • Chicken/turkey pieces 77C (170F) • Pork, veal, lamb 70C (158F) • Ground meat 70C (158F) • Ground poultry 74C (165F) • Beef steaks/ roasts (rare) 63C (145F) for 3 minutes • Eggs 63C (145F) • Fish/seafood 70C (158F) Check that the correct temperature is reached with a thermometer. FOOD SAFETY • Thoroughly wash and sanitize countertops, cutting boards and work surfaces. Separate • Separate raw meat, poultry, and seafood from ready-to-eat foods. FOOD SAFETY • Wash fruits and vegetables prior to eating or cooking. FOOD SAFETY FOOD SAFETY Clean • Under warm running water wash hands for at least 20 seconds using liquid soap. Chill • Divide large amounts of leftovers into shallow pans for quick cooling. • Store ready-to-eat foods above raw foods in the refrigerator to prevent cross contamination. • Thaw food in the refrigerator, under cold running water or in the microwave. • Set your refrigerator at 4C (40F) or below and your freezer at -18C (0F) or below. NS Department of Agriculture food safety banners Services provided: graphic design and print management
  • 11. RPM Cycle visual identity Services provided: logo and signage design
  • 12. (NS)Province House Joseph Howe interpretive exhibits Services provided: exhibit design, fabrication and installation supervision
  • 13. Our highly qualified sta ff to provide a competent sec are able ond opi on your ins urance progra nion m. Compellin g double-sided business cards ur Cur ice with Yo er: rent Brok Current OTC 3 Yes qYes to q No nged for you your broker arra erwriters of 6. Has your meet the und personally qYes 3 Yes “chartered” policy? qYes q No er provide involved current brok you? q No me actively 1. Does your ers to serve broker beco 3 Yes insurance Brok qYes claims? 7. Does your 3 Yes you resolve al reviews in helping qYes q No complete annu business broker broker ges in your q No independent 2. Does your essing chan broker a truly choose from? uate? with you addr 8. Is your rage is adeq insurers to 3 Yes 3 Yes with many qYes insuring cove qYes and hone No ice strategy on the telep q No q on ten serv get a real pers have a writ your broker 9. Do you 3. Do you 3 Yes antee to hold call? s when you service guar you? ping? qYe Yes to 3 shop q No accountable qYes ide one stop sted broker prov insurance, broker a “Tru q No 10. Does your e group discounts, life er consider your i.e. Employe disability, employee 4. Would you lar to your lawyer, bank ss, critical illne Advisor” simi nt? s? 3 Yes health plan and accounta qYes price qNo ide you with rers? broker prov several insu 5. Does your parisons from and value com Compare Our Serv Current OTC 3 Yes Ways: llowingwing your s in the Fo s. Kno premium e. Service e Above 6. Underwriters set your policyce your cost of insuranc . redu s from th lements s may help underwriter in claims sett t Benefit ct year of study and get involved that your are treated The Clien designations refleprofessison, giving greater ers do not ring stry Many brok ocate ensu r indu te with es to thei 1. Higher by employe ds to negotia dedication broker nee when your credibility on your behalf. year. s underwriter from year to ns change your policy coverage ratio business ope adversely affect 2. Often s may These change r position. you service you prejudicing the level of tegy outlines erage accountable service stra brok 3. Written guarantee holds the want. The it. l g a high leve to providin represents r trust. you ” relationship sted Advisor parties. We will earn 4. A “Tru een both down of trust betw goes up and es. e industry cycl ranc in the insu petition and market 5. Pricing upon com depending 7. your Adv We become a timely way. insurance ely fairly and in in part by y are owned their ability to effectiv brokers toda influence insurance. 8. Many which may r companies ntial markets for you r call. pote shop all answer you person will pany rantee a real ounts for com ing 9. We gua ide group disc ide competitive pric . prov able to prov sure also able to 10. We are the sales pres We are ucts without employees. rance prod insu for all life Reasons To Hire Us As Your Insu rance Brok All our staf f are 1. Highly Trai This knowle chartered insuranc e brok ned dge gives us respect in the ers. Several have thei Staff: r Fell industry and helps us be owship and Risk Ma more effectiv nag We will revi e in negotia ement designations. ew the prem 2. Competitively Pric ting on you Because we iums you are ed r behalf. are an inde paying vers Services: pendent brok er, we are able us the coverage that you are rece to shop you We will beco iving. r business 3. Clai with many me your clai insurers. ms advocat ms Advocacy: treating you e to help ensure that the insurer fairly and in and adjustor a timely way We have cert are . 4. Risk Man ified risk man agemen agers that can provide t Services: information losses with on reducing in your ope the potentia rations. We will prov l for ide you with 5. a written gua Service Guarantee: rantee ensu ring that will be prov ided as spec the value added serv ices you desi ified. re Personal: Home Automobile Condominiu m Tenants Umbrella Products Commercial : Property Automobile Liability Business Inte rruption Umbrella Marine Employee Group Life/Group: Term Permanent Critical Illn ess Mortgage Employee Health Call today for a second opinion to Darmouth: ensure that (902) 481-07 you are pro 00 Halifax perly insu : (902) 423 red at the low -8128 Vall est possibl ey: (902) 679 Toll Free: 1-8 e price: -1933 Yarm 88-295-74 outh: (902 74 Fax: (903 ) 742-9100 ) 481-1812 133 Ilsley Ave nue, Unit P, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia ww w.o tc.c B3B 1T1 a double-sided brochure (unfolded) building sign OTC Insurance Brokers brand development Services provided: visual identity and marketing material design er.
  • 14. Emergencies Happen Fast Emergencies happen all the time and usually with little or no warning. Would your family know what to do? Now is the time to get ready. Know the Risks In Nova Scotia, be ready for wild fires, hurricanes, floods, winter storms, power failures and storm surges. Make a Plan Your plan should include emergency and family contact information, instructions for a safe place to meet, how to turn off water and gas, arrangements for pets and alternative travel routes. 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 Prepare a Kit Be prepared to be self sufficient for 72 hours. Your kit should include water, non-perishable food, wind-up radio, flashlight, first aid kit, copies of important papers, medications, blankets and cash. Emergency Management Office banner stands Services provided: concept design and detail design including creating several of the icons
  • 15. St Louis: Ship of Fate traveling exhibit Services provided: concept design, detail design and production management