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Global Thermostat: A Profitable Solution to Climate Change
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Global Thermostat: A Profitable Solution to Climate Change


Published on

Graciela Chichilnisky of Global Thermostat gives a presentation at the Young Startup Venture Summit in NYC.

Graciela Chichilnisky of Global Thermostat gives a presentation at the Young Startup Venture Summit in NYC.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. globalthermostat Company Confidential globalthermostat A Profitable Solution to Climate ChangeJune, 2014 a carbon negative solution globalthermostat
  • 2. globalthermostat Company Confidential globalthermostat 2 Climate & Industry Facing Carbon Challenge Industrial Markets ($5B) Food & Beverage Refrigeration & Greenhouses Carbonates Concrete / Cement Polymers Graphene Crop Improvement Oil & Gas ($800B) Enhanced Oil Recovery Clean-up of Natural Gas Processing Renewable Fuels ($T+) Algae Biofuels Synthetic Gasoline Substantial Unmet Demand 300 320 340 360 380 400 1958 1968 1978 1988 1998 2008 CO2 PPM ≈20% increase in atmosphere concentration in last half-century Readings hit 400ppm in 2013 for first time …but huge demand for CO2 unmet… …due to three critical issues Atmospheric CO2 levels rising… Critical Challenge: Profitably Harnessing Atmospheric CO2 for Productive Industrial Use – creating Abundant, Reliable, Low Cost Supply Wherever Needed Limited Supply High Capture Costs Difficult to Transport Natural subterranean reserves limited, depleting, geo-specific Competing carbon capture methods prohibitively expensive CO2 is extremely difficult to transport economically,
  • 3. globalthermostat Company Confidential globalthermostat 3 Low-Cost, Breakthrough Process Advanced Modular Design Slashes CAPEX & OPEX; Eliminates Transport Costs Absorption Regeneration Low-energy, low-cost Abundant Supply Location Independent Affordable w/o Subsidies or Carbon Credits GT’s Proven, Patented Approach to Producing CO2 : A Truly Disruptive, Proprietary Solution CO2 supplied on-site, wherever needed  Eliminates trucks & pipelines Can be stand-alone, or co- located w/ large emitters  Needs only residual heat, and electricity  Ideal for remote locations CO2 drawn directly from air, or from industrial flues Supplied in any quantity, via totally modular design  Modules capture 50,000- 100,000 tonnes/yr. each  Can expand as needed, by adding more modules Easy to integrate with existing or new-built power plants  Has been done with just one day of power plant down-time Small footprint: fits on land adjacent to industrial facilities Carbon negative: captures more CO2 than energy input requires CO2 remains trapped  Patented “Carbon Sponge”: porous monolith blocks coated with proprietary amine sorbents  Ambient Air and/or Flue Gas flows through and binds to sorbent – Structure & process resemble a car’s catalytic converter 3. Monoliths return to air stream; cycle restarts … 2. Low temperature “residual”/ process heat applied, releasing 98%+ pure CO2 for collection 1. Monoliths lowered into sealed chamberCO2 Available in atmosphere, unlimited supply Air or flue gas Air exits w/o CO2
  • 4. globalthermostat Company Confidential globalthermostat 4 Technology Development, IP Prototype Demonstration Next Step: Commercialize & Scale Technology Fully Baked • Created by Peter Eisenberger and Graciela Chichilnisky • Leading technical partners IP Rights Secured • Strong IP portfolio – 10 patents so far – Worldwide rights • Freedom To Operate opinion Prototypes Operational • Two prototypes validate technology & economics • Results consistent from bench- to pilot-scale Design for Manufacture • Continue to develop engineering plans for full- scale production units Sales • Advance negotiations with large industrial partners • Contract & Execute projects IP Commercialization • Advance IP licensing negotiations with large strategics Solution is Demonstrated, Starting to Scale 10 Patents Protect Technology Two Prototypes with SRI Validate Technology Arranging Financing and Partnerships to Scale
  • 5. globalthermostat Company Confidential globalthermostat 5 Graciela Chichilnisky CEO & Founder • World leading economist, entrepreneur, executive, and inventor in IT, financial instruments, and CO2 capture • Founder CEO of FITEL and Cross Border Exchange, successful financial services technology companies • Author of the Kyoto Protocol’s carbon market legislation (EU ETS) • PhD in Math from MIT and in Economics from UC Berkeley • Tenured Professor Columbia University, previously Harvard and Stanford Peter Eisenberger CTO & Founder • Leader and technology innovator in the global energy industry, and CO2 capture • 20+ year career including heading global R&D at Exxon, and lead scientist at Bell Labs • Tenured professor and former Vice Provost at Columbia University • Former Director of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory • Founding Director Princeton University Materials Institute • Founding Director Columbia University Earth Institute Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Investor & Chairman • Chairman, Endeavor Global • General Partner at Accretive LLC • Former President and CEO of the Seagram Company • Former Chairman and CEO of the Warner Music Group • Recently successfully sold Warner for US$3.3 billion Key Advisors Ron Chance Emeritus Science Advisor, Exxon Rocco Fiato Accelergy, Exxon Roger Chuppa Power Engineers Collaborative Jerry Meldon Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Tufts University Leadership Team, Advisors, Partners Research & Technology Partners
  • 6. globalthermostat Company Confidential globalthermostat 6 Summary True, Proven Technical Breakthrough Technology solves critical barriers to productive CO2 application in industry Enormous Market Potential Large, diverse and unmet market opportunity today Significant opportunity to expand market, enables new applications – $ Trillions per year opportunity Advanced Development Stage Major technical proof-points established and protected with robust IP worldwide Clear Path to Exit Several paths to both create a big business and reach a liquidity event in 3-5 years Graciela Chichilnisky - CEO & Founder 212.678.1148
  • 7. globalthermostat Company Confidential globalthermostat 7 Next GT Commercial Plant GT’s Tandem Commercial Modules produce approximately 100,000 tonnes/yr. of CO2. Operating cost is just $10/tonne of CO2. CO2 sells for $40/tonne, generating gross margins of $3MM/yr./module. Each 1MM tonne/yr. Plant requires ten such Modules, producing $30MM in annual gross profit to GT.