Stages of the Brand Love Curve


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The more beloved the brand, the more profitable and valuable the brand is.

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Stages of the Brand Love Curve

  1. 1. Brands move through Four Stages of a Brand Love Curve
  2. 2. The Brand Love Curve Consumers move along The Brand Love Curve, going to fromIndifferent to Like It to Love It and finally to Beloved Brand for Life. At each stage the connection gets stronger.
  3. 3. Consumers move along the “Brand Love Curve” Understanding where your brand is on the Love Curve, helps choose strategies to push the brand to be More Loved. No Opinion.INDIFFERENT Not Aware. Confused. LIKE IT Not Interested. Stick to Current Brand. Crave It. Satisfies Need. Great Experience. A Thought About it. Tried it. Favourite. Emotional Practical. Makes Sense. Choice. Lifestyle Fit. LOVE IT BELOVED Self Expressive. BRAND Outspoken Fan. Would never switch. Memories. FOR LIFE Built into Life. 3
  4. 4. At the Beloved stage, demand becomes desire, needs become cravings, thinking is replaced with feelings.Indifferent Like It Beloved It will do Consider Loyal Unaware Use Un-relenting Unfamiliar Functional Personal Open Mind Enjoy It Possessive Other Brand Rational Outspoken Basic Needs Random Emotional 4
  5. 5. Every Brand sits at different Places on the Brand Love Curve. Where does your brand sit? LIKE IT Nestle Utilities Canned Fruit NBC WaterINDIFFERENT Mobil Gas Reach Toothbrush Chrysler GE Gap Clothing Burger HP Printers King Dell CNN Ford Canon Wendy’s Colgate Tide Honda Trident Staples Gillette Bose Samsung Wal-Mart Toyota LOVE ITGoogle BELOVED Subway Facebook Lulu Lemon BMW NFL Disney BRAND Cheesecake Factory Dove Nike FOR LIFE ESPN McDonalds Coke Harley Ferrari Starbucks Apple Apple Davidson 5
  6. 6. How can you Generate More Love for your Brand The The Brand Consumer T h e r e a r e 5 S o u r c e s of C o n n ec t i v i t y Promise Experience How well does Story Freshness How well does the the brand How well does Strategy How well does brand experienceconcept connect the brand the brand stay live up to andto the consumer What focused fresh and on top consistently deliver communicate choices does the of trends with the promise? their differences brand make to consumers? and move drive growth and Positioning consumers profits? Culture & Innovation Operations Communication Brand Plan
  7. 7. How you can Use the Connectivity as a Source of Power Conversations Consumers Popularity breads Think Less, Feel More. Key Influencers popularity. A line up Outspoken Defenders Channel attracts a line. More likely to actively People switch stores recommend before brands. Government Substitutes Want brand as part of Can’t duplicate their community. emotional appeal How the Beloved Partners New Entrants Actively solicit your Brand Wields its Harder to breakbrand for partnerships. through loyal users Power Suppliers Search Media Being a famous brand Willing to give a little beats paid SEO. to be part of brand. Social Media Employees Advocates follow & Advocates want to share. Spread news. Paid Media Earned Media work there. Fully Better slots, Lower Brand is newsworthy. Engaged on Day 1. rates, more New Products are a integrations lead story.
  8. 8. Four stages of the Brand Love Curve Indifferent Like It Love It Beloved
  9. 9. Where are you? There are significant differences for the brand, depending on where you are on the Brand Love Curve. Brand Love Why your brand is Indicators in the How to get the next Curve Stage here Market stage Commodity. You sell but Skinny Funnel. Shrinking Focus on niche. Mind1 Indifferent don’t market. New Margins. Share Squeeze. share. Mind Shift. New Product. Or you’ve fallen No Effort = No Sales. News. Drive Consideration from grace. & Purchase. Protective.& Cautious. Low conversion to sales. Build Bigger Following.2 Like It Rational thinking. New Brand does not feel Connect Emotionally with Brand with Momentum. different. Stagnant share. those that Love. Build Big Inconsistent. High Private Label. Idea. Emotional Connection. Robust Brand Funnel. Emphasize the Experience.3 Love It Consistent Positive Healthy Tracking Scores. Tug at the Heart to Drive a Experiences. Share Gains. Healthy P&L. Deeper Connection. Find Surprise and Delight. your magic. Iconic Self-Expression. Dominant Share. Net Broaden the Audience.4 Beloved Brand Manage Perceptions. Promoter Scores. Broaden the Offering. For Life About the Experience. Preferential Treatment. Don’t be Complacent. Wield Your Power. 9
  10. 10. 1 When your brand is at the Indifferent Stage, it’s moreIndifferent about selling than marketing. Having a brand at the Indifferent stage for too long is a recipe for disaster. If you’re new, you want to get to the Like It stage fast. If your brand is falling from grace, it could soon face obsolete. Shrinking share, falling sales, squeezed margins. And the spiral continues. How the consumer sees an Indifferent Brand: • Consumers have no real opinion of your brand at all. They don’t care or they are completely bored with your brand. They are not aware; they could be confused your concept or just not interested in what you are saying. They will stick to their current brand of if they do buy your brand they see it as a commodity. Why is your Brand Indifferent? • You have let yourself be a product commodity and you’ve not yet created a brand surrounding that product. There are 4 reasons why you are at the Indifferent Stage: 1. You sell but you don’t market 2. You are a new product on your way up still. 3. You have fallen from grace 4. You are a hated Brand with positional power (e.g. Utility). 10
  11. 11. 1 The internal health is not strong, and puts theIndifferent Indifferent Brand at a long term risk position. Indicators of Indifference • Very skinny brand funnel—not enough awareness • No Effort means No Sales • Low margins and profits • Share squeeze, by brands that are more liked. How to get beyond and get a bit more Liked • Win over a key niche, get a group to like you • Capture the Mind first, convince them. • Mind Shift, you may need an adjustment. • New News, bring your brand back to life. • Listen, hear what the consumer wants. Brands will not survive long at the Indifferent Stage. The drain on profits is a recipe for bankruptcy. 11
  12. 12. 2 When your brand is liked, but not Loved, your brand isLike It certainly not alone.Don’t feel bad about being at the Like It stage, because that’s where most brands are.• You have been able to carve out a niche and be a chosen brand against a proliferation of brands in the category. And you have good shares, moderate profits and most brand indicators are reasonably healthy. It’s just that no one loves youHow the consumer sees your brand:• Consumers see your brand as a functional and rational choice they make. They tried it and it makes sense so they buy it, use it and they do enjoy it. It meets a basic need they have. They likely prefer it versus another brand, but they think it is better, cheaper or easier to use. Or your mom told you to use it. But, consumers don’t have much of an emotional connection or feeling about the brand. Where Indifferent is really bad, you’re ordinary, which is just a little bit better. Overall, consumers see you brand in the “it will do” space. Brands at the Like It stage get complacent. You need to drive the Love into the work, and find the balance between rational and emotional benefits. 12
  13. 13. 2Like It You are likely too satisfied with what you’re doing.Why is your brand at the Like It stage?There are seven reasons why you are at the Like It Stage:1. Protective Brand Leaders means Caution, you choose safe every time. Boring work creates a boring brand.2. We are rational thinking Marketers, you aren’t comfortable being emotional.3. New Brand with Momentum, winning over the mind.4. There’s a Major Leak, there’s something holding you back.5. Brand changes their Mind every year. You keep shifting strategy or execution. There’s a bit of magic to beloved brands. But boring work just6. Positional Power–who needs Love, when you have produces a brand that technology, distribution or price. consumers are bored with.7. Brands who capture Love, but no Life Ritual. Stays a rare indulgence. 13
  14. 14. 2 To get to the next stage, the brand needs to layer inLike It emotion and push themselves to be great not just good.Indicators at the Like It stage• Low Conversion to Sales. You are considered but always beaten out.• Brand Doesn’t Feel Different. People see you as the same.• Stagnant Shares. You become complacent around your share.• High Private Label Sales. They start to creep up as you’re copied. No where to go.How to get to the Love It stage• Focus on action and drive Consideration and Purchase. Start closing the deal.• Begin to Leverage those that already Love. Build around them and let them influence others to join.• Love the Work. If you keep putting out “ok” work, you’ll get “ok” results. If you don’t love the work, how do you expect the consumer to love your brand.• Fix the Leak. Fix the thing that is bugging your consumer.• Build a Big Idea. Create an expression of your brand you can build around and connect. 14
  15. 15. 3Love It Not many brands make it to the Love It stage Reaching the Love It stage is a status few brands achieve. Congratulations. But don’t get complacent or you’ll fall back.• The Love It stage is where it starts to connect with the consumer’s life, whether it becomes a routine, a favourite or a ritual for the consumer. It usually takes years to achieve this status, but not always. With technology brands like IPods, they have reached Love It stage very fast. Not everyone stays at the Love It stage, many falling backwards because they stop innovating and being creative.How the consumer sees your Brand:• Consumers start to become loyal to their brand, possessive and even outspoken. There is an emotional connection layered on top of any rational reason they already had. The brands they love become part of their life—usually expressed as a routine. They will switch stores before they switch brands and they will go out of their way to get to their favourite brands. It is tough to displace that consumers love. 15
  16. 16. 3Love It Love It Brands have strong Internal HealthWhy is your Brand at the Love It stage?There are 3 reasons why you are at the Love It Stage:1. Emotional Connection2. Consistently Positive Experience3. Magical ways to Surprise and DelightIndicators that your Brand is Loved• Robust Brand Funnel. Healthy awareness, strong conversion to sales and loyalty with both repeat and positive net promoter scores.• Tracking Scores. Strong awareness, branding and message playback.• Share Gains. You start squeezing out weaker players.• Healthy P&L. Spending becomes efficient, margins healthy, sales strong. 16
  17. 17. 3Love It Love It brands find the right balance with EmotionsHow to get beyond and go the next stage1. Emphasize the Experience, going beyond the product.2. Tug at the Heart to Drive a Deeper Connection. Own an emotional space.3. Put the consumer front and centre, trying to establish a routine with your brand in it.4. Love the Work and Find Your Brand’s Magic. Find that emotional space that you can start to own, and cultivate on a deeper level. Focus on the Experience with the Consumer Front and Centre. Fit your brand into their Life. 17
  18. 18. 4 Beloved Brands are IconicBeloved At the Beloved Brand stage, you’ve become an iconic brand, either an all-time favourite brand or a brand of a generation. • These are brands are not only part of the lives of consumers; people identify themselves through these brands. People have conversations about these brands. Not only are people proactively outspoken, they would defend it as it’s their own brand. Just trying telling a Mac user that Windows 7 is better and you’ll experience just how embedded the brand is in their life. At this stage, you have to live and breathe as though you are the consumer. You should feel the constant pressure that you cannot let them down. How the consumer sees you: • The emotional connection becomes so strong, that the consumer becomes blind to logic. For these iconic brands, it’s no longer about actual quality, it becomes about perceived quality. And these brands are more than just part of their life; they are a favourite part of their day. They see these brands as a badge of who they are, proudly displaying for all to see. 18
  19. 19. 4 Beloved Brands are about the Experience and howBeloved consumers Feel about themselves when using the brand. Why are you here? There are four main reasons why you are at the Beloved Brand Stage: • Iconic Self-Expression. People see themselves through your brand. • You’ve Managed the Perceptions. You’re not trapped in logic of explaining why your brand is better or different. It’s assumed. • All about the Experience • Wielding Your Power: You start to wield the power that comes from the tight consumer connection. Indicators in the Market • Dominant Share Position • Net Promoter Scores. Outspoken loyal users convince others. • Preferential Treatment. • Measurable brand equity. 19
  20. 20. 4 License to Expand. Consumers will follow Beloved Brands.Beloved How to stay a Beloved Brand • Broaden the Audience. Use your love and momentum to Capture more consumers • Broaden the Offering: Capture more share of wallet of your most loyal consumers. • Don’t become complacent: Attack yourself, continue to improve. Gap, Cadillac, IBM computers, Levis, Sony, Kodak are former Beloved Brands who lost their way. Beloved Brands have reached iconic status, where they are cherished and desired. This love provides a source of power to drive profit and value 20
  21. 21. How the four stages of the Brand Love Curveaffect strategy and execution
  22. 22. Where your brand stands on the Brand Love Curve frames the strategic options you should pursue. Establish in the Mind: Awareness & Consideration Separate Yourself: Drive rational & emotional benefits to close the sale Tug at the Heart:Tighten Connection Continue the Magic: Maintain the Love
  23. 23. The Brand Love Curve Sets up your Strategic ChoicesIf your brand is… Then here are the potential strategiesINDIFFERENT Establish in the Mind: Awareness & Consideration • Mind Shift: drive a new position or re-enforce current equity • Mind Share: get more attention than competitors • New News: launching something new. • Turnaround: focused energy on opportunities, leaks LIKE IT Separate Yourself on Benefits: Close the sale • Drive Acquisition: new consumers to try. • Drive Penetration: get consumers to use more or differently • Consolidation: get consumers to do everything with brand. • Cross Sell: getting current customers to try other brands LOVE IT Tugs at the Heart: To tighten the Connection • Experience: shift focus from product to experience • Maintain: re-enforce our Brand equities. • Deeper: consolidation or broader usage of Brand. • New Reasons to Love: target our most loyal users first BELOVED Continue the Magic: Maintain the Love • Magic: Continue surprising and delighting your core followers. • Create Feedback Loop: use social media to tighten connection • Leverage Power: drive value from the source of power. • Attack yourself: continue to improve
  24. 24. The Brand Love Curve helps focus where and how the Brand Story gets told. Influence, leverage brand Announcement Style advocates to spread awareness to drive popularity to establish the brand beyond the product.Exclusivity Club: reward your most loyal Search and Seek, Surprise & Delight for those looking Keep the passion for information or alive with new expertise to help ways to love. guide them. Listening Forum, enables consumers to Point of Sale, to help separate establish their voice your brand, re-enforce points of with the brand. Wear the badge of Experience, difference and close the sale. getting those that love to share their experiences and influence others. 24
  25. 25. How the Brand Love Curve Matches up to Innovation and Product Development BELOVED Broaden Offering: Extend brand beyond core product. Use innovation to surprise and delight and support the love. Use innovation to attack current offering, but be aware your consumer might not want change. LOVE IT Create Experiences: Use innovation to become part of the consumer’s life, connecting emotionally and into their current life rituals. Explore peripheral products around routines. Keep investing to stay ahead of challengers. LIKE IT Separate Yourself: Use innovation to stay ahead or address gaps or flaws in the category. Use claims or build support points to separate yourself on quality, performance, experience or value. Focus on being better.INDIFFERENT Product Focus: Either one core product or line extensions, now would be the time to use innovation to help explain purpose, idea or concept as well as a real point of difference versus current offerings to break through and solve an unmet need. 25
  26. 26. The Brand DNA should be an internal beacon to the Culture To move along the Brand Love Curve, aligning the culture to the brand becomes crucial BELOVED Culture and Brand are One: The Brand becomes an internal beacon for culture—the brand’s people are the strongest most outspoken fans who spread the brand’s virtues. LOVE IT Culture is backbone to deliver the Ideal Experience: Use purpose driven vision, beliefs and values to challenge the team to create and deliver that experience. Begin using power of a loved brand to attract and retain the best. LIKE IT Culture stands out on some unique dimension of Quality: Be more consumer centric (customer first) Begin to push the culture to create a unique delivery of the product experience. Use Leaky bucket analysis to address weaknesses. Set up forums for innovation—take risks on the best ideas. INDIFFERENT Focus on Organizational Alignment to Brand DNA: Hold the culture up the lens of the brand DNA and ensure the right team in place to deliver against the needs of the brand. Don‘t force culture too much, but use a purpose driving vision as a guiding principle.
  27. 27. Beloved = Power = Growth = Profit
  28. 28. “If you don’t love the work, how do you expect the consumer to fall in love with your brand?” Graham Robertson Beloved Brands Inc. Please visit the Beloved Brands blog at
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