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Kramaley Slides: April Facebook Developer Garage
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Kramaley Slides: April Facebook Developer Garage


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  • 1. Social Games ROI
  • 2. Monetization of Social Applications
    • Users Become Customers:
    • Have to accommodate their demands
    • Carefully take into consideration their feedback and suggestions and try not to damage the balance of the app
  • 3. Monetization of Social Applications
    • Servers & technology needed:
    • Stability and reliability important factors in the monetization process
    • Performance issues cause frustration to users and may stop them from “investing” in your app
    • Plan for scalability
  • 4. Monetization of Social Applications
    • Stability and bug-free apps:
    • Bugs and errors in the code may cause frustration and damage the balance of the app
    • Glitches may be annoying to users and hinder usability
  • 5. Monetization of Social Applications
    • User Support:
    • Help new users getting around the app
    • Support users even if they are doing something wrong and it is not a problem with your app
    • Be polite and always show understanding, a happy user is good PR and more customers!
  • 6. Monetization of Social Applications
    • Porting:
    • Got all the previous things right ?
    • What's next ?
    • Porting from facebook to other social platforms
    • MySpace OpenSocial, Yahoo YOS
  • 7. Now... how to monetize?
    • Virtual Currency
      • Visible
      • Own Page
    • Our cheapest thing is
      • $2
      • Seen as cheap as $0.10
      • You must decide your own prices, tweak it, experiment, most of all make sure everyone is happy and you keep the game balance.
  • 8. Virtual Currency Purchase Options
    • Set up PayPal on your own
      • Bad: Support, VAT, chargebacks.
      • Good: Users deal directly with you & more revenue & offers are a side thing.
    • Let Offer Companies handle it all.
      • Easy, recommended when starting up!
      • Offerpal, SuperRewards, and other upcoming companies.
  • 9. Gold Memberships
    • First used on our first app, Dec 2007.
      • People loved to show support for their favorite game.
      • Game balance concerns, again!
      • Good:
        • Extra income.
        • GM are long-time supporters.
      • Bad:
        • Extra support workload.
  • 10. The Game Balance
    • Just like Sid Meier said: “Our approach to making games is to find the fun first and then use the technology to enhance the fun.”
    • You should “find the fun first and then add monetization options to enhance the fun”
      • Make games / apps fun and meaningful to use, balanced and fair to everyone.
      • Make sure everyone is happy, even the free users who do not pay as they are potentially new customers.
      • Make sure currency is spent in such a way that it enhances the users experience, and the fun (for all not just the spender)! (can be tricky to do)
    • Do Not:
      • Overpower people who purchase virtual currency and items.
      • Ignore people who play for free.
      • Forget that once you start monetizing you must keep good support or you might lose your customers.