Graduate College Debt Free With Me


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This is a presentation to learn how to graduate college debt free. There is information for both parents and students.

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  • We are building a group of students that want to graduate without loans.
  • This is the current reality. Students are moving back home with insurmountable debt and Graduate College Debt Free With Me Movement is reversing the trend so that students can start their adult lives off with Something
  • Have you heard the news lately? As a country we are at a trillion dollars of student loan debt.
  • Here are examples of unmanageable debt.
  • Tell the story of the teacher from MI. Run the numbers.
  • Leveraged distribution through a network of consumers. Give an example of networking. Have you ever told people about something that you enjoyed? You tell people about your experiences all the time. Movies, clubs restaurants, doctors, beauticians. You have been telling people about network marketing all your life.
  • State that this figure comes out to be $100 a per month
  • Don’t ask are there any questions. Ask, “what did you like about what you heard?” Give the application to those who don’t want to be the average college student.
  • Graduate College Debt Free With Me

    1. 1. Tonjala Eaton, Campaign Founder Ardyss International, Strategic Partner
    2. 2. GRADUATE COLLEGE DEBT FREE WITH ME!Goals:• To help college student complete their educational programs without STUDENT LOANS and CREDIT CARD DEBT!• To provide individuals struggling to pay off their student loans and cover cost of living expenses by adding an additional monthly income of $500.• To expose the dangerous outcomes of having unmanageable debt.
    3. 3. WHO ARE WE?Tonjala Eaton • Higher Education Professional with 10 years of experience in the field of experiential education • Master’s of Arts in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education, Michigan State University, 2010 • Institute for International Public Policy Fellow • Tom Joyner Scholarship Recipient • Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs • Academic Advisor at Lansing Community College
    4. 4. WHO ARE WE?Graduate College Debt Free With Ardyss International• In 1990, Mr. Antonio Diaz de Leon launched Ardyss International in Mexico City, Mexico• In 1993, the first Ardyss products were exported to the United States of America• In 2002, Ardyss introduced an an all-natural nutritional product to expand current product lines• In 2002, Ardyss International surpassed $10 million a month in monthly sales• In February 2011, Ardyss profits were $900,000.• Created 10 new millionaires in the last three years.I
    5. 5. Something
    6. 6. CURRENT REALITIES ABOUT STUDENT LOAN DEBT• National student loan debt has exceeded $1 Trillion.• Student loan debt is being referred to as the new indentured servitude.• The federal government will no longer pay interest on undergraduate federal loans during the six month grace period after graduation.• Graduate students will have to pay interest on all federal loans while they are in school for any loans taken after July 1, 2012.• Loan repayments can be equivalent to a mortgage or rent.• Loan repayments can be as high as 30% of yearly income.
    7. 7. Do you know much you will owe? Find out at
    8. 8. ESTIMATED REPAYMENT SCHEDULEPrincipal for Federal loans Estimated Interest at 6.8%, Total Cost of Monthly total number of Loan Payment payments to payoff debt$15,000.00 $175.00 $5,594.27, 118 $20,594.2720,000.00 230.00 7,619.31, 120 27,619.3123,000.00 265.00 8, 746.03, 120 31, 746.0330,000.00 345.00 11,428.97, 120 41,428.9740,000.00 460.00 15,238.63, 120 55,238.6346,000.00 530.00 17,492.07, 120 63,492.0750,000.00 690.00 14,559.43, 94 64,559.43
    9. 9. CONSEQUENCES OF UNMANAGEABLE DEBT• Bad credit • Credit is determined by your credibility, stability and liquidity• Delay starting a family• Delay marriage• Second mortgages• Negative impact on cosigners• Retirees still paying loans from social security checks
    12. 12. I’d rather earn 1% of many people’s effort than 100% of my effort alone ~Warren Buffett
    13. 13. DO YOU KNOW THESE SUPPORTERS OFNETWORK MARKETING? Author of The Money Book for the Business Mogul and Star of The Apprentice Young, Fabulous & Broke
    14. 14. Getting PAID month after month after month!• Residual Income is defined as : Doing something onceand getting paid over and over again, month aftermonth, year after year i.e. writing a best selling book, ahit movie or song.• Examples: J. K. Rowling wrote “Harry Potter” and isnow a billionaire from that book and subsequent series.• James Cameron wrote and directed “Avatar” will bepaid on that for the rest of his life not to mention themovie “Titanic” too.• Michael Jackson’s estate and his children will be paidfor generations for what he did from the 1970’s-2009.
    15. 15. MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT NETWORKMARKETING• Illegal pyramid scheme  No products involved  Income is controlled• Work with several people• An individual does not need training
    16. 16. POWER OF 3 SYSTEM• The Power of 3 System: • Step 1: Transfer buying from major big box stories to purchase the same products from Ardyss International. Example: Do you purchase washing powder, vitamins, and cleaning products on a consistent basis? Ardyss will begin paying you for being a customer when you tell others about the company. • Step 2: Share this presentation with other college students. When three to five friends decide they want to participate and use this system to Graduate College Debt Free Ardyss will pay you. • Step 3: Help your three to five friends duplicate Step 1.
    17. 17. POWER OF 3 IN ACTION Blair participates in the Power of 3 and invited 3 friends. She made $135. Chase uses Ardyss Kim feeds NutriShake Amber hungry and Enerlife to drinks Le children Vive to help through build muscle her focus the mass while while Ardyss working out. studying. Cares Program.
    18. 18. POWER OF 3 IN ACTION, TWO MONTHS LATER Blair continues to receive her nutritional products and she Chase made Amber made $90. $135 and is duplicated helping is 3 Blair’s best friends system and made do the same. $135. Kim loves helping those in need and she made $135.00 Lucida is happy to join Stacy has the team told her family about also. Leslie is planning to the program. Tasha is move off-campus by using the using the Power of 3. all natural skin care Lori is line and graduating Casie is planning for soon and is her future and lost 10 loves the products. able to have anSteve is pounds since income whileexcited Sheena is drinking Le Vive. job searching. Amanda is happyabout preparing to that Chase askedgraduating study abroad her to be a part ofwithout by using the the Power of 3.
    19. 19. Ardyss welcomes new Platinum Presidents to January 2012 with big checks for December monthly earnings
    20. 20. PERU- Median Household Income is $400 per month
    21. 21. gA message toTESTIMONIES college students from Millionaire Jewel Tankard
    22. 22. Jose Garcia, $45,430 Graduate Debt Free Laura Bell, $45,430 Has student loansalary, Comm. major salary, Comm. major and credit debtMonthly Net Income $2,650.08 Monthly Net Income $2,650.08from job (gross-taxes) Total Income $2,650.08GCDFWM Income 5,000.00 ExpensesTotal Income $7,650.08 Rent 545.00Expenses Renter’s Insurance 25.00Rent $545.00 Car Payment 345.00Renter’s Insurance 25.00 Car Insurance 95.00Car Payment 345.00 Cable & Internet 65.00Car Insurance 95.00 Food 200.00Cable & Internet 65.00 Entertainment/Clothes 100.00Food 200.00 Gas 70.00Entertainment/Clothes 175.00 Student loan repayment 530.00Gas 70.00Savings 400.00 Savings 200.00Investments 300.00 Credit Card 85.00Total Expenses $2,220.00 Total Expenses 2,260.00Disposable Income $5,430.08 Disposable Income 390.08
    23. 23. Recommended!Qualifies you for thePower StartProgram!
    24. 24. I WANT TO GRADUATE DEBT FREE BUT…..I do not believe it is possible… Consider the Clay Bragg’s story.I do not want to sell anything..We are not asking you to sell. If this information was helpful, then pass the link on to your friends, family members and colleaguesI do not have the money..evaluate your current budget for income saving opportunities. Refrain from eating or going out. Work additional hours. Provide a service in exchange for money (cut/style hair, tutor, sell old items, use coupons, etc.).I do not have time..How many hours are you hanging out? on social media? procrastinating? sleeping?
    25. 25. RESOURCES• War On Debt System by Dani Johnson• Breaking Free Financially by Bob Harrison• www.onetonline.orgBooks:• Millionaire Maker by Loral Langemeier• Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
    26. 26. Partner with Us We Value Financial & Time Freedom!
    27. 27. BENEFITS OF PARTICIPATING IN GRADUATECOLLEGE DEBT FREE WITH ME• Gain skills in business, teamwork, and communication• Develop a network of friends from other schools• Submit business expenses when filing taxes • Former IRS Council Sandor Botkin states a home-based business tax advantage could save a person between $2,000-$15,000• Graduate College Without Debt
    28. 28. What’s Next? Make a Decision Today!Get started today. Contactthe person that sent you to thisthis presentation or