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Krazy kung fu literature circles
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Krazy kung fu literature circles


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  • 1. AbcdefghIJKLMNO
    Krazy Kung-Fu Literature Circles
  • 2. As part of our reading activities, we meet once a week with our literature circle groups. The groups change on a regular basis so we don’t get too comfortable.Our group is reading Fantastic Mr . Fox. My job was the real life connector.
  • 3. The first thing we do is share the information we have gathered from our previous meetings reading. Each one of us has a job we complete while reading the pages we have assigned ourselves.
  • 4. One person is the discussion leader and asks questions that the rest of us answer. We check our answers in the book we are reading.
  • 5. One of us is the Word Wizard and we find new words we don’t understand and find the meaning of the words to share with the group.
  • 6. One of us analyses a character, identifying traits and evidence about his/her characteristics from the book.
  • 7. One of us relates parts of what we read to something that has really happened.
  • 8. Our group chose to read The MinPinsbecause we want to focus on Roald Dahl books and so far we have found that the boy named Little Billy went to the Forest of Sin and a beast, the Spittler, was trying to get him. He climbed up a tree and he found little people called the MinPins. We keep all our work in our literature circle basket.
    - Sofia and Sam
  • 9. On this sheet of paper we write about how we have done in our literacy circles. We always do it at the end of our meeting because it is about reviewing on what we have done and how good we have been to our group. At the bottom it says if we have said if we have been awesome or getting better or we need to work harder.
  • 10. Here I am writing about an event from the story and comparing it with something that happened with the people in my group.
  • 11. We are reading Aliens For Dinner together so that we understand what we are reading. We take turns reading out loud. If we make a mistake we help each other. If we don’t understand a word we tell what the word means.
  • 12. I was the recorder this time. I am writing down who’s doing what job. I am the summarizer for next time.
  • 13. I am the discussion leader and I asked my group about their favorite parts. We are reading those parts.
  • 14. I am down the writing pages that we agreed to read before we share our jobs.
  • 15. I am reading the pages that we agreed on so I can complete my job. When I finish I will do reading café.
  • 16. Now that I finished my job I was asking questions that I had written down when I read on my own. My group members answer the questions.
  • 17. Literature circles are fun!