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Tom Barrett 'interesting ways' series

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12 interesting way_to_use_a_nintendo_wii_in_th

  1. 1. 12 Interesting Ways* to use a Nintendo Wii in the Classroom *and tips Wii by Ramen JunkieThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionNoncommercial Share Alike 3.0 License.
  2. 2. #1 - Wii Golf Subtraction4 Player roundStart by making a note of the lengthof the hole you are about to play(A).Choose someone to come out andtee off. When their ball comes to arest it will show how far to the hole(B). It does not show the length oftheir shot – so complete the Pic: Look at Mii golf!subtraction with the class A – B = C(shot length) More hereWe repeated this for the other three @tombarrettplayers.
  3. 3. #2 - Explaining 2D and 3D with SuperPaper Mario If/when all else fails the character can flip between 2d and 3d to see the area in a totally different perspective.
  4. 4. #3 - To keep fit
  5. 5. #4 - Use as a Reward/IncentiveUse the Wii as part of areward or incentive programto motivate students inreading, comprehension, orother subject area.For information on a specificprogram using the Wii (WiiRead), click here. Wii Picture@woodsar
  6. 6. #5 - Number bonds to 10Use Wii Sports Bowling withyounger children to practicenumber bonds to 10.Write down the number ofpins knocked down and thoseleft standing to create anumber sentence. Even very young children can bowl on the Wii and thisSome children could be activity practices lots of otherextended by writing down a early maths skills, such asthree part sum with the one to one correspondencesecond ball. and counting small sets. @claire_barnes
  7. 7. #6 - Mario Kart Descriptive LanguageUse Mario Kart to explore different tracks / worlds (links to"Stories set in imaginary worlds" on Primary Framework).Descriptive writing of settings. Create new Mario charactersthen more descriptive language. @primarypete_
  8. 8. #7 - Wii in the ESL Classroom Use the Check Mii Out Channel to introduce appearance vocabulary.- each student creates a mii in their own likeness - collect appearance words - review at ESL Tower - worksheet Lisa Robertson at lrobertson@rsu14.org
  9. 9. #8 - Wii in the Maths Classroom Bowling for Data - Data Collection used in determining mean, median, mode, range Lisa Robertson at lrobertson@rsu14.org
  10. 10. #9 - In MFL lessons• Use Mario Kart to practise directional vocabulary. Children can direct the driver by shouting out instructions, eg. "gauche!" (left!) "droite!" (right!). Extend by introducing additional vocab, eg. "plus vite" (faster!) "ralentis!" (slow down!).• Use the Mii editor to teach and practise physical descriptions. (see tip #7).• For more advanced students (more-able GCSE & A Level), use My French Coach/My Spanish Coach to independently learn new vocabulary. @simcloughlin
  11. 11. # 10 Wii Sports for fractions.Use bowling in wii sports for introducing fractions, someequivalence of fractions, adding and subtracting fractions.More details at http://dr-u.co.uk/e9NxMP @robertd198181
  12. 12. #11 Mario and Sonic help convert measures.In the Mario and Sonic at the Olympics game, use longjump, triple jump, hammer throw etc to provide data in mfor children to convert into cm, mm, km and Imperialmeasures as appropriate.More details can be found at http://dr-u.co.uk/e2j8IL @robertd1981
  13. 13. #12 Use the remote as an interactive WhiteboardIn 2009 there was an episode of TED Talks that demonstrated the use of a Wiiremote as an interactive white board. Since that time other software developershave improved the concept and have developed hardware for this as aneducational solution at the fraction of the cost of a traditional interactive whiteboard.We are currently doing a demo of one from http://www.irgreat.com. Do a searchfor a local reseller or a provider in your area. @hairynomas & @nort2h
  14. 14. If you would like to: • Contribute your ideas and tips to the presentation. • Let me know how you have used the resource. • Get in touch. You can email me or I am @tombarrett on If you add a tip (or even Twitter if you dont) please tweet about it and the link so more people can contribute.I have created a page for all Image: ‘Sharing‘of the Interesting Wayspresentations on my blog. Thanks for helping Tom BarrettThe whole family in oneplace :-) Have you seen Maths Maps yet?