B8M2 The Renaissance
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B8M2 The Renaissance






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B8M2 The Renaissance Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Module 2 The Renaissance
  • 2. Copernicus Dante Raphael Michelangelo Leonardo da Vinci
  • 3. Mona Lisa The Last Supper David The Sistine Madonna The Divine Comedy
  • 4. Match the words with their meanings. architecture art contribution employ literature philosophy talent trade
    • the study and design of buildings
    • the study of the meaning of life
    • something that you give
    • to give someone a job
    • business, especially between different countries
    • painting and drawing
    • novels, poems, etc. especially good ones
    • a natural skill
    architecture philosophy contribution employ trade art literature talent
  • 5. What is the main idea of the passage? A. This passage mainly explains why Leonardo is an extraordinary genius B. This passage generally introduces the Mona Lisa----the mysterious masterpiece. C. This passage gives the reader a brief introduction to the Renaissance and factors and influences of it. C.
  • 6. Read paragraph 1 ﹠ 2 and answer the questions. 1. Why was the Renaissance given this name? 2. When and where did the Renaissance begin? 3. Which work of art best expresses the spirit of the Renaissance? Because it has the concept of “rebirth’. It took place in the 14th to 16th century in Italy. The Mona Lisa. An introduction to the Renaissance Title:
  • 7. Read paragraph 3,4﹠5 of the passage and answer: What made the Renaissance possible? 1. Europe was getting richer and richer, which means people had money to spend on the arts. Three influential factors of the Renaissance 2. Renaissance artists found new ideas for their work in classical Greece and Rome. 3. The sense of exploration motivated the artists to go hand in hand with a new type of philosophy. Title:
  • 8. The Renaissance was a time of __________ invention. Leonardo was not only a painter, but also a _________ inventor. _________ he went, he carried a notebook around with him, in which he wrote down his ideas. In short, Leonardo was an ___________ genius, an example of what has been described as “ __________ man”: someone interested in everything and with many different _______ . But even if his only ____________ to history had been the Mona Lisa, it would have been _______ enough for all time. Read paragraph 6﹠7 and fill in the blanks. scientific skilled Wherever extraordinary Renaissance talents contribution genius A great painter of the Renaissance--- Leonard Title:
  • 9. An introduction to the Renaissance Three influential factors of the Renaissance 1 2 3 5 6 7 A great painter of the Renaissance --- Leonard Para( )---( ) Part 3 Para( )---( ) Part 2 Para( )---( ) Part 1 Titles Paragraphs Parts
  • 10. Read the passage again and decide which of the following statements are true or false? 1. The Mona Lisa expresses the spirit of the Renaissance more than any other works. ( ) 2. The Europeans didn’t wake up after the long sleep of the Middle Ages until the Renaissance. ( ) 3. Artists found it easier to sell their works. ( ) 4. There was less scientific invention during the Renaissance than in any other period of history. ( ) 5. Leonardo didn’t have a lot of time to do scientific research towards the end of his life. ( ) T T T F F
  • 11. A summary of the text: This passage gives the reader a brief introduction to the Renaissance and factors and influences of it. The passage begins with the example of the Mona Lisa and ends up with a short summary of its painter, Leonardo, so the passage is carefully designed. Writing techniques Main idea
  • 12. 1. Tell us what the Renaissance is. 2. Make the readers have a good knowledge of the Renaissance and its importance in the European history. Writing purpose
  • 13. Homework: Preview another passage about the Renaissance ----- “The Puzzle of the Mona Lisa” on page 25 to learn more about the Renaissance and the Mona Lisa.