'Radio News: No. 13, 5 February 1993' by Grant Goddard


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Issue no. 13, dated 5 February 1993, of 'Radio News' weekly newsletter for the UK radio broadcasting industry, written and published by Grant Goddard in February 1993.

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'Radio News: No. 13, 5 February 1993' by Grant Goddard

  1. 1. .-UAUUAA IlXJOOO ID OOJOOOOOO ... MD EEE EEE~'U: .... .... .... SSSSSSSSS ......... ............ IDXlIJIlI) ID ooo:oxoJ I0OI """ EEEE[EEf.l .... .... .... SSS'»SSSS ... ... .... III IXD OOD ID oo:J oo:J JOOOI RN> E£E .... .... .... sss No. 13 ......... AA! .... IXXl OOD ID oo:J oo:J NIOOIN """ E£E .... .... .... sss ......... &AAU,u.AA oou IlOO ID oo:J oo:J lO000OOOIII WEHH' .... .... .... sssssssss ..... uunnA IlOO IXXl ID oo:J oo:J lO000OOOIII EUFH'£EE .... .... .... sssssssss ...... III III ID) IlOO ill oo:J oo:J ........ EEE .... .... .... SSS 5 FJlB 93 ...... III III IlOO IXXl ill oo:J oo:J ... .... E£E .... .... .... SSS ... ... ill W IJOCtlOO ill OOJOOOOOO ... ... UEEEEEEE IllillilU.iII...' SSSSSSSSS ... ... III ... IlOOOO ID OOJOOOOOO "" ... EEEEEEHE 'UJlMIIUilUJ SSSSSSSSS THE W E E KLY U PDATE O N THE UK RADIO I NDU STRY RAJAR RESULTS Aft er lllany .:>ntbs of t rumpeting t he arrival of the radio industry's first joint ILR/BBC research system, tbe publication of the first RAJAR figures descended i nto farce as voices IIIthin the C(IJI'IIetcial sector attempted to discredit or explain away their own poor results. The figures show conclusively that the UK's first national cOOl1lercial station Classic FM has succeeded beyond expectations, attracting a weekly ..ud.ience of 4.3tI. they also demonstrate Atlantic 252' s popularilJ with an audience of 4.3ro, despite the Ei re-based AM station only reaching two-thirds of the UK's population. But the first RAJAR also shows all but a handful of local <X:Imeccial stations witb falling audiences, though many of them are now facing their first non-BBC canpetitors for listeners since their inception, following last year's launch of Classic ~ and the consolidation of A.tlantic 252. Last Wednesday, corrmercial radio 's trade body AIRC met t o discuss RAJAR and decided to publish the results, (Sespite the poor showiDg of most of its ILR nanbers . As Capital Radio HD Richard Eyre a<hitted to The financial 'lilies: "It is surprising that the result snould deliver a blow that is greater to ILR than it is to tbe BBC." NAT IONAL (46.5cII adulls) s tation ~ format On friday, WAR released tbe figures , acc<npanied by a t erse press statement that admitted "results for many ILR services and some BBC R~ior'al and Local s tations differ IMl'kedly fren that produced frCUI previous surveys. " And it effectively reserved the r ight to retract the figures by adding "the proviso that Cl considerable amount of work is still to be undertaken t o validate them." It promised ominously that "material changes will be cart'DWlicated by further updates." The same day, the AIRC issued a separate press statement noting that "a number of its member caapanies have received figures that differ very markedly from previous research" and welccmed the RAJAR proviso. Botb AlRe and RAJAR stressed that it was DOt possible to make direct comparisons between data fran RAJAR and previous results from JICRAR. AIRC also attached a f our-page IIIeKl enti tled "How The Kcthodology OHfers" that listed Dlwerous possible reasons for such differences, including the fact that Classic rH and Atlantic 252 "are generally included in diary listings for t he first time", and that The Big Breakfast TV show "produced a significant increase in Cl'Iannel four's viewing figures . 11 Despite its own figures having shown only marginal changes since the last ,,",,, ~,h average listenioo hoUrs ILR AK/'" [various] 31.2 .., 13.3 BiIC Radio 1 AK/" top 40 22.4 36' 11.8 BBC Radio 2 FlI "'" 13.0 22 11 .2 BBC Radio 4 AK/'" news/talk ]0.8 19 10.7 BBC Local/Reg AK/'" [various} 9." 2) 8.8 "tlantic 252 All top 40 3.7 " 7.7 Classic FM I~ classical 2.8 9 5.8 BBC Radio 3 ... classical 1.3 5 4.7 BBC Radio 5 All sport/education 1. 3 8 3.3 {others 3.8 13 5.6] source:JICRAR/RAJAR/RSL survey, Capital Radio issued a IJIQre succinct memo that achitted it was impo.'!sible to prevent people CCl'IIpaCing results from the two sfstems. It advocated that "such a cooparison is as scientific as taking two consecutive photographs of the SMe landscape on different fi1lR and concluding that the sky IDUSt Ilave changed colour very quickly." But comparisons are being made and there is some verf revealing new data freo station owners who had until now hidden their individual stations' performances within an overall "group" total . Many provincial stations can be seen facing up to the new ccmoercial ccnpetition for the fiest time, and Virgin Radio will arrive shortly to further challenge their audiences. The RAJAR figures could see IIIMY owners baying to discoWlt their ratecards and offer stations separate)f to advertisers, now that their individual perfonnances are IlIOre transparent. In the continuing recession, t his could force saDe l ocal operators into the jaws of larger radio groups such as GWR, Metro, Clyde and Trans World/EKAP. For non-urban local stations who until nOll had enjoyed a oosy nonopoly on non- BBC radio, and ha>re DO experience of COII'f)eti tive strateqJ, RAJAR is the unweloone writing on the wall. RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HAl 4SP te l 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 t radio news 1993 page I
  2. 2. CAPI TAL LEADS L ONDON Capital Radio bas maintained its predominant position in the London radio market, according to newly released RAJAR/RSL audience data. Capital FM remains the most listened t o statiOfl, whilst Capital Golrl cootinues to hold fifth position out of the fifteen Londonwide stations i n the market. In olher significant changes, Radios 1 and 2 have both managed to reverse their formerl! declining share of listening in London, though they retain their positions of third and fourth place respectively. The greatest loss is suffered by KISS FM, whose hours listened have tumbled by 46% since the previous JICRAR survey six months earlier. "It's very satisfying that our market share has held up well," says Capital Radio Progranme Director Richard Park. "We 're just doing the same things that we've been doing since I came here in 1987. It's not a lllagical format. It's exactly the same pattern all the time." Capital's press statement on the new figures delights in documenting how it has suC{:essfully beaten off sbe new Londonwide stations since 1989. But how will the London market change with the impending arrival of Virgin Radio? LONDON [9.6m adults1 "It is an intriguing entrant because it is on AM and will be playing a rockier kind of music," ccmnents Park. ''Will the public turn to it in large nlDhers? And whose audiences will they be targeting? Will they target conmerciaJ radio's because they are conmercial too? Or will they be targeting Radio One's? I would expect that's saoothing that both ourselves and Radio One should look out for in teI1llS of audience share." The introduction of the new RAJAR audience system has left a lot of conmercial stations unhappy with the results, but the London figures seem relatively unexceptional. " I think the fItct that they ' re showing such lower listenership, at a time of year when listenership is traditionally quite high, has surprised. me," says Park. "But both our stations seem very steady on a prograrrrne to progranrne basis. Sure, a couple of guys [OJs] are a few percent up and a couple are a few percent down. In that sense, it looks like the last JICRAR survey we had." Are there specific prograomas that have given you good results? "I'm pleased. the daytime progranrning on both channels is strong. Chris Tarrant {CapiW FM breakfast DJ] has once again given us a great start, as share of listenina station AM/FM format 1991 1992 1992 IV II IV Capital FM '" top 40 15.1 17.7 16.9 BBC Radio 4 AM/FM news/talk 11.4 13.9 13.3 BBC Radio 1 AM/FM top 40 12.1 11.3 12.5 BBC Radio 2 fII I10R 11.4 11.0 11.6 Capital Gold All oldies 11.2 9.2 9.4 LBC Talkback AM news/talk 4.1 5.6 6.D Melody '" easy listening 6.4 3.6 4.D LBC Newstalk '" news/talk 4.B 4.3 3.2 Classic FM classical 3.D ms '" ""'''' 4.3 4.0 2.B BBC Radio 3 fII classical 2.3 2.0 1.7 BBC GLR M/PH news/music "I. "I. 1.6 Jazz " jazz 1.2 1.3 1.4 BBC Radio 5 AM sport/education 1.1 1.2 1.2 SpectrtMJ OH ethnic "I. "I. 1.1* [other ILR "I. "I. 5.4} [other BBC Locals "la "la 2.1J [other non-ILR/BBC Locals 3.7 4.2 2.91 source: JICRAR/RAJAR/RSL. *Spectrum '!'SA is 7.9m. has Tony Blackburn [Capital Gold equivalent]. He's the only broadcaster on either channel to increase, and I couldn ' t explain that to you. If he hits a good spell, the punters go with him. And sane ' Blackburn' every now and then seems to do people good. " What new developlellts are planned for the the coming mooths? " In teJ:1llS of the day-time and weekend shows, these audience figures are a mandate to carry on doing what we ' ve been doing wi th tbe people that we've been doing it with. In that sense, there won't be anything different. When it ain ' t broke, don't try to fbe it . I think we've got to continue at this stage of the game as we are." And is there still room for capital 's figures to improve in the future? "I ' m happy t o see that our market share still remains in a healthy position. I feel very good about it all. I think we've brought off two good results. We're in a position to hring off a few more good results with a bit of luck and the wind in tile right direction. The average houcs for the two stations are 14.3 - that is the highest on the [ILR] network outside of Scotland. That to me tells YOIl everything about customer satisfaction." PETERB~ROUGH RE - AD~ERTI SED '110 oonnercial radio licences for the Peterborough area have been re-advertised. by the Radio Authority. Both are currently held by I1id Anglia Radio plc who operate the PH as Top 40 Hereward Radio and the AM as oldies The World's Greatest Music Station {~MS L which launched nine months ago ending twelve years of simulcast Hereward Radio on both frequencies. Latest RlIJAR/RSL data gives Hereward only a 5.8% listenin9 share across the I1id Anglia area, and IQ(S onl y 3.4. The Radio Authority expects coYerage on FM lo be 225,000 adults, aod on AM 575,000. Applications close on 1 May and a decision is expected within three months. RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA! 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 4" radio news 1993 page 2
  3. 3. The debate over RAJAR results raqes 00. ILR stations celebrating increased listening shares include: Buu nl/Biminghara up from 2.6 six months ago to 3.3, Clyde l/Glasgow 19.4 to 20.3 and Clyde 2 16.2 to 21.7, Capital Gold/LoDdon 9.2 to· 9.4, CitJ Gold/Liverpool 6.0 to 7.0, DoIIIltow/Belfast 19.1 to 22.1, Jaz..z Pll/Londoo 1.3 to 1.4, LBC Ta1.kba<2/Londo 5.6 to 6.0, Marcher SooDd/Mt1IIWrexhMI 10.6 to 12.9, ~lodJ/London 3.6 to 4.0, PiccadillJ IeJ/Xanchester 11.9 to 13.2 and PiccadillJ Gold 15.2 to 15.4, and Invict.a Supergold/Whitstable 6.9 to 8.0 *"''''"'''"'''" Local BBC stations with qood results include Cornwall with a 24.1 share, PIru:.seyside and Iorfolk both with 20.2, and Ulster with 19.6. At the other end, newly launched Berkshire scraped only 1.8 and GLR/London was surprisingly low at 1.6. The overall London TSA fiqure for listeninq to BBC Local Radio is shown as 3.7 , iu".plying that the difference of 2.1 is aCCOWlted for by listeoors to BBC local stations from tbe HaI!e Counties. Capital Radio PO Richard Park cmrnented: '''frevor DaM (GLR Kanaqinq Editor) is going to be qutted because 1 don't think he thouqbt he was perfom.i.ng behind KISS and Kelody" "'"*"'*'" Also ccyiny into their beer are Allied Radio, whose ratiooalised and reo[l}allised Radio AercurJ and CountJ Sound services in Guildford/Crawley managed only 8.7 and 2.6 shares respectively. Proof that you can't disrespect your listeners and expect to keep them *"''''"*''' PUd Anglia Group have been popping the chrunpagne corks, even though their results look a little strange. Diaries for their LEC SOLD Cootrol of London talk station LBC has effectively ~ to Chel verton Invest.lllents, followinq fotmer owner Crown Coomunications' surrender to receivership with debts of £lfim. Chelverton' s main investors are Katthew Cartis.ser and John Porter, 4O-year old SOD of cootroversial Tory politician Dafne Shirley Porter. Crown's collapse was precipitated by the refusal by the French broadcasting authority CSA to allow the Om sale of Crown's share in french ootwork RPM on the grounds that its 70 stake contravened French law. Crown's bankers, ANZ and Bank Of Scotland, decided they could no RADIO WAVES Hereward/peterborough, CM.FI!/Cambridqe and n..nl/Kinys LJllIl stations were distributed across the whole 0.910 15A rather than just in each statioo' s imnediate area. Dnsuprisinyly" this makes their listening shares 5.8, 1.8 and 1.3 respectively, since !!lOSt diarists probablr couldn ' t hear two of tbese stations even if they bad wanted to *"*** A gamble that paid off! <lloioe Fll/Brixton decided to extend its TSl by 56 into North London where it has a loyal following. Its weekly reach Ilas remained at 8, and its 2.8 share of listening in its enlafged 1.1m TSA now equals that of similarly targeted (]SS fII within its larqer Londonwide TSA ***** Speculating on nss FM's declininq share of listening fran 4.0 to 2.8, Capital's Richard Park ccmnents: ''This methodoloqy did not favour 15-24 year oIds. I know they [RAJARl had problems in the first ~nth picking up 15-245. I think Capital and KISS are IIIOre affected by that than anybody else. I think KISS £lnd. themselves in a false position. Let's see another coople of (WAR surveJ] books." ***** Jqnore the fiqures and just 9@nerate publicitr! GaluJ Radio/Bristol 's press release says the station now reaches more than a quarter of 15-34 year olds, ma.k.ing it "the most fashionable radio station in town." Despite Chief Executive Eddie Startup's quote that "this is great news", the release fails to mention that Galaxy's listening share is down from 6 .4 to 4.6 , as also are its reach and average hours "'"**"'"* Find an interesting angle! Ja:u. nl/London trucpets itself as the UK ' s "most upmarket radio station." It claims its listenership t o be 75 ASCI, compared to Classic FM' s 60. Jerry Fielder of ad agency Leaga.s Delaney is quoted saying Jazz FM "now has a unique social and ecoIlOllic cachet." What he doesn ' t say is that the station has a unique ability to draw less than half the listening of Classic fill in London, and is only marqinally mace popular than Radio 5 **,,** Back in the real non-RAJM world, Virgin Radio has signed advertisers Carliog Black [.abel (their first use of the medilD), KacDonalds and Express Newspapers. Test tranmissions start early Karcb. DJs have been decided but not publicly announced. yet 11..** Eve Turoor IlIOVes f[(:Ol Assistant News Editor at BBC East ltidlands to beconIe Manaqer of BBC Hereford Iii Woroeste.r u*u BBC Wiltshire Sound Kanager Tony Tal.roa7! IIIOves to the same position at BBC Radio Gloucestershire ***** Richard Franklin moves from News Editor to Station I'Ianage.r at Severn Soond/Gloucester, following the sackinq of incumbent Alan Thompson who has blamed "office politics" ..*.. Radio 5 Managing Editor JiJa Black has taken earlJ retirement aft er thirty years with the BBC. His ~ and that of Assistant Editor Pat Thornton disappear, though ThorntOll becanes unspecified no. 2 to Controller Pat Ewing 11**** Do we really need to hear Qhltney Houstoo ' s current mnber one on a specialist show? The uniJlpressive stand-ins for tenporarily absent John Leech on Essex Radio's weekday evening show make you realise bow effortlessly Leech hLmself suooeeds in putting toqether one of the hest soul music prografllOOs on radio. cane home soon, John, wherever you are *u** AFTER CROWN CRASH lODger support the company and called in the receivers last Wednesday night. COOlverton bought 49 of LBC for £711, with an option to purchase the remainder from Crown ' s receivers, and are. investing £!" now and a further £211'1 should LBC retain its London licences follow their readvertisement later this year. New owners cartisser end Porter addressed LBC's staff at their Hammersmith offices following the deal, and the station ' s prograrmri.ny has been unaffected. ''We bought the station in order to have continuity of progranminq," Porter t old Ok Press Gazette. ''We are detemined to uphold LBC' s reputatioo and to exteod its positioo as too capital ' s news and current affairs broadcaster." Porter, Cartisser and. Jcnes I'Drton ffOOl Chelverton have joined the LBC Board, toqether with Bank. Of Scotland nominee Ernest Burton. Porter has confinned that his IIIOther would probably join the Board in future, but reportedly assured. the Radio Authority that a "left-leaning" director would also be enlisted to ensure poli t ieal balance. RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HAI 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 f radio news 1993 paqe3
  4. 4. ------------ RADIO DIARY 9 fEll LEEDS closing: date (or licence re-applications [or AM & FM licences serving 1.23111 & no,OOO adults respectively, starting 1 Sep 1994. InCo: Radio ~uthoritJ 9 ft:B SOIlrHEND/CHEIJlSFORD closing date for licence re-applications for MI & FM licences serving 1.53m aod "170,000 adults respectively, starting 12 Sep 1994. InCo: Radio Authority 10 fEll LICENCE '10 FILL oonfereooe 00 applying for Radio Authority Jic.eooes at The Roof Gardens, 99 KensiDgton Hiqh Street, London W8 SED. £76. 38 IIIeIftbers/E88.13 DOO-uIE!IIile.rS. IDCo: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, Londorl WlA 4SZ Tel: 071-323-3837 10 f'El:I WHAT f'tfl'URE fOR REGlmw. BROADCASTING? debate at Coomittce ROOII, House of Conmons 6-7.3Op:n. Voice Of The Listener & Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DAI2 580 lel: 0414-352835 11 ft:B UK RADIO - THE NEW ERA conference at Hotel Conrad, London 9anI-S.15prn, £411. lagan Serrinars, 524 Fulbaal Road, London SW€> SNR. TeI: 071-371-8880 15 rn:I RADIO ACADOO Dnoo:R in the ~nJ of John DlUlIlIODd vith introduction by !>avid MeUm- at The Council Cbalibers, Broadcasting House, London Wl. 6 •.3Opm. £35.25 IIIerilers/£47 non-lIIMbers. InCo: The Radio Academy I PO Box 4SZ, London WlA 4SZ TeI : 071-323-3837 16 fEB fOCUS ON RADIO (1) d!bate on BBC Green Paper at RSA, 8 John ~ Street, London WC2N 6EZ. £11.75. lnfo: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London WlA 4SZ Tel: 071-323-3837 17 rEJI WiiAT FtrrURE FOR EDUCATlONA[. PROGIWtIES? debate at Abbe} Centre, London M 10.3Oam-4. 3Oprn., £35. Voice OC The Listener &Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Cravesend, Kent 01.12 SBQ tel: 0474-352835 24 rES ntE GREEN PAPER & THE rortJRE Of ntE BBC seminar at Coomittee Rocn 14, House Of Conmons, 5-6.3OpI wit h Heritage P'linister Peter Brooke. £4. Voi ce Of '100 Listener & Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DAI2 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 2 MAR urrON/BWfORD closing date for licence re-applications for M & fl1 services serving 1.03lIl and 0.6& adults respectiveljl. lnfo: Radio Autilorit:r 2 RAR NORTHAHPTON closing date [or licence re-applications [or AM & fl1 services serving 540,000 and 320,000 adults respectively. In[o: Radio Authority 2 MAR AYR closing date [or licence re-applications for All & fl'I services serving 510,000 and 220,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Autbority 3 IWI RADIO ACADEMY MUSIC aJ&'EREHCE at The Brewery, London Eel. £116.32. loCo: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London WlA 4SZ. tel: 071-323-3837 9 ftAR SCARBOROOGH closing date f« new licence serving 65,000 adults on M or FM. InCa: Radio Authority 10 MAR WiiAT FUTURE FOR F.RKING & RURAL PROGRAlfilES? debate at Abbey Centre, London SWl 2-4.3Opm, £10. Voice Of The [.istener & Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, i:ent 01.12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 16 JV.B WHAT FUTURE FOR LIVE P!USIC? debate at C<xmUttee Roco, House of Ccx'rn:lns 6-7.3Opn. Voice Of The Listener & Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel : 0474-352835 16 MAR /K.Ift'I'HWEST EHG[.AJiI) closing date for new regional fl! licence serving 4.3 million adults. Wo: Radio AutbQrity 18 lIAR FOCUS ON RADIO (2) debate on Speech Radio at BT Confereooe Centre, Nevgate Street, London ECl. InCo: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London 'Ill. 4SZ Tel: 071-323-3837 2/3/4 APII WHAT FU'l'URE fOR PUBLIC SERVICE BROAOCASTING? - A GLOBAL ENQUIRY FOR LISTENERS & VIEWERS conference in London. Voice Of '!'he Listener & Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DAi2 500 tel: 0474-352835 6 APR COVEN'll!.V closing date for licence re-applications [or Aft & FM services serving 620,000 and 530,000 adults respectivel y. InCo: Radio AutboritJ 6 APR OONDEE/PERTH closing date Cor licence re-applications for M & FM services serving 280,000 and 240,000 adults respectjvely. InCa: Radio Authority 20 MlR FOCUS ON RAOIO (3) debate 00 music radio at BT Conference Centre, Newgate Street, London ECl. Info: 'nle Radio AcadenJ, PO Box 4SZ, London WIA 4SZ Tel : 071 -323-383'1 AIRMAIL PRI NTED PAPER RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 f raruo news 199J • I I,