Jared's barmitzvah presentation


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The presentation we showed guests at Jared's Barmitzvah party in 2008.

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Jared's barmitzvah presentation

  1. 1. Long, long ago … twoyoung folk met and fell inlove … got married and hadME!!
  2. 2. I had a bit of a tough time coming into this world … so they went and put me in a hot box!My name is Jared Aidan ..I weighed 3.6 kg on entry… just right!
  3. 3. After my Bris … which I don’tremember thank heavens .. . I waspacked and ready to go.
  4. 4. No-one said it would be easylooking after me ... So mysupport team took it in shifts …Mom got the Day Shift … And Dad got night shift .. Thank heavens for the bottle feeding idea!
  5. 5. When I slept … I really slept!
  6. 6. But when I was awake … I just had to know what was going on!
  7. 7. Otherwise I wouldentertain the supportstaff with myrenditions of Hamlet ..‘Alas poor dummy .. Iknew him well’
  8. 8. Mabel looked afterme … right up till Iwas big!
  9. 9. I got started on my computer studies early … I understood the mouse before I understood anything else.
  10. 10. I traveled the world … Egypt was fun.London was cool. Even Turkey was a blast!
  11. 11. Then my folks and I moved to Israel .. Here I amunpacking in the merkaz klita, Ra’anana.
  12. 12. School was great …especially when youhad a birthday! Not to mention all the girls I met .. This is Ariella!
  13. 13. Medicine was next!But I had to drop thatand start school …Bummer.
  14. 14. Modeling wasalso pretty cool… but all thosehours in thestudio weregrueling.
  15. 15. Tried myhand afarming …but youcan’t drift ina tractor.
  16. 16. Hanging with the family inIsrael was always fun!
  17. 17. When I discoveredPurim – I went andtried … Peter Pan Captain Hook was a hit though. But I only liked the hat!
  18. 18. The birthdays come and go! Party,party, party! My first bike!
  19. 19. I have always loved water ...I wonder if that’s why my teeth fellout?
  20. 20. Here are more cousins .. Beth, Amy and Thomas .. in their pool.
  21. 21. I’ve been back to South Africa .. Here are two of my cousins, Angela and Evan on Northcliff hill, Johannesburg !I even get haircuts from Granny Enid when I’m there!
  22. 22. And more cousins .. Mathew, Bradley, Joshua, Daniel .. Evan againand uncle Tim .. Even Granddad Doug.
  23. 23. And even more cousins .. Shir and Guy … my Israeli cousins.
  24. 24. My last birthday party was a little wild!
  25. 25. But now I’m big ... And there’s not muchleft to do …
  26. 26. Except to say Thank You to everyone who hasmade my life so exciting, full and blessed.
  27. 27. Thank You!!!!‫תודה‬