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B1m1一新 B1m1一新 Presentation Transcript

  • Module 1 My First Day at Senior High INTRODUCTION, READING AND VOCABULARY
  • Introduction Subjects biology chemistry English Japanese geography Russian history IT (Information Technology) Chinese mathematics physics PE (Physical Education)
  • Answer the questions:
    • 1 How many of the subjects are science subjects?
    • 2 Which of the science subjects do you study at your school?
    • 3 How many of them are languages?
    5. (biology chemistry geography mathematics physics) All the subjects except Japanese and Russian. 4. English, Japanese, Russian and Chinese.
  • Answer the questions:
    • 4 Which languages do you study at your school?
    • 5 Which of them are not academic subjects?
    • 6 Which are your three favorite subjects?
    Chinese and English. PE and IT.
  • Complete the sentences:
    • 1 I like ______ because ___________.
    • 2 I think _____ is important because ___________.
    • 3 I think ______ is difficult because ___________.
    • 4 I would like to study ______ because ____________________.
  • Module 1 My First Day at Senior High INTRODUCTION, READING AND VOCABULARY
  • Talk about the activities in your Junior High
  • What can you see in your Senior High
  • Match the words with their definitions
    • Enthusiastic
    • History
    • Encourage
    • Method
    • Fluent
    • hard-working
    • help someone do
    • putting lots of effort into sth.
    • way of doing sth.
    • speak a language well
    • study of the past
    • very interested in sth.
  • Match the phrases with its Chinese
    • a city not far from Beijing
    • a very enthusiastic woman called Ms Shen
    • the method of doing
    • be nothing like
    • introduce ourselves to each other
    • give sb. Instructions
    • in other words
    • three times as many girls as boys
    • write a description of
    • look forward to
    做某事的方法 一点也不像 一位姓沈的热情的女士 离北京不远的一个城市 给某人一些说明指示 换句话说 我们相互作自我介绍 期待 描述 女孩的数量是男孩的三倍
  • 学案导学
    • Pre-reading
    • Do Activity 1
    • While-reading
    • Do Activities 2 、 3 、 4
    • After-reading
    • Retell the text according to the activities .
  • Complete the following tasks:
    • 1 Translate: The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly and the classrooms are amazing.
    • 2 Ms Shen’s method of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High school. What do you think about the meaning of “nothing like”?
    • 3 The students came to know each other and their introductions are interesting.
    • Please find a similar sentence in the text.
    • 4 Translate the following sentence: I’m looking forward to doing it.
    • 5 In the passage, what do you think about the idea: there are three times as many girls as boys.
  • Find the following phrases
    • 1 、高、初中之间的主要区别 2 、与、、、相似
    • 3 、学习英语的态度 4 、行为庄重得体
    • 5 、变得嘈杂起来 6 、教学方法
    • 7 、讲故事 8 、阅读理解
    • 9 、与、、、不同 10 、河北省省会
    • 11 、写下 12 、在课堂上说得很多
    • 13 、按组、成群的 14 、开始感到尴尬
    • 15 、用快乐的方式 16 、与、、、相同
    • 17 、对、、、印象深刻 18 、玩得开心
    • 19 、相互介绍自己 20 、换句话说
    • 21 、独立工作 22 、盼望,期待
  • Reading for main idea:
    • Write a summary of Li Kang`s opinion about the new school.
  • Reading for detailed information:
    • Fill in the blanks:
    • Ms Shen’s method of teaching is________that of the teachers at my Junior High school.
    • I don’t think I will be _______in Ms Shen’s class.
    • Some students were _______at first.
    • She gave us instructions and then we ___by ourselves.
    • enthusiastic adj.
    • (1) She is an enthusiastic admirer of the film star.
    • be enthusiastic about/for sb/sth
    • (2) He is enthusiastic about singing.
    • (3) She became enthusiastic for classical music.
    Language Points P2
  • 2. amaze/amazed/amazing (1) amazing/amazed adj. She has an amazing talent for music. at/by sth be amazed to do sth that-clause (2) amaze vt. The truth amazed us. P2
  • 3. nothing like: (1) be different from… 完全不同 It looks nothing like a horse. (2) There’s nothing like home. 比不上 The book is nothing like as difficult as I expected. 4. fun un. a lot of fun ; make fun of a. in a fun way; a fun party 注: a funny- looking man P3
  • be bored with — be tired of be bored with/by sth =bore sb with sth Are you bored with my teaching method? P3 4. I don’t think I will be bored in … 否定前移: think, believe, imagine…
    • I don’t think it’s a good idea.
    • We didn’t imagine that he would say anything.
  • 5. introduce…to… explain…to… (1) Let’s introduce ourselves to each other. (2) I’ll explain the language points to you. P3
  • 6. embarrassed — sb feel ashamed embarrassing — cause sb to feel ashamed (1) She was embarrassed by his loud laughter. (2) They all felt embarrassed when they knew that. embarrass vt. Making speech in public embarrasses me. embarrass sb with sth embarrass sb by doing P3
  • 7. instruction n. 指示;说明 give sb. instructions 给某人下指示 instruction book 说明书 instruct vt. 指导 instruct sb to do sth 指导某人做某事 P3
  • 8. attitude n. attitude to/toward sb/sth 对…的态度 (1) Describe your attitude to studying English/your work. (2) What’s your attitude to him? (3) He took a friendly/hostile (敌对的) attitude to us. (4) He sat in an easy attitude (姿势) . 他舒适地坐着。 P3
  • 9. behavio(u)r n. She was ashamed of her children's (bad) behaviour. behave vi. behave well/badly behave like a gentleman/lady behave oneself P3
  • 10. in other word s – that is to say 换言之;也就是说 (1) His hair grew gray, in other words , he is old. (2) We have passed NMET, that is to say , we’re college students now. National Matriculation English Test P3
  • 11. 英语表示倍数 : (1) A + be + times + as + 原级 + as B . Our room is twice as large as theirs. (2) A + be + times + 比较级 + than B . Our room is twice larger than theirs. (3) A + be + times + the + n. + of B . Our room is twice the length/ width/ size of theirs. P3
  • 12. look forward to … 盼望 pay attention to … 注意 lead to … 导致 stick to … 坚持 (1) The lady is looking forward to seeing her lost son. (2) Please pay more attention to your pronunciation and handwriting. (3) Hard work leads to success. (4) We should stick to the truth and correct the mistakes. P3
  • 13. 1) impress v. 留下印象 What impressed you most in the past few days? impress… on 使…明白重要性;印上 He impressed on me importance of work. He impressed his name on the box. p4Ex
  • impress sb.with sth=impress sth on sb He impressed me with the importance of work. be impressed with/by/at sth 对…留下了…印象; I’ m impressed with his sense of humour. They were very impressed by his new house. Ex
  • ① What were your first impression of the Senior High School? ② His behavior gave her a bad impression . ③ The book left/made a deep/strong impression on him. 2) impression n. 印象 I have the impression that he doesn’t smoke. Ex
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