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Staples Final

  1. 1. “ A hotline is useful in and of itself. But the real value is being able to pull together the information we receive. It is about what we can do to resolve the issues that arise. EthicsPoint’s system gives us comfort as an organization that the information is in one place, it is being investigated by the right people, and problems cannot be simply swept under the rug. ” Retail Industry EthicsPoint Supplies Staples an Efficient Hotline and Case Management System. “Staples Soul” is a concept symbolized by a heart formed out of a paperclip. It stands for a commitment to diversity, the environment, the community, and ethics: the four cornerstones of Staples’ corporate responsibility. Nan Stout Founded in 1986, Staples has become the world’s largest Vice President of office products company with 91,000 employees in Business Ethics 27 countries. The company chose a partnership with EthicsPoint to reinforce its commitment to business ethics.
  2. 2. Can Business Ethics Elevate The Ideal Solution: EthicsPoint’s Issue & Event Manager Software a Company to Superior Nan started working with EthicsPoint’s implementation team Performance? to make sure the system matched the unique processes and workflow Staples wanted to establish to make sure ethical issues were discovered and resolved. Nan Stout, Vice President of Business “ No company can completely eliminate misconduct, but if something goes Ethics at Staples, believes her wrong, these processes make sure the company is united because right people are involved to investigate people share a passion. and contain the issue. ” Currently, the intake system is augmented by a set of policies The foundations of Staples Soul enable the and procedures that make sure the company is aware of any company to easily engage with issues of diversity, ethical risk. Employees report suspected issues primarily environment, community and ethics. The result is a through the web-based portal Staples developed with better business. EthicsPoint, and also through the traditional hotline and direct conversations with human resources managers. Regardless of the intake method, each reported complaint and inquiry is evaluated, investigated and tracked using EthicsPoint’s case management software. The information Nan receives is consistent and easy to evaluate. Focus on Retail Putting business ethics into practice is not easy even “ I have professionals tracking ethics investigations worldwide. EthicsPoint with dedicated, compassionate employees, says Nan makes it easy for them to gather the ” Stout, Vice President of Business Ethics. However, having information I need. good intentions and processes is an excellent start. It is the company’s desire to go above and beyond mere When Staples began formulating an official ethics requirements that helps make Staples successful, Nan claims. program, the company recognized the importance of The Staples Soul concept attests to a responsible corporate culture that values good business relationships, ethical increasing information intake and investigating each behavior and productivity. reported issue. “ While even the best intentions can never eliminate every We want employees to feel comfortable possibility of misconduct, the best processes can help. The speaking up, whether it is a complaint company’s heartfelt commitment to stand for something or an inquiry. That allows us to fix any more than financial performance has had a noticeable effect. little issues before they have a chance Documenting the Results to become big problems. ” As Staples has grown and changed, Nan has continued to At first, Staples tried to create its own hotline and case work closely with EthicsPoint to keep the flexible system management feature to provide that functionality, but configured to Staples’ needs. The development of an ethical it quickly became clear that a third-party system would culture is an ongoing engagement, but Nan is pleased with the results. make the process easier and more efficient. • Easier information intake anywhere in the world. Staples chose a partnership with EthicsPoint to develop • Easier tracking and managing of ethics investigations. a hotline and case management system that met the • Reinforcement of a positive business culture. company’s specific needs. Trying to elevate your company’s ethical performance like Nan did? Our retail industry representative can be reached at 866-297-0224