Loving What You Do


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Loving What You Do

  1. 1. Loving What you do
  2. 2. Love what you do and live why you do it
  3. 3. If you don’t love what you do, how do you expect your customers to love your brand?
  4. 4. Why does LOVING IT matter? If you love it, you’ll fight for it. You’ll work harder for it. You will want to make sure it’s perfect, knowing that the details matter. You will inspire everyone working on the project to share your vision and passion.
  5. 5. Why does Loving your work matter? Love = Power = Profit LOVE IT INDIFFERENT BELOVED BRAND LIKE IT Promise Experience Story FreshnessStrategy Brands sit somewhere on the hypothetical Brand Love curve © Beloved Brands Inc. There are 5 connections needed to create love for your brand Your Brand Consumer Brand Power Media Consumers influencers Culture Channels Competitors Suppliers New Entrants Connectivity and love generates power for your brand. Pricing Trading Up/Down Product Costs Marketing Costs Stealing Other Users Users to Use More New Category New Uses Price Cost Share Market Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Having Power generates profit in 8 ways 1 2 3 4
  6. 6. If you love what you do, the customer will know.
  7. 7. If you love what you do, your boss will know.
  8. 8. But even more so, And most importantly you will know.
  9. 9. Loving what we do fuels us. And it shoud drive us. If we keep the bar low, we’ll never love what we do.
  10. 10. The big question for you: Look at what you do and say “Is it Fridge worthy?”
  11. 11. OK is the enemy of greatness
  12. 12. Time? Risk versus Fear? Do you care enough? Are you able to motivate others? 13 What is in the way of you Loving the work that you do? How much of this is real? And how much of it is a story you tell yourself that stuff is in the way?
  13. 13. Who do you expect to solve the Shouldn’t it be you?
  14. 14. Never love anybody who treats you like you are ordinary Oscar Wilde
  15. 15. So what is in your way of loving the work that you do? Just you.
  16. 16. We make Brands better and Brand Leaders better
  17. 17. Beloved Brands  We provide advice to help Brands find their way to higher growth  We provide brand leadership training to help Brand Leaders reach their full potential
  18. 18. Grays Cookie is the… To… That … That’s Because … (category frame of reference) Tasty low fat cookie (Target Market) Healthy Proac ve Preventers, 25-40, who want to do as much for overall health as they can (Ra onal/emo onal benefit/promise) gives you the best tas ng yet guilt free pleasure so you can stay in control of your health. • In blind taste tests, Grays Cookies matched the market leaders on taste, but only has 100 calories and 2g of fat. (Reasons to believe) With the target, benefit and reason to believe, you’ve created a great Posi oning Statement. • In a 12 week study, consumers using Grays once a night as a desert were able to lose 5lbs. • Grays uses all natural ingredients. Posi oning Try the new Visa Card, it gives the power back to you. • Are you red of black outs and seat restric ons from all those points you’ve earned?. • No Other Card Beats the x Visa. X Visa is the card that lets you use your points on more travel ac vi es! Use your points on any travel ac vity, anywhere you want and whenever you want to go. x helps you “beat the old, red travel points system”. Unlike most other travel credit cards, if you can charge it on your x Visa, you can redeem it with your points. With the new Visa, you can go wherever and whenever you want. Concept Positioning Statement Brand Concept These tools can kick-start your team on the pathway to achieving your brand’s full potential. Brand Plan Strategic Road Map Brand Assessment Ask us how we can help your brand find its way to more growth Where We Can Help You • Brand Positioning Statement • Brand Concepts for Testing • Creative Briefs ready for agency • Brand DNA and Big Idea • Deep dive Brand Assessment • Brand Strategic Road Map • Brand Plans • Coaching through Execution Beloved Brands Inc. 55 Bridewell Cres., Richmond Hill, ON Canada L4C 9C3 T: 416-885-3911 E: graham.robertson@beloved-brands.com CREATIVE BRIEF FOR GRAY’S COOKIES 1. Why Are We Advertising · Drive awareness and consideration of the new Grays Cookies as “The Healthy Choice to Snacking” brand positioning. 2. What’s the Consumer Problem We are Addressing · Cookies are my enemy. I’m always watching what I eat. And then BAM, I see a cookie and I’m done. As much as I look after myself, I still like to sneak a cookie now and then. 3. Who are you talking to? · “Proactive Preventers”. They do whatever it takes to stay healthy, they run, workout and eat right. Women, 25-45 with bulls-eye target of 35-40. For many, Food can be a bit of a stress-reliever and escape even for people who watch what they eat. 4. Consumer Insights · “I have tremendous will-power. I work out 3x a week, watch what I eat and maintain my figure. But we all have weaknesses and cookies are mine. I just wish they were less bad for you” · “I read labels of everything I eat. I stick to 1500 calories per day, and will find my own ways to achieve that balance. If I eat a 400 calorie cookie, it may mean giving something up.” · “I shop at Whole Foods and love to explore the new items. The last few years, there have been some tremendous advances in making great tasting options—in a healthy package.” 5. What does our consumer think now? · I’ve never heard of Grays Cookies. But I’d likely need to try it and see if I like it. If it really does taste that good, it’s something I might consider as a snack. 6. What do you want your consumer to think/feel/do? (Desired Response) · We want them to try Grays and see if they like the great taste. 7. What should we tell them? (Stimulus: benefit) · Grays Cookies are the best tasting yet guilt-free pleasure so you can stay in control of your health. You have to try it to believe it. 8. Why should they believe us? · Grays combines the great taste in a low fat and calorie sensible cookie. In blind taste tests, Grays Cookies matched the market leaders on taste, but only has 100 calories and 2g of fat. · In a 12 week study, consumers using Grays once a night as a desert were able to lose 5lbs. · Grays uses all natural ingredients. 9. Tone and Manner · Successful. Motivated. Reliable. In Control. Natural. 10. Media Options · Main creative will be in specialty health magazines, event OOH signage and in-store. Want to carry the idea into digital, social media and a microsite. 11. Mandatories · The line: “best tasting yet guilt-free pleasure” must be included in the spot. · 25% of Print must carry the Whole Foods logo as part of our listing agreement. · Legal disclaimer on the taste test and the 12-week study. Vision & DNA Creative Brief
  19. 19. • What is it that makes someone strategic and how to use strategic thinking in the role of a Brand Leader? • Brand Leaders will learn the elements of good strategic thinking: focus, early win, leverage and gateway. You will look at strategy in three ways: 1) consumer/customer 2) competitive view and 3) visionary strategy. • Hands-on workshops let you try out concepts on your own brands with hands-on coaching to help you improve. Menu of Available Brand Training Workshops for your Brand Leaders • Brand Leaders learn how to do a deep dive on their Brand an how to turn data into analytic stories. • We look at brand funnels, SWOT analysis, the wealth and health of the brand. We show how to write an analytical presentation and a best-in-class monthly report. • Through hands-on workshops, you’ll develop a Key Issues presentation using your own brands. • Brand Leaders learn how to write Brand Plans, whether a long-range strategic roadmap or one year brand plan. • We take you through each element of the Plan: vision, purpose, analysis, key Issues, strategies and tactics. The key take away is a very tight one page Brand Plan summary document for all to follow. • The workshop can be a great kick off to helping Brand Leaders frame their thinking on their own brand. • Brand Leaders learn the classic way to write a Brand Positioning Statement. A good positioning statement includes the target market, benefits, reason to believe (RTBs) in a tightly worded statement. We will show how it fits into a brand concept statement that can be ready for research testing. • The hands-on workshop can include writing of positioning statements, with live coaching. • Brand Leaders will help take the elements of Strategy (from the Brand Plan) and the Positioning (from the Brand Positioning Statement) and distill those down into a very succinct 1 page Creative Brief. • The hands-on workshop is a great tool for developing creative briefs on your brand, looking at objectives, target, consumer insights, stimulus and response. • Brand Leaders rely on many types of agencies to take their strategy and create work to express the strategy. • We teach an effective technique for judging advertising work regardless of the medium. It’s the ABC’S of Advertising: how well does the advertising drive Attention, Branding, Communication and Stickiness? • You’ll also learn effective ways for giving feedback, with hands-on role playing and critiquing. Strategic Thinking Positioning Statements Creative Briefs Judging Advertising Brand Analytics Brand Plans
  20. 20. How to contact Beloved Brands: Graham Robertson President and CMO Phone: 416 885 3911 Email: graham.robertson@beloved-brands.com Twitter: @grayrobertson1