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The Violence of Nature导入
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The Violence of Nature导入



Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. Module 3 The Violence of Nature Introduction
  • 2. Snow disaster 冰柱: icicles
  • 3. Return power failure
  • 4. Return Snow disaster frozen surface All the bus service has been halted.
  • 5. Almost 150,000 passengers were stuck at Guangzhou railway station by Jan.26 night after a power failure caused by snow, ice and sleet stopped more than 136 electric trains in Hunan province on the trunk line between Beijing and Guangzhou.
  • 6. What kinds of natural disasters do you know about?
  • 7. Flood Flood Flood : a lot of water in an area which is usually dry the most costly natural hazard in many locations around the world...
  • 8. Hurricane Hurricanes: very strong tropical storm, and they usually occur in the southern Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico Hurricane
  • 9. Tsunamis Tsunamis: Almost unnoticeable at sea, these vast waves can wash away entire communities Tsunamis
  • 10. Tornado Tornado: a rotating column of air from a thunderstorm to the ground rotate: move round a central point Tornado
  • 11. Return Earthquake Earthquake: sudden, violent movement of the earth’s surface Earthquake
  • 12. flood hurricane lightening thunderstorm tornado
    • A lot of water in an area which is usually dry
    • 2. A very strong wind or storm
    • 3. A lot of rain falling quickly ,with loud noises and flashes of light
    • 4. The flash of light which happens during a thunder storm
    • 5. A column of air that turns very quickly
    flood hurricane thunderstorm lightening tornado
  • 13. Discussion & Speaking 1 、 Have you ever experienced a thunderstorm ? a flood ? a hurricane ? a tornado? Can you describe it ? 2 、 Discuss in pairs about the causes and the bad results of natural disasters, then give a short speech about how to struggle against these disasters.